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Good news, Sea Shepherd fans! Both Paul Watson and Peter Bethune will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Thursday, August 12th!

Paul Watson, of course, is the eco/animal activist behind the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Peter Bethune was captain of the Ady Gil until it sank after a collision with a Japanese whaling vessel. Damn Japanese whalers ruin everything!

Will you be tuning in tomorrow? Chime in and tell us!

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    hey Japanese whalers don’t ruin everything. Japanese whalers have made Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Criminal Syndicate very rich and famous. Without the Japanese whalers, they’d be no TV show, no expensive toys, no glamorous crimes.

    A little gratitude, please!

    Anyway, I wonder when Leno will be having Osama bin Laden on his show to talk about his fanatical campaign of violence?

    • Cho cho ma

      Wow did you honestly just compare Sea Shepherd to Osama bin Laden. Of all the dumb people who support whaling on this sight you are by far the most stupid one. I dont know how you can compare a man who has killed thousands of people to an organization that has never killed a single person. You really could use a reality check Kimitake.

      • sunhawk

        they didn’t even talk about how they assaulted Japanese crewmen with home made rockets that contained glass bottles filled with acid. this attack let to many severe third degree chemical burns on the faces, arms, and hands of the Japanese crew. they didn’t talk about how their batboat was sun because the purposely tried to put their boat in the path of a ship to harass it, a smaller ship of the whaling fleet moved to shield the larger ship. the adygil sunk because they wanted the collision to happen.

        by the way boarding a ship with no authority or permission is 99.99(repeating)% considered an act of piracy. the japanese have every right to imprison anyone that boards their ships with out authority or permission.

        the people that protest the loudest against whaling come from countries with large amounts of land available for agriculture and livestock raising. with no concern that people from small island nations need to eat.

        many countries commercially whale or research whale. sea shepherd picks on the japanese because they know it makes the most publicity and the japanese are the most passive.

      • Bryan B

        This “acid” is rotten butter. The whole third degree burn shit is just an outright lie.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Sure Cho Cho, Al Qaeda and the Sea Shepherd Criminal Syndicate are both fanatically misanthropic organisations that use violence to pursue their agendas.

      One rams aeroplanes into buildings, the other rams ships into research vessels. One fires bullets, the other fires chemically tipped arrows and weapons-grade lasers.

      Both are criminal and must be eradicated.

      • sea shepherd supporter



      • Institute of Cetacean Research supporter



        (see? it’s that easy to discredit each other, kids!)

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, it’s good to see that even named ICR supporters can’t carry the lie anymore. I suppose the whole “Whaling for Research” bit was beginning to stick in your throat. It is a stupid lie and you are to be commended for refuting it. You should tell your bosses to either just paint over the word “Research” entirely, or replace it with “Profit”. It’s not like anyone ever believed you anyway.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Well this is so right.

        No-one in their right mind would believe anythng that comes from the japanese whalers these days…they are well exposed liars…we all know they are whaling illegally within designated whale sanctuaries (what is it about the world sanctuary that they don’t understand?) for profit.

        Yep, they are killing whales…our whales…for sheer love of money.

        The tactic by sea Shepherd of cutting into
        the profits of the illegal japanese whalers is the way forward and will bring whaling to its knees eventually.

        BTW…the difference between Sea Shepherd and Osama Bin Laden.

        If the japanese illegal whalers would return home without killing another whale then the japanese could go home without another bottle of rotten butter landing on their decks.

        Osama BL would just let loose with the AK47’s firstly and then sink the japanese ships. He would then pour oil onto teh ocean surface and then set fire to any survivors.

      • boo radley

        Let me just say that I think its a shame that Osama Bin Laden is not in the whale watching business.

      • David

        “what is it about the world sanctuary that they don’t understand?”

        What is it about the term ‘exempt from’ that crumpet doesn’t understand?

      • crumpets are yummy

        What is it about ‘illegal commercial whaling” that we all understand?

      • David

        Yes we all do understand that for most countries commercial whaling is illegal. But since Japan produces research, as the IWC agrees, their whaling is not illegal commercial whaling.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Thae fact is that the japanese have no credible science to support their claims of research.

        The research aspect has been debunked as worthless, japanese whaling is purely economical in nature and the science part of it is jsut a smoke screen.

        Looks like the smoke screen actually works for a few people?

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Hey little fellow, I think you might have caps lock on there!

        Take it easy eh. Remember they’re just whales. The minke and humpback aren’t very smart at all, not so different from cows and sheep. The IWC has confirmed that when they’re harvested, death is very quick and humane. The docile beasts never know what hit them.

        Also, if you’re upset about the sinking of the trimaran you should direct your anger towards its captain, Peter Bethune. He was responsible for the vessel when it accelerated into the path of the Shonan Maru 2. Perhaps you could try Paul Watson too? It was his fault that all that money from donations was wasted on a silly publicity stunt and the resulting legal fees.

        Look, I know Sea Shepherd wants you to hate the Japanese and to give Paul Watson your money. But you should think about the bigger picture and consider why Paul Watson does what he does and whether it is ethical. Are whales worth all this trouble even though they’re not endangered? Why doesn’t Sea Shepherd care about animals that are really endangered and needing protection? Are they just doing it for the money and publicity?

        Think for yourself and don’t just swallow their lies. The world would be a better place if everyone thought more, don’t you think?

      • Imforthewhales

        Kimitake, that was hilarious i have to say…has to be the biggest load of crap i have ever read on this forum.

        The world would be a better place if people like you thought more don’t you think?

      • Jake

        Really, the “docile beasts” never knew what hit them? I must be mistaking the whale’s horrid scream for something else.

