by Elizah Leigh
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Here’s an update to a previous story we ran about FOX’s new romantic semi-treehugging comedy Wilde Kingdom, now retitled Running Wilde:

Written by and starring Will Arnett (formerly of Arrested Development fame), the show centers around materialistic millionaire Steve Wilde, the son of a filthy rich oil tycoon, who attempts to expand his business into the rainforest — an action which just so happens to threaten the future of an indigenous tribe.  Emmy Kadubic (played by Keri Russell), his childhood sweetheart-turned-humanitarian, is conveniently living with the tribe and makes a plea to Steve at a ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ award ceremony to spare the forest that they call home. Steve struggles with the decision and ends up enlisting the help of a long cast of quirky friends to help him get back in her good graces.

As Arnett puts it, “There’s a history with these characters. They used to be in each other’s lives; they used to be in love, and they got separated. They’ve both become perverted by the direction they’ve gone in…” The pilot premieres on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 9:30 (ET) and here’s a little sample of what you can expect!

Via Small Screen Scoop and Examiner