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Well-known American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook is “hunting” for some bad press.

The southern gal is hosting the Versus channel newest show hunting show Goin’ Country. What happens in the reality series? One thing: Kristy hunts animals. The end.

“I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it,” says Cook. “It’s the food chain. Animals are here for us to eat. In my family we grew up without a lot of money so I take all this meat home and anything that’s left we give to homeless shelters or orphanages so all the meat is going somewhere and I get to feed all these people.”

While we are all for donating food to homeless shelters and orphanages, we also think it’s important to focus on the kind of food one donates and how that food is acquired. Hunting, while undeniably greener than factory farming, is still on our “Super Big Time Not Cool” list.

As points out: 18 of the 20 healthiest foods under $1 are vegan. Maybe it’s time to start hunting chickpeas. We’re just sayin’…

  • Adam De Young

    Wait, so when did American Idol contestants go from singers to hosts of hunting shows? This just proves that while American Idol has produced some incredible talent and stars, most of the people on the show are just pretty faces (which by the by Kristy Lee Cook is gorgeous.)

    That said, why can’t she just go into a studio, belt out a couple of tunes and call it a day…she really needs to host a hunting show?

    Hunting stinks…

    • virgil abney

      Had our forefathers felt this way you wouldn’t be here. No vegans, no vegetarians in that bunch. Hunters. all of them.

      • forgotfather

        Yes forefathers who displaced, commited genocide against and oppressed an entire nation of “fellow forefathers” (Algonquians, Dakotans et al) brought the bison to the fringe of extinction and cultured the subsequent “post-children” who continue to hunt this world of resource. Yeah, you’re right no compassion – strike that – vegetarians and vegans in that bunch :). Funny how Jains seem to have survived so long…

  • Mandi

    “Animals are here for us to eat”….WTF! What an elitist twat.

    • David

      Obviously you don’t know the meaning of the word elitist.

      So I guess that makes you an ignorant twat.

      • Celeste

        No your comment shows you to be the twat!

      • Bencat1000

        obviously you are an a$$,
        so I guess that makes you an a$$ twat

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