        Sea Shepard does more than care and protect for whales. If you weren’t so blindly ignorant, you could go their website, and look at all the animals they protect.

        What lies do you speak of? What other reasons would cause a random multinational group of one hundred people who know little to nothing about sailing (for the most part) to go to Antartica and suffer through terrible storms, back-breaking work, etc., to save whales?

        And Peter Bethune’s vessel was dead in the water when the Shonan Maru 2 blatantly turned into it and ran it down.

        Next time you have thought, don’t.

      • Bryan B

        All of this information is incredibly stupid and wrong.

        Whales of all kinds are extremely intelligent and are sentient enough to even have names for each other.

        I would also like to ask how Pete Bethune managed to speed in front of the Shonan Maru 2 when he and his crew were sitting ON TOP of the boat?

      • David

        The AG managed to speed in front of the SM because one crew member was in helm.

        You really might want to keep up to date with the latest info from the SSCS.

      • Bryan B

        I’d like to know your definition of “speed”, and if it would even be safe to do so with almost the entire crew sitting on top of a boat that otherwise has no positions to sit.

        Sea Shepherd has never stated to have moved in front of the Ady Gil, and in seeing unedited footage, I have to concur.

        If you think that fits the definition of speeding in front of the SM 2, you’re obviously on some sort of payroll, or just some ignorant redneck stirring teh shite.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David doesn’t support whaling, he said so himself.

        Perhaps he is just being paid to do what he loves.

      • David

        Well your the idiot that used the word speed. So if that is not what you meant then you shouldn’t have used it.

        I do see that you now seem to agree that you were wrong about where ALL the crew were and have changed to ‘almost the entire crew’.

      • Bryan B

        Look, idiot.

        I stated that it DID NOT speed in front of the SM 2.

        It is certainly the word I meant to use and your calling me an idiot doesn’t bode well for your own intelligence considering you picked the word up and insisted that the Ady Gil did, in fact, speed in front of the boat.

        And yeah, I could be wrong on the entire crew not being on the boat. That does not, by default, mean that the Ady Gil moved in front of SM 2, especially since all evidence points to the contrary.

        In fact, the Japanese whalers stated quite the opposite; that the Ady Gil slowed down in front of them.

        But it does not matter. As soon as you resorted to name-calling, it is very apparent you have nothing intelligent to offer, or use much of a logical thought process in your inner deliberations.

      • David

        Someone sure got their panties in a bunch. Especially when they are the one that started the name calling. Of course they don’t have the mental capacity to remember that fact.

        Your calling me an ignorant redneck doesn’t bode well for your own intelligence.

        You reference a video shot from hundreds of yards away from another moving boat. Why not reference the video from the SM2 which shows the prop wash of the Ady Gil fire up before the collision?

        But it does not matter. As soon as you resorted to name-calling, it is very apparent you have nothing intelligent to offer, or use much of a logical thought process in your inner deliberations.

      • Bryan B

        And if whales are so worthless and not endangered, then why the hell are you doing “research” on them??

        Everything you say, in your opinion of the subject, just exposes the lies of the Japanese whalers even more.

        It is not about research, and you are a true disgrace to the human race in your heartlessness.

        Thanks to Whale Wars, most of us have seen just how quick the death of a whale is. Far from painless, it is slow, excruciating, and it takes a long time to die, involving harpooning, electrocution, and gunshots, all after the whales try to dive and fight the harpoon line.

        Choking on your own blood with a barbed hook, while being shot, and electrocuted is far from any way I would want to die.

        But what could we expect from a nation that committed the horrors in Nanking during World War II.

        Your value system is horrendous.

      • David

        You must be watching a different Whale Wars then the rest of the world.

        The Japanese don’t electrocute whales.

        And since only one whale has been shown dying and that was obviously edited, since some of the clips were shown twice, there is no way to know how long it took to die.

      • Bryan B

        Okay, you’re right. They no longer electrocute whales, but they certainly used to.
        (what they do now is drag them backwards until they drown on either water or
        their own blood)

        Regardless of how much that
        footage is edited, it certainly shows sufficient evidence that this is not a quick nor painless death.

      • crumpets are yummy

        In 1992 a British freelance film maker, Mark Votier, was permitted by the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research, to to video the Japanese whaling fleet in operation, during the five months of the 1992/93 Antarctic season. Mark not only took footage of the harpooning of whales, but also their electrocution by electric lance, which is a secondary method employed when harpoons do not kill the mammals outright. Mark’s footage showed Minke whales thrashing in agony as a low voltage electrical charge slowly killed them. Mark released this graphic footage publicly and was sued by the Institute for breach of contract, as they claimed they had the right of censorship. A Tokyo Court passed judgement in favour of the Institute, on what’s known as the whale cruelty film.

      • crumpets are yummy

        HARRIS: Can you describe further the footage that the Institute claimed breached the terms of your contract?

        VOTIER: Yes, the footage depicted in very graphic detail what the animal experienced immediately after it was shot, when it was being winched in to the side of, sorry to the bows of the catcher ship. And the violent thrashing that took place when the animal was actually electrocuted. It seems to me that there were three stages to the electrocution. The first discharge of electricity caused the animal to thrash in the water. Then there was the sort of second second stage where the animal seemed to go stiff with paralysis as its muscles were being fibrillated and going into spasm. Then the final stage, the animal would appear to be limp, but not necessarily dead, because a whale, of course has a brain which is supremely adapted to diving, which means that it requires less oxygen than a land mammal to function. So throughout the whole process, the animal could have been fully conscious of what what was happening and indeed at the end of it, when the gunner declared the animal dead, it might not have been dead, merely immobile.

        HARRIS: How many harpoonings did you watch and what percentage of those involved what you would call an inhumane death?

