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We love seeing young people get involved with green causes — especially when they’re in the public spotlight!

With the help of her organization Teens Turning GreenAlly Shapiro Zarin (daughter of Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin) has created Project Green Dorm Room — an eco guide for dorm-dwelling college students.

Ally recently spoke to Mom Logic and revealed, “Basically, our mission is to start a huge movement to stop exposures to toxic environments throughout our lives. We try to make people rethink what they do in everyday life, like in their dorm. Just saying you want to be green isn’t enough. You have to get involved and do things actively. You have to change what you eat, what you do and what you buy.”

Curious to see if your dorm room stands up to the green challenge? Check out and learn more.

  • Joan

    Good on Ally. Now maybe she can persuade her parents to stop taking private helicopter flights to their honking big second carbon-hog of a home in the Hamptons, which no doubt has the AC cranked up full-blast full-time. And driving SUVs. No one is perfect, but these two people generate as much carbon as does a small country in Africa.