vegan 101

When you announce that you’re a ‘vegan’, those who are unfamiliar with the term or even afraid to ask what it really means are prone to allowing their imaginations to get the best of them.  Hmmm. Could be a religious cult. Maybe some weird fetish? Nooo, now I know…it’s a gnarly disease.  Better not stare too much or they’ll realize that I’m onto them.

When it finally occurs to them that leading a vegan lifestyle actually entails eschewing all animal-derived products (whether for food, fashion, general consumer goods or entertainment), their reactions run the gamut from ‘Frickin’ tree hugger!,’ ‘Hmm, that must be hard…,’ and ‘Extremist!’ to ‘How could you possibly live without bacon?’ and ‘So…you’re on team Tyson, huh?’ Of course, there’s so much more to veganism than meets the eye.

That’s where Joanne Rose comes in. The multi-talented renaissance woman has dabbled in all things vegan throughout her career as a children’s book author, actress, eco-spokesperson and magazine cover girl. Now she’s taken her decades-long experiences as a vegan to the small screen in the first ever veggie-themed comedic web series, VEGAN 101, which enjoyed a high-profile run on Will Ferrell‘s FunnyOrDie and earned a Green Apple Award at the 2010 Green Lifestyle Film Festival.

Instead of serving up a predictable buffet of leafy greens with a side of preaching, the native Aussie cleverly focuses on what we might imagine the stereotypical behavior of vegans really is. The result is a series of fun and definitely amusing vignettes which make the most of preconceived notions, enabling vegans and non-vegans alike to become educated while they are laughing. As it turns out, vegans really are just people like you and me, trying to find their way in this crazy world. Don’t miss this 5 part series (with additional episodes in the works) which animal rights activist and The Go-Go’s guitarist Jane Wiedlin also gives the thumbs-up to ;)

  • Skye

    Joanne is awesome! Saw an interview with her on Supreme Master TV and was adored by her Aussie accent and view pts. Love the veg series, girl!

  • Sarah

    Maybe I just don’t get it, but I’m vegan, so I thought I might find these funny. I watched all five of them, but they’re just not funny! I wanted them to make me laugh, but nothing! Oh well…

    • hannah

      yeah, I agree. I don’t know if a show devoted to making stereotypical jokes about vegans is supposed to amuse us or teach anyone else that we’re normal. Patchouli isn’t normal.

  • Eleanor

    I could hardly make it through this episode. What am I missing? That was the opposite of funny.

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