        VOTIER: I witnessed 30 harpoonings, and I would say about 55% of those harpooning s resulted in the electric shock process being given.

        HARRIS: The Institute brought a case against you in a Tokyo Court, what was the result of the court case?

        VOTIER: Damages of 3 million yen were awarded to the Institute against me, but nothing was awarded in costs. I feel that the amounts are significant given the Institute had wanted 10 million yen in damages and 20 million yen in costs. So in the event the judge only decided to award one tenth of what they were asking for and my feeling is that the judge was sending a clear message to the Institute that the case should not have been brought to Court at all.

        HARRIS: Now, I’m interested, why did you sell the footage to television companies and give it to animal welfare organisations?

        VOTIER: I realised that I was possibly, well in fact I was the only person, outside of the Japanese whaling industry who knew full well the full extent of what was going on in the Antarctic Ocean, and had a full understanding of what the animals were going through. I simply felt that I had a moral obligation to get that message out in order that pressure brought through the International Whaling Commission on Japan to get electrocution stopped. Clearly, I couldn’t have initiated that sequence of events without releasing the footage, so I had to.

        HARRIS: So Mark, what kind of impact do you think the film, and indeed the court case, has had on the issue of how whales are killed?

        VOTIER: In Britain, the RSPCA took the footage and made a very comprehensive study of it. With the New Zealand government, Britain jointly proposed a resolution at the IWC Scientific Committee to ban the use of electricity in killing whales as a result of that footage. Now the IWC works in weird and wonderfully mysterious ways, and its taken about, well it’s taken three years for the decision to get as far as the Commisssioners. And they will decide in June this year, in Scotland, whether or not electricity should be finally banned in whaling.

      • David

        Gee crumpet. 17 years ago something happened so that means it must still be happening right?

        There is video of Bill Clinton being sworn in as US President in 1993 so must still be president right?

        Or is your whole post outdated and a waste of space?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Look who is talking about timing (the pro-whaler) when whaling is practice that doesn’t belong in the 21st century.

      • David

        Look who is still showing there ignorance (anti-whaler).

        I wasn’t talking about ‘timing’ I was showing that using 17 year old data to try and prove what is happening today is stupid. Heck his own post says that the IWC was considering a resolution to ban electrocution in 1996. A resolution that was ultimately passed. Or was it a ruling?

      • crumpets are yummy

        David,,, show me where i said it was happening today?

        Please, be my guest.

        Whilst they may not use electrocution today, and the Japanese no longer carve up POWS whilst still alive, the fact remains that this was all accepted behavior not so long ago.

        17 years is but a blink of an eye.

      • Jake

        Osama bin Laden killed thousands of people. Paul Watson has never killed a one.

        The “research” guise is the biggest joke of all. I’ve always wonder why it isn’t written in Japanese on their vessels.

        If Paul Watson is so “violent” as you say, why hasn’t he been charged with anything? Osama is the most wanted person in the world yet Paul Watson only gets on a blue list because the imperialistic Japanese government is tired of getting pushed around by the West.

      • Cho cho ma

        Kimitake, property damage is far different from mass murder.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Paul Watson is quite happy to be on the interpol list and any other list…he reckons its far superior to being on the “I don’t give a crap ” list.

    • Jake

      That’s really your comparison? Next you’ll be telling us the Dalai Lama is the equivalent of Josef Stalin, and Martin Luther King is the equivalent of Pol Pot.

      I pity you, I really do.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Kimi is certainly having a bit of fun on here.

        Thank you Kimi for giving us a grand opportunity to once again highlight the lies, spin and other propaganda coming our way from the people who support commercial whaling.

        Your comparisons, as usual, are way off the mark.

        Al Qaeda, for starters, is all about politics. Osama Bin Ladin is happy to kill thousands of people to serve his purpose which is basically a world domination via religion where men connected to their god reign supreme over all.

        On the other hand, Sea Shepherd are not criminals and neither do they hurt people. Sea Shepherd are not looking at world domination. On the contrary, they want to give the world back in better shape to the people that inhabit it, with all its life forms in tact. A more peaceful, noble cause has yet been invented.

        Sometimes this may mean getting touch with the evil doers of the world, those who attempt to poison and destroy their brothers. And those people need to understand that they cannot keep killing and raping the oceans without consequences.

        Sea Shepherd, by cutting into profits ( not people) of the illegal Japanese whalers will not expect any form of payment for this wonderful and compassionate act of charity which will benefit all human kind and leave the world a better place.

        Sea shepherd can hardly be called fanatical…if wanting the world to remain as a functioning entity for future generations to live and grow within its bounds, and if wanting the world to be free of pain and sorrow can be called fanatical (???).

        What IS fanatical is the harpooning of huge, majestic, warm blooded, intelligent, wild animals for no good reason. What is fanatical is the mindset that allows people to support such an industry. What is fanatical is the lengths that the Japanese whalers will go to to further their agenda.

        Of course the Japanese have demonstrated previously just how fanatical they can be in WW2.

        Not only did they believe that they were owed the world with their god like emperor as head of the world state, and seek to dominate it ( much as Osama Bin Laden wishes to dominate today)but they also joined in the whole human experiment thing…in fact they even went as far as cutting up bodies while the people were still alive.

        Does this not sound fanatical?

        Japanese whaling is mere carry-over behavior from this kind of thing and Japan , as a result, is doing itself a great dis-service, as other countries now see Japan as the pariah of the world.

        Japan heads down south each year for their taste of violence. The violence is against the whales and is both extreme and obscene. Osama Bin Laden would be proud of the horrid torture of the whales, the screaming, the great anguish endured and the hot blood and the extreme pain that Japanese illegal whalers inflict upon these gentle, innocent beings.

