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“It’s disappointing. She has spoken out against fur before. I don’t know why some people stop listening to their heart. I guess some people get greedy, but it’s sad.”

– Animal activist Pamela Anderson commenting on Janet Jackson’s return to hawking fur for Blackglama.

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  • Noturbizniz

    “Janet Jackson’s return to hawking fur for Blackglama”

    what are you talking about “Return”? Janet has never modeled for Blackglama before. Please get your facts straight.

  • kate

    Pamela Anderson still eats meat, she should not be talking!

    • Tobie

      eating meat has nothing to do with wearing fur or this particular situation.

      • gen

        eating meating has everything to do with this. None should talk baout another’s cruelty to animals unless they are vegans themselves. I don’t understand how someone could eat a burger and then get made at someone for wearing elather…isn’t the animal dying either way, it’s hypocrisy at it’s best.

      • Sonia

        Pam is vegan people!

      • Amanda D.

        You ppl’s hypocrisy is ridiculous!!!

      • don miguelo

        It’s not about hypocrisy, it’s about a major star is trying to increase demand for fur, an unnecessary “luxury”. This is the issue, please don’t say that because some of us wear a leather jacket (handed down) or eat a piece of cheese once a year we cannot speak up for animals ever. Screw your impossible standards! We should all stand up for what is right and do the best we can for who we are!

        You can’t say Person A should shut up about Person B not recycling ever until Person A proves he/she is “The RecycleMaster”! Because the result is that no one recycles because there is infighting and holier than thou attitudes going on. EFF that, we need to get real about all these issues, and by that I mean get realistic– do the best you can everyday (don’t quit if you miss one little thing, don’t tear someone down if they are not doing it good enough). You eat burgers but hate fur? Great! That’s better than eating burgers AND buying fur. Look at it like it’s all cumulative, not perfectionistic. Sorry I’m just real sick of this backwards negative perspective.

      • lily allen

        shes only done this as her careers failing!!how can the woman ever be taken seriously when she cant make her mind up about things…umm flakey miss jackson are we??
        The woman who was antifur and was on a PETA campagin now adorns herself in dead tortured animal skin??
        your brother will be turing in his grave!!!!!

    • Lisa

      Pamella Anderson is a vegetarian

  • ratking

    there are tons of positive celebrities who are joining the green circle every day worldwide – sportspeople, actors, directors, intellectuals, painters, scientists etc! so we don’t need losers and low riders like janet jackson, brooke shields, mary j. blige, j-low and sharon stoneage! they can remain in their caves until they freeze! old fashion is over – turn over a new green leaf!

  • don miguelo

    WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!!! WARDROBE MALFUNCTION!!! Give Blackgama a call at 425 251 3200 and tell just how ya feel. Maybe Janet will get the message. Or email them at!

    • gen

      that is harassment, i’m sure there are other ways to get your point across. I don’t wear fut but if janet chooses to advertise furthen that’s her choice, it doesn’t make her a bad person because we don’t agree…it’s not like she went out killed the animal her heral and skinned it.

      Some fo you are being dramatic saying she has an empty sould and etc. janet loves animals and she is a sweet woman, waer fur doesn’t make her the devil out of nowhere, udnerstand that while we disagree wearing fur is not illegal.

      • don miguelo

        Calling the fur company’s customer service center is harassment? I didn’t say be rude or jam their phones, I simply provided a feedback loop. That’s constructive, not harassment. Harassment is arguably fur-industry money buying up our favorite stars and then pimping them out in mass-adverts.

        I almost wish that if she is going to wear a fur coat that she had to go and raise/kill/skin the animals for it herself, it would be more honest that way. I of course prefer that she wear none, being such an influential and popular person.

        And don’t get me wrong I love Janet Jackson, being a child of the 80’s and 90’s myself, she’s a great artist (same with MJB). But that doesn’t exscuse her from promoting an industry that kills thousands of animals for vanity every year. I’m sure she loves animals as you say, but she is sending a mixed message with this: Her love only goes so far.
        For the record I said nothing earlier bad about her, but I get you don’t like to see her bashed about on here. I’m glad you are standing up for her; we are only doing the same thing for those poor murdered animals she is wearing in the Advert.

  • Shelley

    Ugh. I used to be a fan of Janet’s. She has shown how empty her soul is.

  • Boo Radley

    I don’t wear fut but if janet chooses to advertise furthen that’s her choice, it doesn’t make her a bad person because we don’t agree…it’s not like she went out killed the animal her heral and skinned it.

    If you pay for the coat, then you are paying for the cruelty and you are paying for the death of that animal or animals. Simple as that. You might not have killed the animal with your bare hands but you definatly paid someone to kill it for you.

    Janet Jackson is a freak anyway, i dont know why anyone would be interested in the slag.

  • Boo Radley

    Janet is a selfish, self absorbed, talentless & stupid human being who cannot see that by buying the fur you are buying the cruelty.+

  • fernando

    shame on every person wearing nowadays fur; everybody can get informed about this criminal mistreatment of animals! today wearing fur is no excuse! a real lady does not wear fur!!!

  • rosario

    a real lady does not wear fur – from that special thing you can recognize a person’s character!!!

  • Veronika

    Janet looks fabulous.

    • don miguelo

      True, but that stitched together murder-coat looks hideous. What a juxtaposition!