Earlier this year, one-time Beverly Hills 90120 trouble maker and White Collar actress Tiffani Thiessen admitted that her pregnancy triggered a lapse in her vegetarianism, causing her to dive into a steak. Hmmm, pickles and ice cream for some, cow flesh for others?!? Wacko hormones aside, the 36 year old finally gave birth to her first baby with husband Brady Smith on June 15 and has now offered a peek inside her lucky daughter’s squeaky-green nursery.

From top to bottom, it seems as though the new mom and her artsy hubby have paid particular attention to feathering their daughter Harper’s new nest with multiple eco-friendly touches:

It would seem as though Thiessen is incredibly inspired by motherhood in light of the fact that she’s launching Petit Nest – a new eco-friendly children’s furniture line – in October 2010 with her design partner, Lonni Paul.  In fact, two of the items from their line, funky brown/beige floral print bedding and a decorative white tree can also be found in Harper’s nursery. This is one new babe that will definitely be able to rest easy :)

Via People