        There is real blood being shed by the japanese and there is real death involved.

        On the other hand, ships do not bleed, and nor do they die. Sea Shepherd merely bump a few whaling ships out of the way so that they cannot pursue their bloody agenda, just as a police officer on duty will handcuff a bank robber or bump a speeding and dangerous teenage hoon that is high on drugs off the road so that they cannot endanger anyone else.

        Last time I looked, Osama Bin Laden does not operate under the world charter for nature.

        You mentioned research ships but I have never seen a Japanese research whaling ship…for one very good reason. They do not exist. We all know by now that the japanese are merely pretending to conduct research, which serves as a front for their illegal commercial whaling.

        I have never seen Sea Shepherd fire a chemically tipped arrow. I have , however, seen a japanese harpooner load and discharge a grenade tipped harpoon into the body of a great whale and then drag it around for a half hour until it is half drowned in its own hot gushing blood.

        Weapons grade lasers are one thing…they are essentially harmless lights despite their good quality rating and can be used as a diversion. But you will not see SS dress up as Darth Vader, like the Japanese whalers to launch flash bombs or use other weapons grade explosives.

        The Japanese are breaking laws left right and center, and it has been said have a high Yakuza element to their business. The whaling industry is a criminal one and must be eradicated.

        I know that you and your bum chums often try to drag Al Queda and terrorism into the whaling mix. We all know that you hope that by flinging enough pig sh*t, then some of it will stick.

        Unfortunately, none of it is true, comparing the two groups as you do only serves the opposite to what you hope to achieve and in the end only makes the pro whalers look even sillier than they already do.

    • Josh

      you know captain paul watson lives in a small hut in indian territory right? and that they get 0$ dollers from animal planet. your an ignorant hater. Why are you even on ecorazzi? seeems like u hate the earth.

      • David

        You know that Paul Watson lives in a large house that SSCS pays for and they got $250,000 from Animal Planet the first season (probably more for season 2 and 3). Why are you even on ecorazzi? Seems like you are ignorant.

      • imforthewhales

        What houses do the whalers live in david?

        Who really cares? I live in a house. Does it really matter?

        Does Paul Watson use super soft kleenex to blow his nose or does he prefer hankies?

        I bet Paul Watson lives on a ship some of the time too.

        seeing as you know so much about the SS finances david, perhaps you would be so kind as to post all outgoings on here as well?

        It does seem only fair, doesn’t it?

        For instance…cost of fuel to Antarctica, and cost of a ship would be one thing to consider. Perhaps travel to and from conferences, TV appearances, new inflatable boats, prop foulers…you get the picture.

      • David

        Hey imabigfail, why don’t you try and post on topic?

        Obviously Josh seems to think where Paul Watson lives is important, so I was correcting his wrong info.

        All I know about SSCS finances is what is in their IRS filings which are public documents. That is why I only know what they got from AP in season one, since that is the latest filing.

        seeing as you know so little about anything imabigfail, perhaps you would be so kind as to post on topic?

        It does seem only fair, doesn’t it?

  • boo radley

    Concur with that…Kimitake is on an hourly rate.

    • David

      And are you on a per word rate or per post?

  • boo radley

    I operate from something that the pro whalers don’t have and will never have.

    I operate from the heart, and I operate from a deep seated passion.

    People such as your little group of snowflakes who operate from the depths of hades will never , never, never win against people of passion.

    • David

      Really? Never ever?

      You may want to study a little more history.

      • From MN, with hope…

        boo radly is right on. In the long term whalers can’t win this. It’s an old practice, and is becoming more and more unacceptable. One day the IWC will call all whaling illegal. It’s a movement in our world that is happened many other times, and it will happen with the whales. More public attention means more public outcry, and pressure to end it. The whalers can keep playing their game, but the truth is that they are losing the ‘war’.

      • David

        First that is not what Boo said. He claimed that people of passion always win.

        Second, the IWC declaring all whaling illegal will not stop whaling. The IWC is a voluntary organization and less than half the countries in the world are members.

      • boo radley

        I didn’t say people of passion always win.
        But then they don’t always lose.

        You can have massive government war machines faced against small groups of people of passion and the people of passion can and do win.

        There are examples throughout history of this occurring, where small groups are faced with a large foe and the odds stacked against them.

        What I am implying by my comment is that your pro whaling side is a godless side. I am suggesting that you have teamed up with the devil in effect and tied that in with the snowflakes chance in hell scenario.

        Those who team up with the devil ( the raping of oceans for profit, those who impact deep pain and suffering, who take more than they deserve or take what they have no right to take ) are usually the biggest losers and I don’t think you have to travel too far back in time to find numerous examples of the failed godless dictators etc.

        Japan was like this not so long ago and they failed.

        They will fail again.

        Whaling is on a smaller scale than WW2 but many of the elements are the same.

        BTW This is what i said in my original post…

        “People such as your little group of snowflakes who operate from the depths of hades will never , never, never win against people of passion”.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Well the IWC ruling would be a major step that would help end it, and the lies about research whaling would end as well.

      • David

        Courts make rulings. The IWC is not a court so they don’t make rulings. And since their purpose is “to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry.” It would be kind of strange for a group whose purpose is the development of the whaling industry to make a ‘ruling’ to permanently stop whaling.

      • From MN, with hope…

        You just HAVE to combat everything from me, don’t you? Ruling is the proper term. Indeed, the IWC is the Whaling Commission, but they do have the power to make whaling illegal. In fact they have, but just not all types. Regardless, whaling will end, IWC or no IWC.

      • David

        No ruling is not the correct term.

