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[UPDATE: We were completely wrong. Shame, shame. The cake came from La Tulipe Desserts of  Mount Kisco, New York. Disregard the below.]

It’s not Babycakes, it’s Lulus.

The vegan, gluten-free cake that everyone celebrating the newly married couple is enjoying almost certainly came from Lulu Cake Boutique. ABC earlier revealed that the main dessert would come from Scarsdale, NY — and one intrepid foodie/journalist from the Patch network spied a familiar logo.

“The first clue was on ABC News when they mentioned that a Scarsdale bakery had been hired for [creating the cake]. Then I re-watched the story and saw Lulu’s logo on the screen,” said Jerry Eimbinder. “They didn’t mention it by name, but I saw the logo, and I know the bakery and owner quite well. They’re known for their wedding cakes.”

Not only that, but they’re known by the Clintons, who have hired Lulu before for events.

So, there you have it — we may be wrong, but something tells me this mystery has been solved. We’ll update with confirmation (or shame) later.

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  • Bob, Armonk, NY

    Wrong!! It was from La Tulipe in Mt. Kisco…..

    • daisy

      Thats too bad, it looks like this La Tulipe Dessert has nothing “eco-friendly” about it, just brightly (food) colored confections and nothing “green” whatsoever. At least Babycakes NYC and even Lulu had a green philosophy and worked with organic in mind. I commend them for trying to be a sustainable business in this economy. Shame not on you, but shame on Chelsea!

  • Tom

    Not true! It was LaTulipe of Mt. Kisco!

  • Phyllis

    LA TULIPE!!!!!!! The BEST!!!!

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    Wedding of Chlsea Clinton with Marc Mezvinsky

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

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    Bhagwan Sri Krishn bless you and Marc