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Back when Isaiah Mustafa, aka “The Old Spice Guy”, tweeted that he had gone vegan, I had a hunch that this was probably more of a temporary thing than a full-on dietary shift. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the man your man could smell like confirms it saying,

“Right now, I’m vegan-cleansing: no processed sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no animal products and no gluten. I never knew what gluten was before. Now I know exactly what it is, and it’s everything I want!”

Ok, so that definitely explains the “Frustrating!” remark that he made after his original tweet — but I give the guy credit for giving the vegan angle a shot. And hey Mustafa, no worries on the gluten — you can go right back to enjoying it while rockin’ an all-veg diet in the process.

Good luck, Old Spice Guy!

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  • Tim Marshall

    the guy isnt vegan, not even for a day! he is eating plant based foods and omitting sugar & thinks he perceives as heavy/unhealthy foods, he will still consume/wear/exploit animals throughout , this is for his own well being rather than others and has little to do with veganism.

  • Gabby Chabot

    Seriously why do people care about whether someone is 100% vegan or not…. get over it. and get on with more important things in your lives. People seem to be highly critical of people who claim to be vegans. And obviously someone thinks they know Isaiah personally enough to comment on his eating habits. Focus on yourselves and stop hating on vegans.