        Resolution is the correct term.

        And maybe if you made an intelligent post that wasn’t factually wrong I would have to keep correcting you.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Please, YOU even use the term ‘ruling’. It’s all perfect until From MN says it. I have used ‘ruling’ for as long as I can remember, and you haven’t had a problem until you have run out of things to whine about. I haven’t seen/heard anybody use anything other than ruling, and certainly nobody has used ‘resolution’. So I guess everybody other than you is wrong, eh?

      • David

        Show me where I used ‘ruling’ when talking about the IWC?

        Of course I have used ruling when talking about courts. Since courts issue rulings.

        The IWC passes resolutions.

      • From MN, with hope…

        You have used ‘ruling’ when talking about the IWC. Ruling is proper. Get over it. I’m not going to go through each and every last page just to try and find a post where you said ruling. I have better things to do than disprove a language-nazi.

        Get over it, I’m done with this string of posts. Not because I’m wussing out due to any reason, I just think it’s ridiculous that I have to prove my point when you yourself have used the ruling when talking about the IWC. Ecorazzi has, Sea Shepherd has, the whalers have, and I certainly haven’t heard/seen/typed/read ANYTHING about a resolution. So, again, everybody must be wrong other than you I guess. Live with it. It sure ain’t going to bother me when I go to bed tonight.

      • David

        crumpets are yummy, August 11, 2010 at 9:24 pm

        “With the New Zealand government, Britain jointly proposed a resolution at the IWC Scientific Committee to ban the use of electricity in killing whales as a result of that footage.”

        From MN, with hope…, August 13, 2010 at 5:56 pm

        “…and certainly nobody has used ‘resolution’.”

        Gee that took all of 2 minutes. You do realize that most browsers have a search function?

        I have not used ruling when discussing the IWC because it is wrong. And if you go to the IWC website they even have a page of “Resolutions”.

      • crumpets are yummy

        It wasn’t “wrong” it was “incorrect”.

      • David

        Let’s see. what is the definition of wrong?

        deviating from truth or fact; erroneous; incorrect

        And how about the definition of incorrect?

        not correct as to fact; inaccurate; wrong

        Looks like both you and MN were wrong and incorrect.

      • crumpets are yummy.

        You are not referring to the ruling being wrong. If you did then that would be OK.

        You are referring to the action of using “ruling”.

        It is usage that you are referring to therefore “incorrect” is correct rather than “wrong”.

        Your usage of “wrong” is suggesting that the usage of the ruling is false which doesn’t really make sense.


        improper, unbecoming, or inappropriate: incorrect behavior; incorrect attire.

        not correct in form, use, or manner: an incorrect copy.

        The difference has to do with whether or not the event is true/false or correct/incorrect. :wink:

      • David

        Well since one definition of wrong is incorrect and one definition of incorrect is wrong, I guess they mean the same thing. So if incorrect is a proper term ‘incorrect’ as you imply, then ‘wrong’ is also a proper term.

      • Michael Raymer

        Will you two get a room please? This is a really elevated discussion you’re having.

      • David

        Like all your comment are Shakespearean?

        If you aren’t interested in our discussion then just don’t read our comments. And actually there are 4 people involved.

      • crumpets are yummy.

        Well i thought it was interesting anyway.

  • boo radley

    Who do you think had the most passion in Nam, David?

    • David

      Well from talking with people who were there I would have to say the ROK.

  • boo radley

    Good answer…it certainly it wasn’t the “paid to fight” Americans hey, GI Joe.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Good news, Sea Shepherd fans! Both Paul Watson and Peter Bethune will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Thursday, August 12th

  • From MN, with hope…

    As to answer the question in the article, yes I will be watching. Now back to our previously scheduled whaling debate.

    Man, if Ecorazzi stopped doing whaling news than site traffic would be DEAD.

    • Michael Raymer

      No, we’d still have Chelsea Clintons wedding cake and what a special gal Tori Spelling is (jeez, I’m gonna go to my grave with that godawful thread stuck in my mind).

      • crumpets are yummy

        People read that Tori stuff but none of it compares or holds the same level of intensity as the whaling debates.

        I would actually like to thank the seacumbers, kimitakes, the micks and davids and yes, even the bobs of this world for providing us with a wall to bounce off.

        Places where people agree with each other constantly can lack a bit of spice at times.

  • crisv

    @Bryan b. Exactly couldnt have said it better myself.
    If i were a japanese whaler i would be embarrased to ride on a ship that said “research” how stupid do they think we are? Paint over the words research and write “for profit”

  • Bryan B
  • sunhawk

    as a resident of the land of the rising sun i only have to say one thing. whale is yummy!

    • U.S. MARINE

      Whales are intelligent mammals! And yet Japan claims the right of “Tradition & heritage” to hunt and harvest these beautiful creatures. I say let them! in their own waters and stay the he- – out of the Southern Oceans where man should let them flourish and populate! Then maybe some would return to Japan waters for the right of heritage to whale not “yummy” one million dollar a Whale – Market processed meat for sale. And comparing the Island of Japan to other large countries is ludacris. Japan imports from around the globe anything that grows,flys,walks ect.and pays top dollar for it! Clearly Japan knows that change is brewing about the Southern santurary around Anartica as well as it should be! Let the whales live and give thanks we still have this great gift.

  • David

    No Japan claims the legal international right to hunt in international waters. The UN gives every nation the right to catch animals in international waters.

    • U.S. MARINE

      Yes I know! Point being let them have a “place of peace” and half a chance at life…… and how many must be taken in the name of research and science…. Trust me I know how precious life is and how fragile it can be.Remember the Buffalo almost wiped out till some good people woke up and saw what was happening. It’s ironic how money makes things OK to do and at what lengths it will be argued to continue the quest of what is “Legal”.

