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In what is being hailed as “the biggest wedding of the year,” former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton will marry investment banker Marc Mezvinsky on an estate in Rhinebeck, New York later this year.

Why are we so excited about the big day? Two words: vegan menu.

An insider recently told Life & Style magazine, “Chelsea is a vegan. The food will include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes, but there will also be grass-fed organic beef on the menu.”

Besides eating a totally plant-based diet, Clinton is also allergic to gluten and will, therefore, be choosing a gluten-free, vegan wedding cake for the big day. Can anyone say Babycakes?

Of course, this isn’t the first super high-profile wedding to rock a leaner, greener menu. You might remember that in 2008, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi served their guests a delicious plant-based feast. While Chelsea isn’t sticking to an all vegan menu for the 500 attendees, we’re excited to see she’s making sure there are plenty of options.

So just how much will this very vegan bash cost? Rumor has it that Clinton and Mezvinksy are spending about $3 million on the occasion, which works out to be about $6,000 a head. That’s a lot of tofu!

“It will certainly be the most influential of setting trends,” said event planner Diann Valentin. “If anything becomes public knowledge it will immediately set a trend.”

Does this mean we might start seeing more gluten-free, vegan weddings? Our fingers are crossed!

[UPDATE: We’re pretty sure Chelsea’s vegan, gluten-free cake is coming from Lulu Cake Boutique.]

  • bitt

    I did not know she was vegan. Thanks for the info. My wedding was 100% vegan and gluten-free. Everyone loved the food.

  • Bonnie

    Hurray for Chelsea! I hope she has a fabulous wedding!

  • VeggieTart

    I’d say awesome, except she is serving dead cows. I’m sure Ellen and Portia had carnist guests, but they ate vegan.

    And I’m also sure the $3M includes venue, dress, and other incidentals not related to catering.

    • Michael d'Estries

      According to ABC News, the catering is costing somewhere around $750K.

    • Jenni

      Just a note that planning a wedding isn’t always about what you want but also what will make your guests happy. Therefore, very understandable that she would want to have some sort of non-vegan food for her guests as well. At least its grass fed and not torutured, factory farm animals. Give her some credit.

  • kelly g.

    Um, since when is serving “grass-fed beef” vegan? The title of this post is misleading at best.

    • anne visible

      The article does state that she isn’t having a 100% vegan menu for the wedding. This will be one of the biggest and highest profiled wedding with a menu with a lot of vegan items..that is point…

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      K- The title says “very” vegan, not “completely” vegan. By having *many* vegan options, that qualifies the “very” title.

      • katherine

        A wedding with vegan choices is not a very vegan wedding, it’s not even a vegan wedding, it’s a “vegan-friendly” wedding. Maybe “very vegan-friendly.”

  • Lady Lee

    Hey, Chelsea! Why not have Hippie Chick Bakery make your cake? Love their stuff — they can do GF and/or vegan goodies:

    Don’t like that Babycakes says that they’re GF, but they use spelt.

  • KarenwithaK

    For those of you upset because she’s serving a beef dish at her wedding for those who aren’t vegans, why so critical?

    I think she shows respect for others’ choices by doing that.

    I’m not vegan, but I respect the choice of those of you who’ve chosen that lifestyle. I’ve been responsible for meals at large affairs and have tried to make sure there was a dish that was equally appealing for those who choose that diet.

    Why is it that those of us who choose to eat meat are continually derided by the most ardent vegans? I’m not trying to force my lifestyle and choices on you. Please show respect for me by not trying to force yours on me.

    If people of all backgrounds could all start showing a little more respect for each other’s lives and choices — instead of attacking others who choose differently — the world would be a much better place. It’s the extremism — regardless of the form it takes — that’s destroying us far faster than global warming ever will.

    • Shpoonk

      I totally agree with you…! :)

    • Rafael

      “Why?” Hmmm, let’s see… Because it’s a horrible choice with many horrible consequences, thus, at the very least, it’s to be criticized? As for not (directly) forcing your lifestyle choices on those around you who identify as vegan, you’re certainly imposing those specific choices on the unfortunate beings existing (99% of the time in abject, unnatural, all-encompassing misery) simply to be killed. But you’d like to believe that’s moot and nobody should speak for those beings you doom. Beyond that, you’re choosing to doom humans and “non-food” animals in that the “personal choice” of consuming animal products is literally, incontrovertibly, and verifiably destroying the damn planet, for crying out loud!
      If you feel as though people not respecting “your choices” is problematic, simply make more respectable choices.

      • Jim

        I am almost sure that I could find three articles of scientific fact of opposing view…at least I am being respectful and attempting to see what vegans do yet I come on here and it is meat eating bashers sounding off on how we are ruining the world.

