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I know, I know, we promised to stop talking about Chelsea Clinton’s very vegan wedding. But we just can’t help ourselves sometimes.

Former President Bill Clinton (aka the one person I’d meet if I could meet anybody in the world), has gone vegetarian — at least that’s the word on the street.

According to People magazine’s Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, Billy C. dropped some poundage for Chelsea’s wedding by going on a “vegetarian, no dairy diet.” We love this news!

Did he lose the weight? You bet! All in all, the former President dropped a whopping twenty pounds for the big day, and (we assume) lowered his cholesterol substantially.

The entire Ecorazzi gang is crossing our fingers that Bill keeps up the plant-eating, planet-pleasing diet. We think you can, we think you can!

  • rosario

    this is great news and very interesting – just today myself – i decided to switch from vegetarian to vegan! so all this should encourage other folks to try the same – the times are greening and we are greening together with the time!

  • http://www.organikook.com OrganiKooK

    This is exciting news for the world of vegans. It is nice to see high profile people/celebrities sharing their healthy choice!!

  • georgina0912

    @ rosario – CONGRATULATIONS! Now you and former President Clinton share a date :)

    And i think this news are absolutely awesome. Come on vegetarians and vegans of the world, come out of your closets and let us see you, and share recipes, and talk about the wonders a vegan diet does for the soul, body, mother earth, and most of all those who suffer the most, the animals.

  • VeggieTart

    I’m glad he’s gone veg and dairy-free, but I do wish people would stop calling it her “very vegan wedding”, as it WASN’T. She was serving dead cows there. It was a vegan-friendly wedding or a vegan-optional wedding, but it certainly wasn’t a vegan wedding, much less a “very vegan” wedding.

  • Joyce

    People Magazine reported on the wedding cake. It had over 300 eggs in it and many pounds of butter. If Chelsea is vegan I wonder why didn’t she have a vegan cake so she can eat it herself?

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