      When good men do nothing, Evil will prevail!

      • Michael Raymer

        They are not being taken in the name of Research and Science. They are being taken for money and more money. Let’s dispel this myth once and for all. The IRC has their own public relations arm. These are the people who release the video footage that we see from the decks of the whaling ships. If they were conducting research, why have they never shown video of that? Why have they never shown the researchers themselves? Have you ever seen a legitimate research vessel that didn’t have at least a few scientists on board? If the IRC was being honest at all, they would show the laboratories, the scientists and the actual research being carried out. None of this has been shown because there is nothing to show.

      • David

        You do realize those ‘good people’ who saved the Bison where hunters?

      • David

        So you want to see video of dissections from the ICR? Why is that the kind of thing you like to watch? I have never seen a video from a drug company of their scientists in the lab testing new compounds, or of their human trials of the new drug. So why would the ICR show boring videos of scientists in a lab doing work that could be anything?

      • Michael Raymer

        We’re not talking about drug companies David. We are talking about whale poachers who paint “Research” on their vessels, hold up signs claiming that they do research and use science as a justification for what they do. Yes, boring or not, they owe us evidence that some of the people on board are, in fact, the scientists and researchers that they claim to be. And what’s so boring about scientists armed with concussion grenades? It’s like a movie. They can show these guys with microscope in one hand, LRAD in the other, grenades hanging from their belt with a water cannon in the background.

        But the answer is clear. They have no researchers on board because they are not doing research. The toothpaste is indeed, back in the tube. They are lying about their work. They are lying about their purpose in the Southern Whale Sanctuary.

        And David, when they lie, they are lying to you too.

      • David

        Yes Michael, all that data they give to the IWC is just made up. And none of the scientists at the IWC have been able to figure this out, they just keep accepting the data and making decisions and findings based on this made-up data. It is so good that you can see through it all. Have you told the IWC so they can stop using this flawed data?

      • Michael Raymer

        David, I am not talking about the IWC and I am not going to be deflected from the relevant point. Why have the Japanese whalers never demonstrated the “research” they claim to be doing? Why are they the only maritime “research” vessels on the water that isn’t willing and eager to share what they do with the public? Why do they never turn their cameras inward and show what happens on their ship? Sea Shepherd is willing to do this and they have stayed willing even though they have been shown in less-than-positive lights. Animal Planet continues to ask for permission to come on board, and they continue to be denied. Animal Planet is a network about animals. Whales are animals. The Japanese whalers claim that what they are doing is for the benefit of the whales (which, as stated, are animals). Why the secrecy?

      • David

        “Why are they the only maritime “research” vessels on the water that isn’t willing and eager to share what they do with the public?”

        Really? Any facts to back that up? I notice the Australian and NZ whale research mission only just released their data even though they returned to port months ago. I also didn’t see any video of their research methods. Maybe that is because most researchers don’t release their data until they have had a chance to publish it. Japan release the data when they publish their results just like most researchers.

        “The Japanese whalers claim that what they are doing is for the benefit of the whales (which, as stated, are animals).”

        And another Really? I thought the Japanese said their research was to provide info about the Minke whales so the moratorium can be lifted and a sustainable quota can be calculated by the IWC.

      • Michael Raymer

        Why do you insist on not answering my valid questions? And why do you keep trying to steer the conversation away from the questions I’m asking? I keep coming here to debate and all I get is a game of tag. Answer the questions.

      • David

        Well they why don’t you ask the people that can answer your question, the ICR? Why do you expect me to know why the ICR does or doesn’t do things?

        The best I can do is speculate, which seems to upset you, or show that you are lying when you say they are “the only maritime “research” vessels on the water that isn’t willing and eager to share what they do with the public?”.

        So if you want to answer a question then ask a question that there is some reason to believe I know the answer to.

      • Michael Raymer

        You are the one that keeps coming here as a whale hunting advocate David. You insist on defending them and explaining their side. I don’t know why. I don’t feel that I’m flaming you when I say that I think you are a bigger fan of argueing with people than you are of poaching whales. I don’t get the impression that whaling is a genuine part of your belief system. But if it is, be prepared to address the questions that go along with it.

        I am a life-long 2nd Amendment advocate. I have done my research and am ready to debate anyone and answer any question regarding it. I support legalized, regulated and conscientious hunting and fishing. I have expressed my (honestly held) views here on Vegan Central a number of times and am willing to debate them in the future. If I didn’t have the knowledge necessary to do so, I wouldn’t portray myself as an advocate. The reason I came out swinging a week or so ago, prompting the policy shift from Ecorazzi, is I keep running into people who come here to cause trouble rather than debate. Well, I can cause trouble right back, but I’d rather debate.

        If the ICR comes here, I will ask them my questions. Since they are an industry of lies, I neither expect them to do so or to give me an honest answer if they do. They are not here. They are not going to come here, or to any other forum which they, themselves do not control. So, all that is left are the people who claim to speak for them. Maybe you should contact them for the answers and get back to me.

        Two last things. You do not upset me. But when I ask a legitimate question and you keep trying to deflect with other questions or topics, I will continue to press the original question. Secondly, concerning your assertion that, ” you are lying when you say they are “the only maritime “research” vessels on the water that isn’t willing and eager to share what they do with the public”. No I’m not. Whether any given legitimate maritime research activity is offered, any of them would jump at the chance to be profiled by any network or news source. What Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Time-Life or any other network or publication decides to show is their business, but the researchers themselves would welcome them with open arms if they were asked to be profiled.

