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Last week, we told you that actor Brandon Routh had a good time playing a vegan telekinetic in the film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Although playing a plant-eating villain didn’t change his diet completely, it sure looks like it at least got him thinking about vegan alternatives.

In an interview with Maxim magazine, Routh revealed:

“I love pancakes. Always have. When I was grow ing up back in Iowa, we used to have breakfast for dinner. It was the one thing my dad was good at doing, so if Mom was busy he’d make us pancakes. I’ve actually gotten a taste for vegan pancakes. I think the vegan ones I make are as good or better than the ones with eggs, butter, and milk.”

Hey, we love that story!

Routh isn’t the only celeb who hearts vegan breakfast food. Check out the video below to see our pal Moby making some delicious vegan pancakes. Warning: this video will make you hungry!

  • smilinggreenmom

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this one :) Our son has food allergies and we have great success using vegan recipes since they do not contain dairy or eggs! Our favorite pancakes are one’s I make using an ancient grain called Kamut Wheat and both of our kids love them! i know they would eat them for dinner if we allowed them to!