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As the Sea Shepherd prep for their next campaign in the Southern Ocean this December, speculation grows over whether a successor to the speedy (and sunk) Ady Gil might join them.

We already mentioned some hints that Paul Watson dropped (and later retracted) earlier this summer — and now there’s some additional info to pass on. At the Sea Shepherd’s A Seattle Evening for the Oceans fundraiser, Paul Watson said, “What we’re raising money for right now is a replacement for the Ady Gil. We found a vessel. It will do about 35 knots, it’s bigger, and far more efficient than the Ady Gil. And we need to raise about $1 million dollars to get it.”

I spoke with Pete Bethune regarding Watson’s comments and he said that while he didn’t know anything about the new boat, he said it would have to much smaller than the Gil to be more efficient. (Check out Pete’s wishlist for the AG2 here.) He also mentioned that Watson and him we’re meeting this week to “try and hatch a plan” regarding a future boat under his design.

“I would like to build a really amazing boat that would be perfect for Sea Shepherd work, but getting everyone to agree to it will be a challenge — let alone raising the cash,” he wrote. “But there is a lot of support for a new vessel, so i think we can pull it together.”

Pete also confirmed that the real Ady Gil was very interested in contributing to helping to fund the construction of the new high-tech boat.

So, we’ll have to keep guessing. The Sea Shepherd may very well purchase a “cheap” replacement to assist down in the Southern Ocean this season while fundraising for the true successor to the Gil. Or, just abandon the new boat idea in favor of using those millions towards other projects. Stay tuned.

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  • Claire

    Confusing information as to whether or not there is a new AG is the best kind of information right now. DOn’t want the whalers knowing what is really going on.

    • David

      Yeah. It is not like the Japanese government doesn’t have contacts in every port. Or the Japanese shipping industry doesn’t have access to ship registration records or contacts with ship sellers and refitters all over the world.

      If the SSCS really thinks they can keep the purchase of any substantial ship a secret from the Japanese then they are bigger idiots than even I thought possible.

      • Claire

        I do believe they did exactly that with the Bob Barker. Enough said.

      • David

        Yeah I know you believe that. You are wrong but you just go on believing.

        There were discussions about the SSCS’s secret boat on the Whale Wars forum this time last year.

        And you really think no one noticed that an old whaling vessel that is ice-rated was sold and then a bunch of mostly young people with no experience show up from all over the world to refurbish the ship. Oh and they are vegetarians. Oh and one of them is Peter Hammarstedt, real common name there, the well know member of Sea Shepherd. Oh and Lloydd’s Registry showed the new owner as Sea Shepherd. Yeah they really did such a good job of hiding that boat.

      • From MN, with hope…

        And yet, it still surprised the whalers.

      • David


        And what do you base that opinion on? Because the SSCS said they surprised them?

      • boo radley

        Maybe it was the look of total surprise on the japanese whalers stupid faces.

        Just like the pro whalers, they clearly had no idea.

    • Mike

      All I can say is if the Ady Gil 2’s capabilities are the same as the first they can know about it all they want any with their current fleet they won’t be able to do much about it. But expect a counter reaction from the whalers to deal with these smaller faster vessels. Remember they have mass amounts of money. They now know that the Sea Shepherds will have two vessels and maybe one small fast one. All they would need to do is begin to employ their own deltas or Ady Gils and then what would they be able to do against the fleet. Best of luch Sea Shepards. But they need to expect the counter maneuver and have a plan rather than be surprised by the whaling companies antics every year.

      • Aaron

        I agree, they need to come up with a better plan this next season. On the other hand, when Pete (Adi Gil Captain) showed up this season, he seemed to be the only one who was coming up with plans to help stop the Whaling Fleet.

        Also, note that every plan he was able to come up with worked in some sort of way.

        He even showed up with a High Pressured Potato Gun of some sort witch was able to launch the acid and other debris.

        The need to come up with more effective plans, seeing as how the governments don’t want to get involved.

    • mike

      All I have to say is at 55 I found a new HERO Pete Bethune He should be held high as a HERO and I would back him in anything

  • crumpets are yummy

    Yes exactly…leave em in the dark, where they are used to being.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Haha Sea Shepherd going to blow another $1m on a silly toy after they trashed the last one and dumped the remains in the Southern Ocean. These vandals really have some hide.

