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Just how serious is Sheryl Crow about practicing what she preaches? The notoriously green musician — who is a founding member of the Green Music Group as well as a supporter of The Humane Society of the United States, a recent National Resources Defense Council honoree and all-around do-gooding activist – has an environmental rider for her current 100 Miles From Memphis tour!

Forget brown M&Ms, boxes of cornstarch or plastic wrapped dressing room itemsSheryl’s list of backstage eco-specifications include the following (“to be strictly” adhered “and policed”):

With seven albums under her belt and an eco-pedigree the size of Texas, Crow is one of those rare artists who feels that no matter your position on global warming, “you still have an obligation to leave this planet better than you found it.”  There’s absolutely no question that she’s doing her part and then some.

  • ash

    Way to go Sheryl! If only all touring artists would catch on to this!

  • RemyC

    I’d be really curious to know how far she really gets with this with the tour promoters and arena owners. How they actually go about fulfilling all these requests would make a great documentary, because my own experience is that the guys who run the underbelly of the rock industry just pay lip service to this stuff and don’t give a hoot. It’s good she’s doing this, because she has the clout. It might leave a trail of suggestions transforming these venues into the norm rather than the exception. Now if we could only wrestle all these music halls in nuclear power plant hosting communities away from the nuclear power industry so these musicians stop enriching them!

  • Tim

    It’s like the old saying about the snowball rolling down hill. If one starts and others follow it could turn into something big. But I think us little guys need to speak up too. Maybe voicing our opinions as we go to shows. We can’t depend on just one person to push the snowball. As big as she is, she still needs help. Rock on!!

  • ss

    Hope Sheryl’s crew and audience dispose of trash properly.
    Yet to attend ANY outdoor concert that’s free of thrown debris.
    Young people under age 25 ARE profiled litterers–consensus from many state studies studying who litters, dumps trash
    Maybe she can be brave and yell at the audience when she performs in high UGLY, litter states in The South and around New York City/New Jersy/Pennsylvania to STOP BEING BAD TO THE EARTHand– GO GREEN!

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