MothLove eco-designer Gretchen Jones is among good company with fellow Porlander Seth Aaron Henderson — both of whom have achieved major accolades on Lifetime network’s Project Runway.

While Henderson is basking in the sun of his impending solar-enhanced collection, Jones is enjoying her own time in the spotlight, crafting distinctively Bohemian-style duds using “organic cottons, silk, bamboo and soy blends, with low impact & natural dye processes”.

What’s really nice about her success is that it’s enabling sustainable fashion to enter mainstream consciousness, even though the 28 year old says that her intent on becoming a part of Project Runway actually “wasn’t to spread the gospel of sustainability”.

She feels that fashion designers who use planet-friendly materials contribute just as much to a greener industry as those who embrace business practices such as “small scale production and producing locally”.

Here she is during the initial casting session with Gunn, Henderson and Zoe Glassner while giving them the rundown of her eco-versatility and easy-breezy style. We wish her the best in this nail-biting competition…may the greenie reign supreme ;)

Via Vegetarian Star

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  • zeitgeistudios

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  • pasta kid

    Simply said. Gretchen is TERRIBLE, boring, mean, and a person who uses her ego to make choices rather than her heart and brain. Please do not associate her crap with eco because it further downs any legitimacy that the word ever had.
    When a person comes from such a mean position and at the same time she claims to be a “friend of the earth”…that is just plain hypocrisy.
    Gretchen cares about Gretchen…period.

  • lisa

    Gretchen’s clothing looked like it came from my mother’s attic right out of the 1960’s. All it needs are buttons with “flower power”, cool granny glasses (oh yeah, she had those) and military shoes (oh, she had those too but kors told her to get rid of them). Honestly Granola Gretch doesn’t stand a chance of her clothing finding a huge market east of Colorado or an investor, unless it’s Michael Kors or Nina Garcia. The clothing was boring, brown, unflatering and knock-off’s. I dare anyone wear those panties out in public..ewwwwwwww.. Not to mention her attitude on Project Runway was egocentric. She expected to win, at all cost. If you don’t believe me, read the other posts on the PR site. Nobody liked Gretchen. I loved Seth Aaron’s clothing, only I haven’t found an outlet for them yet. Seth Aaron, Keep plugging along and get your clothing to us!!! Gretchen, you on the other hand, keep your money from project runway and start a card shop.

  • no dairy please

    Just because her designs are environmentally friendly doesn’t mean people should wear them. First, she’s a terrible person, and for that reason alone shouldn’t be supported, second her clothes are UGLY. Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it has to look like you dyed your fabric with baby poop. She’s a horrible designer, and she makes everyone who cares for the environment look bad.
    If anything she’s hindered progress by behaving the way she did during the contest and consistently creating the same boring clothes in colors no one could realistically pull off. People are going to associate green design with her and scoff at it because she was so horrible, both as a person and a designer. She’s made it a joke. So, thanks for nothing Gretchen.


    Gretchen Jones is a legend in her own mind & could only be considered a “shining example of eco-fashion” by someone who did a LOT of LSD back in the late 60’s. She is nothing like Seth Aaron Henderson or Leanne Marshall (whom you neglected to mention). She is one of the worst things to ever happen to Project Runway & I would dare say Portland. Shame shame shame.

  • Darlene Moak

    Gretchen Jones is a legend in her own mind only. It has already been determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, the judges who voted for Gretchen, were suffering the after-effects of a prolonged crack binge. Gretchen is nothing like Seth Aaron Henderson or Leanne Marsha (whom you interestingly failed to mention in your article). Gretchen’s designs could be considered a “shining example of eco-fashion” only be people who did a whole lot of LSD back in the ’60’s. I have been fighting off nausea ever since she won. MONDO SHOULD HAVE WON. Period, end paragraph.

  • Ace

    Does eco fashion have to be so woeful? I’d rather been seen in a natural jute sack than one of Grethen’s pathetic designs.Pity the cotton plant & the bamboo that were sacrificed to produce dish rags trying to pass off as fashion.

  • Susanna Monne

    This entire season became one big disappointment to me. I noticed there is PR boycott website up it’s interesting how many people lost trust in this show and ready to boycott anything that has to do with it. It’s sad how two people could ruin the entire show.

  • Susanna Monne

    Check out project runway boycott website