    Would love to sit in on the Watson-Bethune meeting though.

    PB: Hi Paul, thanks for booting me out of your group while I was in jail and awaiting sentencing for a crime you ordered me to commit!

    PW: Shut up Bethune, I am the Captain here. You’re going to tell the media you agree with my lie that it was for your own benefit. Don’t forget that we still have $700,000 of your money for the Ady Gil!

    • From MN, with hope…

      Wow. Keep the whaling discussion to those who are actually educated on the matter.

      • boo radley

        You are a funny chap aren’t you kimitake?

        Thanks for the laugh.

    • Cho cho ma

      It would be more like this in my opinion-

      PB: I dont regret what I have done. After all I volunteered!

      PW: Hey didnt we already have this conversation weeks ago?


      Hey Kimitake can you prove that Sea Shepherd has not made the payment yet? Its been months since the payment was last talked about.

  • Captain Paul Watson

    Captain Pete Bethune and Captain Paul Watson will both appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, August 12th.

  • mike downs

    No matter what,I wish Sea Shepherd the very best for the new campaign. I hope the whaling fleet is sunk this campaign(economically,of coarse) Best wishes to you,Captain~full support!! Also looking forward to weeing you on Jay Leno this Thursday.

    • David

      Like the Freudian slip.

  • crumpets are yummy

    MOST Australians no longer see Japan as a reliable friend, according to polling for Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In terms of the Australia-Japan relationship, it is by far the worst of 10 public opinion polls conducted by the Japanese government in Australia over the decades.

    Japanese officials are concerned that the whaling controversy, a key cause of the negative opinion of Japan in the poll, could further damage the bilateral relationship between Australia and Japan, which is described by the Japanese as being “at the crossroads”.

  • Cho cho ma

    They should just by the boat that can do 35 knots.

    • Cho cho ma

      (woops BUY)

      • From MN, with hope…

        They are. Perhaps a fast interceptor to use until Pete’s boat is ready.

      • boo radley

        That should do nicely for the time being. 35 knots should be quite fast enough to cause a bit of angst. *smiles*

      • From MN, with hope…

        Remind me again how fast the Earthrace/Ady Gil could go. On the LoMocean website they say that it can only go 30 knots or so, but I’ve heard around that it can do 50 knots.

  • Michael Raymer

    The data I’ve looked up says 30 knots which equals 55 kilometers per hour. All of this, of course, is dependant on sea conditions/weather. Wave piercing or not, when the weather sucks, you slow down.

    Honestly, I wasn’t that fond of the Ady Gil. I hope they can find a less expensive and more practical approach to this. Or an as expensive, more practical approach, whatever. But, just like any race car/plane/boat, the Ady Gil seemed too maintenance intensive to really be of constructive use. I think that’s a prime reason why they aren’t publicly commiting to another similar design. I’m sure there are other ways to put a fast boat in the next campaign.

    • From MN, with hope…

      It was designed with one purpose, and it accomplished it’s life mission. Then came the obvious ‘Now what?’ question for what to do with a boat that was purpose built to circumnavigate the world, and did just that? Well it’s fast and very maneuverable so Sea Shepherd grabbed it. I agree that it wasn’t the best design (not hull design, living area, sleeping quarters, size) but it was pretty good the little time it was the Ady Gil.

      • Michael Raymer

        Good Post. :o)

    • Nic

      Earthrace was designed to go faster in rougher seas, which is what you need in the upredictable southern ocean. If they purchase a regualar speed boat it may not be so durable so far from land.

      What was all the maintainance? I know they used quite a bit of fuel and ran out of water, the sensor array was damages, apart from this it seemed qutite robust. (although the nose did fall off once!)

  • Sharlene

    I just want to thank all of you………..Steve Irwin crew…Bob Barker and Ady Gil.. For your bravery and love of a beautiful animal/mammal! I have always had a love for the sea and all that goes with it! God speed to all of you who care and do what you do to protect our planet !Cheers! From Santa Barbara Calif.

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  • Cookie Toney-Gittings

    what is the latest on the upcoming show with pete, the captain of the ady gil? thought it was to air this month. anyone have any info?