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In an odd twist, it turns out that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cake wasn’t very vegan. People Magazine received some details on what went into making the grand dessert — and it was very much an all-dairy affair: 360 organic eggs, 50 pounds of sugar, 45 pounds of gluten-free flour, 30 pounds of butter and bittersweet chocolate, and about 1000 sugar flowers.

Now granted, we’re happy to see organic ingredients used — but for those on the vegan side of the fence, such a reveal may come as something of a disappointment. Once again, I think it would have been cool to show guests just how deliciously yummy vegan desserts can be, but that’s not the road she chose to take. (Pics of the cake are available here.)

Either way, I swear this will be the last time I write about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Now about that honeymoon…

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  • Priscilla

    Okay so it wasn’t vegan… but it was gluten free and vegetarian…

    I’m telling you right now, GF cakes aren’t easy to make that big without eggs!

  • robert m

    GF is definitely harder to make than vegan

    but who cares about GF?? I ADD gluten!

  • Michael Raymer

    “Either way, I swear this will be the last time I write about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.”

    How about making the last time, the last time you write about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Are we so hard up for news around here?

    Seriously, the next time you get the urge to post something that no one, anywhere on the planet, of any political or socio-economic persuasion, could possibly care about; go back to that asinine Tori Spelling post you put up a few months ago, read what you wrote, read my reply……then beat yourself over the head with an organically-grown cucumber.

    Honestly Michael, I’m just having fun here and I hope you don’t mind. If you do, tell me and I’ll stop. With so many people taking themselves so seriously around here, this is how I cope.

    • Michael d'Estries

      Michael, I always enjoy the comments. And while the organic cucumber is a great idea, it’s the organic glue that I sniff that really keeps me going.

  • kelly g.


  • bitt

    Well I care about gluten-free if you are severely allergic. My wedding cake was gluten-free and VEGAN, 3 tiers, and everyone loved it.

    The biggest deal is the Chelsea herself is vegan. So one knew much about the wedding, so of course rumors flew. Glad the truth is coming out.

  • Eric


    Par for the course. When we will stop being surprised?

  • Vega

    So, if it’s true Chelsea IS vegan, would rhat mean she couldn’t/wouldn’t eat her own wedding cake? Of course, she might have had a 2nd cake make just for herself.

    Or maybe she’s not eating *just* plant-based (yet).

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  • Lyla

    Chelsea Clinton has been a vegetarian, not a VEGAN, since childhood.
    I fail to see how a VEGETARIAN’S non-vegan wedding cake counts as a disappointment.

    • robert m

      because it’s always nice to see someone who’s famous, and has a bazillion articles written about her wedding (here on ecorazzi alone! ;) give a bit of free press to the vegan cause.

      and it’s also disappointing when so many articles were talking about her Vegan wedding, when it wasn’t vegan at all.

      if they hadn’t been written, and she’d had a ham cake with bacon icing, i’d not be disappointed at all

      • Lyla

        You have a point. I think the problem was the media’s- and overall public’s- misunderstanding of herbivore diets. I know a lot of people who get vegans and vegetarians mixed up all the time. But as far as I know, Chelsea Clinton has been a devoted vegetarian since childhood. I wish her and her new hubby many years of happiness.

  • Malu

    Shame on her. A real vegan eats no dairy, not even a bity bit. NEVER!!!! Hope the cake goes wrong.

  • James

    Sounds too sweet! Who cares if it wasn’t vegan! I love some butter and eggs in my cake. That is the way it should be!!

  • James

    I love eggs an butter in my cake!

  • Lindsey Gamble

    Working with gluten-free flour can be difficult. Gluten-free flour can make an unacceptably crumbly cake. A tip of the hat to the pastry chef on this one.

  • equanimity

    Awww, that just sucks. I thought she would totally have a vegan and gluten-free cake!