by Daelyn Fortney
Categories: Music.
Photo: video screen capture

Maroon 5 has teamed up with rock CAN roll, Inc, a volunteer non-profit hunger relief organization, to help fight hunger. The band is asking all fans to bring a healthy and nutritious non-perishable food
donation to the August 11 concert at Nikon Jones Beach Theatre in New York.

According to rock Can roll, “The sad reality is that more people, including those with jobs, are turning to emergency food agencies for assistance, and these agencies have less food to give. More than 35 million Americans, including 12 million children, are living with hunger in this country (based on a study released in November 2006, by the United States Department of Agriculture). Combine the current stock market volatility with other economic issues, and we, at rock CAN roll, expect the 35 million to underestimate the current needs.”

Food items that are most needed include peanut butter, mac & cheese, canned fruits and vegetables, infant formula, baby food, beans, pasta, flour, and more. For a full list, please visit

To encourage fans to bring an item, Maroon 5 recorded the following message:

  • Aaron Court

    Maroon 5, can’t say I’m a fan but it’s a novell idea with the canned goods. I don’t see it working out though. Any concert I’ve been to I’ve always pre gamed hard and I’m sure a lot of others do too. Can’t imagine carrying canned goods while wasted. I might blog about this over at just to raise awareness though.