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“These chimpanzees have been living peacefully in New Mexico for about a decade, after spending many years being used in experiments. But if the government’s plan moves forward, they will be pulled out from this humane setting and sent to a facility for use in painful and invasive experiments. Many of these chimpanzees are now more than 30 years old, and some may not survive being transported to San Antonio. These astonishingly intelligent animals have given their lives to research and should be retired.”

- Gene Hackman in a letter to Dr. Fancis S. Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, regarding the 200 chimpanzees who are in danger of being used in invasive experiments. Learn more about this awful situation at

  • georgina0912

    And about 15 chimps have already been transported to Texas. Most of them have been infected with AIDS and other diseases and have not been used for experimentation in over nine years after the Coulston Foundation closed its doors, and now, these creatures will be the subjects of the stuff of horror. Different place, same atrocities.
    Nice way of spending $42 million a year at the expense of taxes taken away from me NIH!

  • Edward

    They did not GIVE their lives to research. Their lives were stolen from them. They were enslaved and forced into a life of torture and abuse. I’m glad that he’s speaking out for them, but I almost feel that Gene is validating animal research for some instances with this statement.

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