by Elizah Leigh
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Former Bond girl Joanna Lumley, who made even more of a splash portraying Patsy Stone in the boozy Brit-com Absolutely Fabulous, has made waves in recent years with her charitable work for ShelterBox and support of Recycle Now.

Now, she’s triggering a tsunami with her hot-off-the-presses comment that processed meat is the reason why rates of cancer have been on the rise.

A staunch vegetarian for the past four decades, Lumley says that when she was growing up, it was quite rare to hear of anyone suffering from cancer, and yet today, it’s constantly on the radar.

Suspicious of industrial farming techniques, Lumley wonders, “Could it be the growth hormones in the food we eat, that try to make all the chickens, sheep and cows, more productive?”

As it so happens, the longtime Compassion in World Farming and Viva supporter isn’t the only one. Multiple studies suggest a link between eating nitrate-laden processed meat and the likelihood of succumbing to cancer of the bladder and bowel as well as diabetes and heart disease.

We think Joanna’s on to something!

  • georgina0912

    Well, she is not talking about anything new. There are plenty of studies backing that up and just recently there was another one about cold cuts (over processed meat) also linked to cancer. The answer of meat-eaters on blogs: i will have my meat and eat it!

    • David

      Guess what? Life is a terminal disease.

      If I decide that the enjoyment I get from eating meat outways the possiblity of a slightly shorter life then that is my decision.

      People engage in all sorts of activities that have risks associated with them, from mountain climbing to skydiving. They have decided the enjoyment they get outweighs the risk.

  • VeggieTart

    She’s not necessarily onto something, but people just might listen to her because of her celebrity rather than a medical expert.