      • David

        Well since you have made it clear that it is your opinion that all other marine researchers would act in a certain way and it is your opinion that the Japanese would act differently. I was wrong to call it a lie since opinions can’t really be lies. Of course since it is all assumptions on your part I guess it really isn’t a legitimate issue either. So if you are really that interested in an answer I will leave it to you to contact them. Heck for all you know they have had TV cameras on board at some point recording their actions.

        And since you believe all they do is lie, then why would you suggest I contact them to answer your question? No matter what they said you wouldn’t believe it anyways so it would be a waste of time for everybody involved. In fact that seems to be the kind of actions that somebody who just wants to argue and not debate would take.

        How does answering a question based on what you feel the Japanese researchers would do if asked as compared to what you feel all other marine researchers would do, be considered a legitimate question that goes along with whaling? You might as well ask if the Japanese would stopping whaling if an interstellar probe came to Earth to communicate with whales.

        So if you decide to ask a legitimate question I will try and answer it, but when you ask a stupid hypothetical question based on your opinions then I will continue to try and bring the discussion back on topic rather than feed your attempts to argue. Until then have fun playing with yourself.

      • Michael Raymer

        For a guy that was accusing me of getting upset just two posts ago, you seem to be getting rather defensive. You, yourself have claimed any number of times that the whalers are legally entitled to poach in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. And yet, the whalers have directly claimed that the legitimacy of their actions stems from the so-called scientific research that they claim to be conducting. They are not claiming international waters, they are not claiming the right to commercial whaling. They claim research, they paint it on their vessels, they hold up signs making these claims. They have also released ample footage of clashes with SSCS, so we know they have video equipment on board and they have the willingness to release video footage to the public when it suits their own ends. I am merely asking how it does not suit their ends to show video evidence of the research they claim to be conducting. How does this not make perfect sense? Since you are so adamant to speak for them, wouldn’t doing so help your cause immeasurably? How do you not see that I am personally trying to make amends to you by helping you out? If such footage was released, how would I respond? And lastly, what is a thinking person supposed to infer by the continued lack, year after year, of such footage?

        And I would remind you, David, that this particular string started by me responding to a remark made by U.S. Marine. You decided to weigh in, we engaged in our own back and forth, and we have gotten to this point. So, if we have somehow gotten “off topic”, I really don’t see how I’m to blame.

      • David

        This comment has been removed due to violation of our commenting policy.

      • Michael Raymer

        You made one post, Marine made one post. How is that a “discussion”? And as this is a public forum, how was what I am not keeping with the intent of the board? If you feel that my reply to Marine was out of line, you should email Ecorazzi and file a complaint.

        Are you claiming that the video equipment the whaler have can’t be used for more than one purpose? Are they under some contract that says they can only use said equipment to film SSCS? If so, why won’t they let Animal Planet on board and let them do all the work. Then they could spend more time and resources to their “research”.

        “so obviously they claim the waters are international,”. Well, of course they do. That doesn’t make such claims valid. I can “claim” that my cat speaks French. Does that make my claim valid? Of course not. And I am referring to their “claim” that they are conducting research. For someone who wants to stay on topic, you keep trying to divert this discussion into something else. All one has to do is watch the first two minutes of Whale Wars. They are claiming the right to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary under the guise of research. No one is asking them too. But that’s what they are doing. It’s right there in front of you. And as I said before, when they lie, they lie to you too. What kind of organization lies to the same people who are trying to stick up for them?

        “Obvious troll activity and obvious lying, so go back under your bridge because I have better things to do than respond to you lame attempts to start an argument. Maybe you and us marine can have a b*ll licking *ss sniffing party.” Again, you accused me of getting upset, yet this is how you respond. Have I resorted to name calling? Have I been treating you with such hostility? No. I promised the moderators that I would stay with their guidelines and debate the facts and assertions, and this is how you act in response. I am not trying to start any arguement. I am asking questions that the whalers themselves have prompted, and whose answer should be easily obtainable by someone who claims to be an advocate for them. Show me how doing so is “trolling” and show me how your reply, quoted above, is not.

  • http://ecorazzi Robert

    And now we get to see how Japan kills dolphins, can’t you people grow some food?


    Yes David I certainly do. I myself am a Hunter with handed down respect for the Land and sea and the gift both brings for substance/enjoyment and are very thankful for it but being very conservative and selective as I was Taught, future generations need to enjoy and experience these same gifts. If you do the math on the gestation on all of the species of Whales these Guys are taking you can’t say that it is not going to effect the populations of these Animals. It has to stop! Just as we were speaking of the Bison and every other Animal that was targeted for their Hide,Meat or Feathers in our on country, Some concerned people saw what was going to happen and took action so that the “species” could Exist and flourish.

    • David

      Although I respect Marines present, past and future it does not boad well when comments such as your are made under that moniker.

      If you do the math you will clearly see that the Japanese hunt is not going to impact the species.

      The very low estimate is just over 200,000. We can assume half are female. They reach maturity between 6-8 years old, so let assume 10. They live 30 to 50 years, so I think it is conservative to assume they are fertile for half their life. And they have a new calf every two years. All this info, except the population, came from I know wikipedia isn’t always a good source but all the data I used is referenced at in the Wikipedia article so I didn’t need to post 6 or 7 references. The population is from one years data that isn’t accepted by anybody except anti-whalers, the IWC says minimum population is 510,000.

      So now the math.
      200,000 whales 50% female = 100,000 females
      100,000 females 50% fertile = 50,000 fertile females
      50,000 fertile females 50% birth per year = 25,000 newborns every year

      Japan takes 600-700 per year but I will use their quota of 950. That is less than 4% of the birth rate. Sorry the numbers just don’t show that 950 whales a year will have any impact on the population. And if you use the IWC’s RMP calculations you get a sustainable quota closer to 2,000.

