by Elizah Leigh
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Critically acclaimed indie musician Alison Sudol, who goes by the professional moniker of A Fine Frenzy, has enchanted fans with her distinctive blend of hauntingly atmospheric tunes and supple, emotional vocals. The self-taught songwriter and pianist (who could give Fiona Apple or Tori Amos a run for her money) also happens to be a dyed-in-the-wool greenie.

Sudol wants to do as much as possible to take her environmentalism to the next level, which is why she’s involved in the social action network Take Part and also recently sat down with PETA to discuss her compassion toward animals.

Her main request is that people try to slowly phase out animal protein in favor of really “amazing veggie burgers” and “great tasting soy products.”  The former burger and turkey fan admits that once she realized there were so many flavorful vegetarian alternatives available, going veg didn’t feel like a sacrifice. Check out Alison in her own words below!