by Michael dEstries
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Incredible video has surfaced of that whale incident from last week — putting to rest any doubts that photos of the collision were somehow staged.

Like most home videos, this one is a bit shaky but clearly shows the Southern right whale approaching the yacht and then leaping up onto it. Cries of “They don’t listen…” and “It’s a disaster…” surround occasional laughter. What’s even more incredulous is that instead of offering assistance, the boat filming the incident actually decides to speed away.

Note to self: Never get involved in a water accident off the coast of South Africa.

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  • Nancy

    Maybe when he said “they don’t listen”, he meant something like they didn’t listen to warnings to keep your distance from the whales as this boat didn’t look like it was trying to get out of the way, maybe it couldn’t fast enough. And maybe they were speeding away because perhaps they were worried they could be next and wanted to get out of the path of the whale as they should. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

  • Linda Sullivan

    I dunno, they could be fleeing from possible danger. But i hated the fact that they had to think this was funny. Those people in the boat were lucky to have survived.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Well I guess this puts to rest any notion of the poor “innocent” whales.

    Pity the sailors didn’t have a penthrite grenade harpoon handy. That would have shortened the beast up!

    • don miguelo

      …aaaaaannnd WRONG.
      But I gotta give credit where it’s due, you truly are a Master Baiter. Kimi! It’s hard not to bite.

  • Paul Frank

    Is this a whale “gone rogue” or was there other impetus? What did “they not listen to”? Did the yacht somehow incite the whale, either callously or unknowingly? Did it harm its baby? or another whale? Or is this a whale gone mad from the Navy sonar that has been campaigned against by so many environmentalists?

    As this is not typical whale behavior, an explanation is wanted. Where is Marine CSI when you need them???

  • The Padrino

    It’s kindda funny at first but when reality sets in they should have responded and helped them.