      • U.S. MARINE

        Boad this! When People(esp.those who like to debate themselves in front of a mirror)Start”ASSUMING” They have neither factual or accurate information and Demise lies on the Horizon. Argue sustainable quotas all day long, You nor I know for a fact how many is taken per season or maimed And referring back to the Bison go and look at the estimates provided before and after and how long it took to rebound! Point being let the Whales have safe Sanctuary in Antarctica just as YOU and I do here in the Great U.S.A. on Behalf of United States Marines….And my Moniker is the very reason you don’t see Whale meat at your local Supermarket!!!!!!

  • David

    Oh I thought the US Marines followed orders. I didn’t know they were tasked with protecting whales. And how do you know whether their is whale meat in my local supermarket or not? Just where is it that I live again?

    If you want I can get the actual data although it will take awhile. But at least I try and back up my statements with facts and reasonable assumptions, as opposed to basely assertions.

    And no whales don’t have safe sanctuary in the southern ocean. The sanctuary was illegally established and has no practical effect. Kind of like Iraq’s claim on Kuwait, something you may know a little about.

    “You nor I know for a fact how many is taken per season or maimed…” You are right and the recent IWC proposal would have solved that issue and helped protect whales but fanatical anti-whalers lied about what the proposal would have done. So the proposal was defeated meaning more whales will die. Really looks good when the anti-whalers actually prefer more dead whales rather than compromise.


    David, You are truly A Sheep! And there is not a thing wrong with that! I am a Sheep dog, The sheep does not like me Because I have Wolf in me but with great Disipline!When the Wolf shows up at the gate I protect the Sheeps way of life so that they can live and speak as they wish. Live long and enjoy the Freedoms we have my Friend. Semper Fi

    • David

      Typical reaction of someone who has no leg to stand on.

      Sheep dogs also lick their own b*lls and sniff other dogs *sses. Chihuahua also have wolf in them. And my father, 2 brothers and 7 nieces and nephews who are Marines tell me they are Bulldogs. But what that has to do with whaling I have no idea.

      So if you have given up because you have no facts then you can go back to keeping whale meat off of store shelves. Oh, except in Japan, Korea, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, etc. Good job you seem to be doing. Of course since the US never hunted whales for meat I guess the job is easy enough for you.

      Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit

      • U.S. Marine

        Well,Looks like my spiffy comments got Moderated…So I guess there is a Special Intrest Calling the shots! Save the Whales !!! eat more Kelp…

  • Chris R.

    Considering how many Japanese Whale Industry supporters are posting on this site, it looks like their industry is paying people to monitor the web and continue posting their propaganda to try to legitimatize Japan’s blatant violations of international law by conduction commercial activity within a wildlife sanctuary.

    Research does not require a kill quota of 1,000 to do research. If this was in fact legitimate research, there where are the results of this supposed research and exactly what type of research is done that needs 1,000 whales to conduct a research study every single year?

    Japan is lying just like they do with the Dolphin killings they condone in Taiji Japan as well, while poisoning their own people by selling the dolphin meat as whale meat as both have over TWENTY TIMES the international standards for Mercury content in food.

    So Japan poison’s its own people as well.

    Just keep in mind that Japan also condones International Parental Child Abduction as well when it’s own citizens abduct their children back to Japan and refuses to sign the Hague Convention to protect innocent children from being abducted to japan by abusive parents (child abduction IS child abuse to an innocent child)

    I think it’s time to start a major BOYCOTT of everything Japanese from cars to electronics to sake & beer to everything that is produced by any Japanese companies until they stop being a bunch of abusive bullies trampling all over international law and even poisoning their own people.

    You want to be a bigger global player Japan? Then adhere to international law!!!

    Or are you all just a bunch of Yakuza/Gukudo bullying thugs out to screw everyone over including your own people?

    • David

      Boy, did someone from Japan pee in your Wheaties this morning?

      The Japanese are not breaking any international laws by conducting whaling in the whale sanctuary, whether it is research, or as you claim, commercial. You may want to read up on the sanctuary so you can intelligently discuss what is and isn’t allowed within its boundaries.

      The science of Statistics will show you that for an estimated population of over 200,000 Minke whales the appropriate sample size is about 1000 individuals. And the results have been published every year. The ICR has a list of all published papers and the IWC has the data collected for each year. Again you may want to educate yourself before just repeating what you read on some anti-whaling website.

      There is no international standard for mercury content in food, but if both the whale and dolphin meat are TWENTY TIMES this limit then what difference does it make whether they label the dolphin as whale, if as you contend they are just as contaminated?
      And continuing your rant to discuss child custody issues and the Yakuza kind of paints you as some rabid anti-Japanese fanatic.

      If you want to discuss whaling issues there are people here that are willing to do so. But if all you want to do is lie and repeat what someone told you in an effort to make the Japanese look bad then maybe you should just move on because I am sure that with a little effort similar evil practices can be found in every country on the planet.

      And just which anti-whaling group paid you to make your post?

  • U.S. Marine

    This comment has been removed due to violation of our commenting policy.

    • U.S.Marine

      I Agree with Cris and Michael…. They have their heads screwed on right! Think about it a thousand Animals to do research on each year! Yea Right….And come to think of it David is Pro Choice…..not for topic discussion but personal degradement!!!!!David do You Support The Right of Japan to take Whales in the Southern Ocean????? Simple Question, Please don’t go off a cliff with it Yes or No.

      • David



    well I guess everyone has lost intrest about the whales…And stopped posting. not a good sign!

    • From MN, with hope…

      They’ve moved on to another thread. Such is the life of a comments section.