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I think it’s safe to say that Gordon Ramsay isn’t particularly a friend of the site.

Throughout his time in the spotlight, Gordon has insulted local and organic food, eaten a raw puffin heart on camera, and even insulted Paul McCartney by calling vegetarians dumb. Boo!

Well, it looks like Gordon’s about to get a taste of his own harsh medicine.

Just recently, Sarah Symonds, Gordon’s apparent former mistress, announced that she is writing a tell-all book about her time with the anti-green chef.

“I plan to set the record straight,” said Symonds. “I also plan to expose the truth about my appearance on the Hell’s Kitchen finale, which was filmed during the period that I was having an affair with Gordon, that he has since denied inviting me to. The fact is that Gordon and I had a long relationship, before he became this fame-ravaged, foul-mouthed monster he is today.”

Harsh words from a former lover! Will Gordon’s public infidelity hurt his reputation, or will it simply add to his not-so-nice brand? Only time will tell!

  • georgina0912

    UGH, this guy makes me sick. We stopped watching his shows after we heard the puffin story, and then right after that we heard that he used to tell his daughters to date meat eaters and not dare bring home a vegetarian. I’ll just say, karma is a bitch.

  • VeggieTart

    I say take with a grain of salt anything a former mistress says. Yeah, I think Gordon Ramsay is an uber-carnistic schmuck, but how many people are going to take her words as the bitter rantings ofa dumped mistress?

    That said, my boyfriend does watch his show and has said that he’s featured analogues in one episode and once had a vegetarian challenge in another. I suppose it means a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  • Dave

    Gordon Ramsay rocks! So he had an affair, most people do (vegans and meat eathers alike). I hate to say it, but I think that his rational is more sound than “I hate him because he ate a puffin fish”.

    I never thought about it till I read this article, but I won’t allow my daughter to date a vegetarian either.