by Elizah Leigh
Categories: Animals, Eats, Film/TV.

The reviews for ABC’s Dating InThe Dark are in, and unless you like pseudo-reality television featuring superficially vapid yet disgustingly hot singles, critics are in agreement that the “show is a total crapfest”.

Still, there is a redeeming quality to the show, which explores what happens when three single men and three single women must get to know each other in total darkness.

This American clone of a European version (as so many of our reality shows are) at least injected a dose of legitimate realism into the mix by featuring an “ethical vegetarian” swim instructor named Natasha in a recent episode – something that might have never occurred on a major network just a few years back.

What’s really sad is that viewers go along on the ride as Natasha slowly (no seriously, s-l-o-w-l-y) realizes that turbo-superficial Joey is working overtime trying to figure out if she’s a ‘fat vegetarian’ or if she’s committed to huffing it out in the gym and/or intentionally tossing her cookies to keep her ‘full figure’ in check.

Jeesh. All the gory details are captured in this perfectly dead-on photo essay. Clearly, love is a battlefield — whether you’re veg or not.