by Elizah Leigh
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Following the birth of her first child in 1989, Kyra Sedgwick experienced an environmental ‘Aha!’ moment. She became active in the National Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Council (both of which complement her husband’s charitably motivated SixDegrees organization quite nicely) and even spread that good green love onto the set of her top-rated cable series The Closer.

Sedgwick shows no signs of losing her green momentum now that the climate bill intended to cut carbon emissions was officially rejected by U.S. Congress in July. Fearing a very uncertain future for our world, the Golden Globe winner took to Twitter, urging her 10,500 followers to tell law makers just how disappointing their decision is. She lamented, “Nothing is more depressing than congress deciding not to pursue climate change legislation. I am terrified for all of us…especially the children.”

In addition to contacting members of senate, those who share Sedgwick’s frustration might also want support the work of Climate Solutions and even send letters to media outlets detailing their thoughts about the necessity of a climate bill. There is no better time than the present to make your voice heard, particularly since overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that the clock is not exactly ticking in our favor.

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