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Thanks to her recent eco wedding, we’ve been going Chelsea Clinton crazy these past few weeks!

First, news broke that the former first daughter was including lots o’ vegan options on the menu. Then, we found out that she was taking it a step further with a vegan and gluten-free wedding cake, and now we hear that Clinton insisted on using organic flowers for the big day.

Florist Jeff Leatham told US Magazine, “It was very important [to Chelsea] to keep it organic and natural…The theme, floral wise, was organic, clean, simple and elegant.

“Organic,” “natural,” “clean,” “vegan”: THOSE ARE SOME OF OUR VERY FAVORITE WORDS!!!!!

Not that she wasn’t already, but Chelsea Clinton is becoming one of our very, very favorites!

  • rosario

    thumbs up for chelsea; she is more faithfull than sting!!!

  • L. Pic.

    Kinda perturbed she had meat on the menu. It’s like her guest would have DIED and had an AWFUL time without comsuming dead animals? Not vegan at all.

  • Anne-Marie

    She looks like Howdy Doody or a big, red horse – take your pick. Is that why she will not eat animals???????