by Elizah Leigh
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Haven’t yet heard the musical stylings of folk-bluegrass-jazz-R&B-modern-pop-tinged vocalist and acoustic cello player Ben Sollee? Mainstream recognition for him is just around the corner, as long as he can kick his pedals into high gear. It might seem extreme and even somewhat limiting to his career, but the Kentucky-born artist has committed to fulfilling all of his gigs in 2010 using almost 100% bicycle power. (Some stretches will be via train.)

Despite what you may think, Sollee says that his efforts are “not about trying to be green” but rather about slowing down the “pace of life and re-localizing.” Noting that “the (travel) expectations of the (music) industry are enormous,” he feels that biking to gigs is an intentional, “beautiful” limitation that enables musicians to target small communities and savor the quaint simplicities that they tend to miss when they’re caught up in the traditional blur of touring.

His Ditch The Van Tour involves four regional mini circuits in which all members of his crew hit the road from August 18 to October 8 with instruments and various pieces of equipment strategically strapped to their bikes (amounting to roughly 60 pounds of cargo each). In addition to easily burning off any late night burritos and free beers, the musician feels that performing at coffee shops, bike shops and other small venues is far more fulfilling…plus he says that he just flat out “loves bikes!”

Check out Ben in his own words in the video below!

Via The Daily Green