Left-of-center stand-up comedienne Margaret Cho, currently starring on Lifetime Television’s series Drop Dead Diva, is one of those renaissance women who continues to squeeze every drop out of life. Beyond comedy, Cho has also dabbled in fashion design, art, and now, Weird Al-inspired musical comedy with the August 24th release of Cho Dependent.

After sitting down with Chelsea Handler last night, Margaret revealed a new detail about her background that makes her even more fantastic in our book: Some of the proceeds from the sale of VIP tickets to her Cho Dependent comedy tour — kicking off August 26 in Portland — are going to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Cho was moved by the plight of marine life following a recent visit to the Gulf coast region and noted to Handler that even though the oil well is finally capped, it’s still spreading. She chose the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies because of their commitment to removing oil from various types of sea creatures such as birds, fish, dolphins and turtles.

Take a look at the clip beginning at the 4:15 mark to hear her comment about aiding creatures affected by the Gulf oil spill. Or better yet, view the whole thing to catch her dead-on impression of Cyndi Lauper. Between her nonchalant charity effort and good-natured ribbing of Cyndi, it’s hard not to like her!

Via You Tube