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Rising Star, a new movie being produced and directed by filmmaker Marty Lang, could possibly feature a vegan/vegetarian lead character. The “possibly” comes into play because that decision will be left to you.

The film tells the story of Chris, an overworked insurance adjuster, who meets his online love interest Alyza—the potential vegetarian—and discovers that there could be life beyond his job.

A challenge, dubbed the Alyza Challenge, was presented by Lang to the cast and crew of Rising Star, “Okay, if you can get more people to say she should be vegan/veg, she’ll be vegan/vegetarian in the script.”

Ali Berman, Rising Star’s Sustainability Planner, is working to produce an environmentally friendly set while shooting the film and is thrilled that Alyza could possibly follow a plant-based diet. Berman points to other films that are focusing on sustainable actions and wants Rising Star to be part of the trend.

Fans are being asked to answer the question, “What food should Alyza be eating in the movie?” through Facebook or Twitter (Follow @RisingStarMovie and Retweet: Alyza #VeganVegRS @RisingStarMovie OR Alyza #OmnivoreRS @RisingStarMovie). Votes must be cast before Sept. 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

  • RadicalOmnivore

    She should be an omnivore and eat a well balanced diet.
    Case closed. Time to find a new schtick.

  • Natalia

    What a narrow minded response. I think it would be great to give more exposure to vegetarianism/veganism. The best thing I ever did was stop eating animals. I can’t believe my ignorance ever allowed me to do so :(

  • Gary Ploski

    Thanks for the post Ecorazzi and for the comments so far!

    We at Rising Star want to be able to tell you if the character will actually be on screen as a Vegan/Veg or Omnivore before the Kickstarter campaign ends so we’ve adjusted the end time to 09/10/10 at 10 pm.

    If? Right, if we don’t raise enough money Alyza will never exist. =\

    Full disclosure – I am a producer and actor in the film.

  • Peter Glyman

    She could eat locally produced foods incl veggies, meat, and fish. More of a health conscious person than a vegan. Popular movement too.

    • Natalia

      If you support murder then yes…otherwise veganism is healthier, more ethical and better for the environment. My two cents…

      • Tegan

        I agree with you! I’m vegan and I’m really healthy!

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