        Kind of reminds me of the couple that was just sentenced to life for forcing soy milk down their child throat because they didn’t want their baby to have to experience the milk of a tortured animal.

        Baby died…nice story.

      • VeggieTart

        That idiot couple didn’t breastfeed the kid. But most vegans are smart enough to know that a pregnant mammal, human or no, produces milk for her offspring and will breastfeed her child.

      • Fallopia Tuba

        That couple wasn’t even vegan! They fed their kid cod-liver oil and apple juice; the child died of malnutrition, not veganism!

    • jeff


    • Vega

      It’s like going to a kosher restaurant and getting served a cheeseburger.

      The underlying message is “I have these beliefs but since you don’t share them, I’ll cater to YOUR beliefs, not mine”

      I’ll wait to see whether Chelsea continues with vegan materials for her dress and shoes!

      • Jim

        I believe they would call it a regular restaurant at that point. Of course, nothing like being critical of people and their lifestyle just because it doesn’t go completely with “your code”.

    • lttt

      “If people of all backgrounds could all start showing a little more respect for each other’s lives and choices” — COMPLETELY AGREE. Now if we’d only extend these sentiments to animals by showing a respect for their lives and their desire and choice to live.

      • David

        Do lions show respect for the life and desires of the gazelle?

  • georgina0912

    I think it is very cool that Chelsea is a vegan, and i had no idea she is one, but even better and cooler would have been if her wedding menu was 100% vegan. Why compromise your ethics, values, and philosophy of life for a few people that disagree with her lifestyle choices?

    I would not have it any other way. When people come to my house everybody knows that there will be no dead animals, its parts, or its fluids served at my dinner table; if they want meat they can go somewhere else.

    About respecting each other values? I agree with KarenwithaK but honestly i hear far more meat-eaters complain about passionate vegans than vegans complaining about meat-eaters who do not waste an opportunity to say things like “eat meat”, or “hmmm, you need protein, HAVE MEAT!” and other annoying things like that. And somehow it is always the vegans PUSHING their views onto others. Very interesting.

    Lastly, what is going to destroy us faster than global warming is lack of empathy towards humans, animals, the environment, everything. For as long as we put our needs ahead of everything else we are going to continue screwing everything and everyone.

    • SK

      Vegan choices are not always political or even philosophical.

      Some people, like myself, frequently eat vegan because it is the cleanest way to avoid common allergens when eating away from home.

      Being a Celiac, I find many of the products I buy say vegan on the label. Because a lot of meats are pre-marinated in restaurants, I will often have a vegeterian or vegan dish when eating out.

      I think as the host of a large event, it is courteous for Chelsea and her family to be consider a wide range of diets that will be present.

      My family often joins me without complaint in eating g-free, but I don’t ever cast aspersions on them being able to enjoy foods I myself cannot eat.

      As I write this, I’m away on business, and I know my boys at home had pizza for dinner tonight: REAL pizza. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      • georgina0912

        SK, i agree with you in that there are many reasons for people to turn veg*. Perhaps if you were a committed vegetarian or vegan for animal and ethical reasons you would see why i wrote what i wrote but i completely understand and respect that you do not share it. That is fine.

        The way i view this is the same way i look at other things in life and since you mention religion in another post i will use that as well. You either believe in God, in some god(s), or not at all, but you do not go around shaping your beliefs depending on the religion your friends are or depending on the day of the week. It comes down to having made a decision and the fact that there was a choice to be made. My choice not to harm any animals with my lifestyle, my choice to serve only plant based foods at my house for my husband, my family and i, and also anyone who visits. Their choice to eat the stuff i offer or to go to McDonald’s right after they leave my house. I do not see the big deal with that.

        Courteous of Chelsea and her family to consider other people’s dietary choices? Absolutely courteous, no doubt in that, however, like i said before, why compromise? And i speak from a very personal point of view since i became a vegan for ethical reasons when i say that. Perhaps Chelsea is not a vegan for ethical reasons and it is not as important to her that people at her wedding eat meat, perhaps she was pressured by her parents, or her in-laws, who knows?

        Also, as long as there is no confrontation at the dinner table i never judge what the person in front of me is eating, but that never happens at my house like it happens at yours. See, there is a difference between you and i: you can’t eat some stuff so you leave it out of your diet but your family can eat what they want, while i decided not to eat some stuff and that is all i cook, and that is all i crave, and that is all i eat. I stand by my choice at my dinner table, at my friend’s dinner table where i will be eating food that i made if food is not provided, and anywhere else.

      • Pat

        How holier than thou!!!

      • Vic Gaffney

        Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

        The altruist wishes this to be so. The pragmatist puts their belief into a proactive course of action.

        Since the past 35 years, I have (by personal choice) avoided the use of animal products. As a vegan, even the use of dairy products, honey, and wearing leather was avoided.

