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Ever since we first heard that the Old Spice Guy (aka Isaiah Mustafa) was eating vegan, we’ve officially been on team Old Spice.

Just a few days ago, Mustafa appeared on the Tonight Show and shared his special diet with Jay Leno.

“I’m lucky to workout with Tony Horton of P90x fame,” said Isaiah. “He’s got me on this diet right now that’s absolutely ridiculous. There are 5 things you can’t do: There’s no alcohol; no caffeine; no processed sugars; nothing with a face — no animals or animal byproducts; but here’s the tough one: no gluten.”

Wow! We’re jazzed to hear that Isaiah is talking about his plant-based diet on national television. Just more proof that vegans are ripped and rad, not weak and whiny.

Check out the video below:

  • greenergirl

    I’m so happy for this guy. He’s funny, healthy and insanely good-looking and seems to feel quite lucky to be where he is.

  • Lady Lee

    Is Tony Horton veg, too? Ooh…

  • celia c.

    I find it irresponsible to hype going gluten-free as a weight loss/fitness gimmick. Those of us who have to be gluten-free aren’t doing it to be trendy, we’re doing it because we will suffer serious longterm physical damage if we don’t.

    • greenergirl

      Yah – like me (I have celiac disease). I don’t love it when people hype it as weight loss because I do think it diminishes how seriously people take me in a restaurant when I’m being picky about ingredients, but I’m impressed that he’s doing vegan and gluten-free (I don’t care how many people say this is easy – it’s not impossible but it’s not easy). I’d love to peek at his eating plan.

  • georgina0912

    So, is Isaiah a vegan just for the time being?
    What happens when his trainer and himself reach their goal? I would certainly hope that by then he is so hooked and so high on veganism that he will never want to go back.

    I agree though, he is super handsome. Beautiful smile. Sigh…

    • Meg


      Well, he just mentions it as a diet and nothing about caring about animal exploitation and cruelty or avoiding contributing to those things in other ways. So, at the very most, it does just sound like he’s just eating a strict vegetarian aka “vegan” diet — and not that he’s actually a vegan, now or ever.

  • ManlyassVegan Page

    Good to see an actual manly man espousing the vegan diet. Rock on, Old Spice!

  • VeggieTart

    Problem is, Old Spice is made by Procter & Gamble, which is notorious for testing on animals. So don’t buy it, no matter how cute and how vegan the guy shilling for it is.

    • I Love Inky

      @VeggieTart @Meg AGREED! Still nice to see people of color representing and being represented for a change. XOXO

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  • Maarten

    Yeah I read that he just started to go on it, as a cleanse, he did not get his physique from a vegan diet (though it may be possible with great effort and time spent, and for someone with a slower metabolism). As a guy who tried going vegan for 2 years and vegetarian for longer, it was TOUGH, especially with a crazy metabolism… I wish him luck, hope he has a staff that can cook for him, I waqs trying it solo. It would be interesting to see if he can maintain his shape and not loose weight and strength like I did. Also, I worry about alot of people claiming to go vegan, just bc of the sex appeal and fame/attention. No one is actually watching them eat at home, its very easy to fake. Would have been nice if he at least said something about animals or the environ.

    Here is my advice for high metabolism athletic types who want to be enviro responsible.

    1. if you can go full vegan, great do it!!!
    2. if you can’t get enough food that way, when hungry fill up as much as you can on vegan food until you cant take another bite (usually this is just because it dosnt agree with my stomach or cravings). This will take the edge off. Then go an have a small portion of something non vegan, and gradually reduce that non vegan portion as much as possible. Maybe mix in a touch of the meat or the juice of the meat into the vegan dish to help you consume more. This way you can still get all the calories and protien you need/want, while eliminating about 80% of you animal product intake. And then go from there and try to reduce further. Keep pluggin, its not easy, especially without a group or a girlfriend who is going to help with a lot of meal preparation.
    3. Most important: RECIPIES RECIPIES RECIPIES :o)

    Much Love

    • candice

      avocados and nuts! fats, energy, protein, and supernutritious…lots of calories

  • Michael

    Having a low gluten or gluten free diet is healthy. Just because u have celiac (sp?) disease doesn’t mean the gluten free world revolves around you. Get over you pompous selves. I also went vegan for a summer once and don’t give a rats arse about activism. I did it cuz poultry plants are NASTY. keep your political crap from health discussions.

  • Jamie

    I don’t think anyone is hyping gluten free as gimmick and where is the harm? If someone tries a gluten free diet as a way to lose weight, they will most likely be pleasantly surprised by how much better they feel and they may find out that they were in fact gluten intolerant. It does not diminish the seriousness of your health problems.
    The more people are made aware of gluten issues, the better, no? Isaiah going vegan, even if temporarily, is a good for all parties concerned and puts the focus on a healthy lifestyle. stop whining

  • Frank Ferguson

    Finally … I don’t have to smell like ‘the artist formerly known as Prince!’

    That’s good, but apparently because I’m from Canada, eh, I can’t watch the video on Hulu! Well, that’s the final straw … no more oil and water for you … ONE YEAR!

    With apologies to the Soup Nazi.

  • Tamsin

    I thinks its worth remembering that this guy works for Proctor and Gamble and that their record isn’t great.

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