        As a fruitarian, I can say without a shadow of doubt, I was at the healthiest and happiest period of my entire adult life.

        I now live in the Himalayas, and spend much of my time teaching others the simple precepts of permaculture … permanent sustainable agriculture and human settlement systems.

        Everywhere I go, I’m invited to eat at other people’s tables … however, if I’m aware that non-veg will be served, I will eat a veg meal before i visit and therefore, I don’t go hungry at other people’s homes.

        I have found this methodology to be the least offensive to my fellow man … rather than proselytizing about the merits of my diet, I simply go about my business quietly, without preaching.

        Naturally, other people’s curiosity about my habits will prompt inquiries … which I answer sweetly … that it works best for me! The reward is radiant health, and a positive mental attitude (just to begin with!)

        On the matter of Chelsea’s “big fat wedding”, most of us would hardly ever come to understand what kind of pressures she is under to “conform” to other people’s wishes, especially those of her super-profile parents, and their rich and famous friends. I applaud her for her private convictions, and also have pity on her for her publicly awkward situation.

        And … to add insult to injury, the media circus is merciless! In any event, no matter what the opinions may be … I wish her a lovely wedding and a happy productive marriage!

      • Michael d'Estries

        Well said, Vic!

  • J

    I agree that she shouldn’t compromise her values by serving beef at HER wedding. I disagree that she would be forcing her morals on other people by having a 100% vegan wedding because if they don’t like it they have the choice to not attend.

    • georgina0912

      Absolutely. The same happens when specially during summer we get invites to all kinds of cookouts and vegans and vegetarians need to make the decision to spend 6 hours of a Saturday or Sunday with people eating roasted animal bodies, or not. It is all about choice after all.

      • SK

        So you don’t go places where people have different beliefs than you do?

        I hold my religious convictions very dear, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my friends with different faith traditions.

        Choices like diet and faith are intensely personal and we don’t win converts to any lifestyle (diet or faith) by bullying. You have to live in a way others want what you have. When you have joy, it will draw people to you and your way of thinking.

      • georgina0912

        No, i never said that and was speaking in very broad, general terms. I was just illustrating the point that had Chelsea gone with a 100% vegan menu invitees would have had the choice to decline if they must absolutely have meat.

        I do not push my views onto anyone, we bring our food everywhere and people end up loving it so there is no need to get confrontational, which can happen depending on who questions my choice.

        If talking about summer cookout invitations that come from people one is not particularly fond of then i would/will politely decline the invite. That is just my personal take on it and doesn’t have to apply to every vegetarian and vegan out there.

    • Jean

      Beyond that, serving a dinner made of plant foods isn’t “forcing your beliefs on people”–that is absolutely ridiculous. It’s merely serving a meal made of food that didn’t require the torture and slaughter of animals. Omnivores can happily and healthily eat a vegan dish; I know many that do it regularly. Providing guests what would have been an undoubtedly divine, gourmet, totally vegan meal at the Clinton wedding would hardly have been a hardship upon anyone who typically eats meat. It certainly wouldn’t have been making any moral choices for them. It just would have been serving them a meal composed of grains, vegetables, beans, fruits, and fungi.

      Shaking my head here…people get so defensive over the most nonsensical things. Wow.

  • Jean

    Additionally, why on earth do wedding guests these days have such huge senses of entitlement? It’s a party that you were invited to. In what other party circumstance do you feel you have the right to tell the hosts what to serve, or listen to or do or anything else, for that matter? I think wedding guests just need to smile and be happy the couple thought to invite them on their special day, and enjoy the thousands of dollars’ worth of preparations the bride, groom, and their family doled out to provide this party for the guests, and stop complaining about what was or wasn’t to their liking.

    Honestly, would you all be complaining if a conservative Christian family threw the wedding and there was no alcohol served? What is it was a Muslim family and they chose to serve only Halal? A Buddhist family that served only vegetarian food? Because these people gather in houses of worship and their dietary habits are tied to some ancient writings, their dietary habits are respected, but those who eat vegetarian out of concern for animal welfare, their own health, and the health of the planet are not? That is BS.

  • Helmuto

    Good for her. Now that should be news. A little more mainstream we go….

    Georgina….thanks for not mincing words.

    • georgina0912


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  • Barb

    I say yea to the cow that jumped ship on it’s way to the slotter house! And a hell yea to the people that are going to make sure that it lives happily ever after! Not that I am a vegan I like my meat, but who cares what anybody thinks it’s Chelsea’s wedding and she can serve what she wants. It just amazes me how everyone has an opinion about such things.

  • Doc Truli

    My wedding in 1993 was 100% Vegan, except some of my family rebelled! I forbid animal products in the wedding cake, so my dad ordered a “birthday cake,” since my wedding was on my birthday. He also snuck in an Italian-style “chocolate table” with who-knows-what-animals in the ingredients. (I was very disappointed.) My brother-in-law announced to everyone how many McDonald’s hamburgers he was going to eat on his way home!
    On the extreme plus side–the caterer from my small town in the mountains of Pennsylvania had never heard of “vegan” cooking. She took my cookbooks and tested recipes on her family–they enjoyed the change. And my grandmother said it was the most relaxed, friendly, peaceful reception she had ever attended. All-in-all, a success for me and my husband!

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  • beth

    maybe her dad – the man paying the 3 mil wanted beef

  • Max Mitchell

    Bumper sticker quote;
    Vegitarian–(or vegan)——–an old indian word describing a “poor hunter”.

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  • Ruth Lanton

    I keep reading about “Chelsea’s Wedding” and “why is she doing this at HER wedding”. Um, isn’t it Marc’s wedding too? Is he also a vegan, or does HE plan to eat some of the grass-fed organic beef?

    • Lillian

      Yes, exactly. I’m a vegan, and I really support her serving vegan products, but she may have be providing the beef because of pressures from her husband and his relatives, to not ostracize them….there are probably more family dynamics involved in the situation than meets the eye.

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  • Divinia

    I hope her wedding is what she has always dreamt of. No, she isn’t forcing her beliefs on anyone, but think; u may be actually living that much longer.

  • Sue Eakins

    Chelsea being vegan is wonderful and at least fewer animals will die to feed the guests. How progressive of Chelsea to serve plant-based foods and gluten-free at that! She has been a public veg figure for years. Sure think Chelsea could have made all the carnists happy with well-prepared vegan food, and no dead bovines on the table. Too bad beef is on the menu. The animal(s) facing death doesn’t care if it was organic, grass-fed, the bovine wanted to live.
    We promote plant-based food, and not see animals as products to eat, wear and cause misery for us humans.
    Peaceful, happy marriage wishes, Chelsea and Marc.

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  • http://None Nature Laws

    Congratulation Chelsea & Marc – With lot of blessings for an eternal happy life! From Our Master.

    Chelsea, you are a wonderful lady who decided to stop eating poor defenseless animals when you were 11 years old. That shows your inner beauty and kindness from past life karma. You make sure that Mark and your children follow your path of kindness and love towards helpless souls rather cutting animals slowly bleed to death or otherwise and eat them too. In fact you can show the light to the world, if you one day decide to do so. You got those qualities. This quality of yours is the reason for bringing the true world peace. Here were spoken great words of wisdom over 2,500 years ago by great Master Pythagoras: “The strict law of karma deals measure for measure with anyone who violates the laws of nature. As long as the people of this world continue to murder and eat their two most benign friends, the cow and the bull, they will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions of criminal violence and catastrophic wars.” Pythagoras further stated: “Those who kill animals for food will be more prone than vegetarian to torture and kill their fellow men.” Leo Count Tolstoy: “How can you expect peace when your stomachs are the living graves of the murdered defenseless animals?”

    British Poet William Wordsworth writes in his famous poet ‘Intimations of Immorality’: “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.” And in another poem, he addressed the following lines to an infant:

    “Oh, sweet new-comer to the changeful earth,
    If, as some darkling seers have boldly guessed,
    Thou hadst a being and a human birth,
    And wert erewhile by human parents blessed,
    Long, long before thy present mother pressed
    Thee, helpless stranger, to her fostering breast.”

    Bhagwan Sri Krishn bless you and Marc

  • Ayinde

    This is amazing in that a girl from my generation in the white house is also vegan. A tru sign of the times …

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  • Sookie

    To those asking, “How is it right for someone to force their beliefs onto other people by serving them only vegan food?!”:
    Serving a vegan person meat/dairy (things they choose not to eat) is NOT the same thing as serving plant-based foods to meat-eaters (foods they eat IN ADDITION to meat).

    By attending an all-vegan event, they’re just missing out on one kind of food out of several that they should be eating regularly anyway. (BTW, I can’t tell you how many events i’ve been to where I left hungry due to ZERO vegan foods made available, and I’m not complaining about anyone forcing their non-vegan beliefs on me….though it’s still irritating)

    In any case, it’s their wedding. Hurray for highly-publicized vegan-friendly events, whether or not they still serve beef!

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  • XinXin

    In the end, no amount of American forces can solve the political differences that lie at the heart of somebody else’s civil war.

  • dr.Erwin Oei

    Really fascinating,we love you Mr.Bill Clinton.So,when we start vegan?:)

  • Snezana Knezevic

    …I wish a long life to Chelsea Clinton and her family and many thanks for her right choice….


  • Sarah

    Yes, this. People hear this story and erroneously believe that being vegan is dangerous. As it’s been said: if omnivores fed an infant nothing but beef or cow’s milk, the ends would be the same as this heartbreaking story.