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A few weeks ago, I wrote on my Facebook page, “I’m vegan, and I genuinely try to respect all life — but I’ll kill the hell out of a roach. Sorry, it’s just sort of the way this dairy-free cookie crumbles.”

Twenty-something comments later, and it was clear that the vote on compassion towards bugs was still out. Television star Wilmer Valderrama, however, might disagree.

Valderrama recently signed on to produce the Science Channel’s new series “Bugging Out.” The goal, he hopes, is to get people to stop freaking out about the little guys and start appreciating them.

About his decision, the actor turned producer told the L.A. Times, “To understand that sometimes physically these creatures can’t really hurt you somehow makes you see them differently. Obviously in the entertainment industry and years of selling images of fear toward these misunderstood beings leads toward fear. But the more you can understand them, I feel like it’s like when your father tells you that you should eat your greens and eventually you learn that they’re good for you.”

Will you watch Valderrama’s show about bugs? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • RemyC

    Tailor made for Summer Rayne Oakes!

  • georgina

    I totally agree with him. At home occasionally when someone with more than 4 legs (i have cats and dogs and they do not count) shows up we just trap him/her and put them out the door or window screen. No need to kill them, hey, they are also living, breathing creatures trying to make it in this world just like the rest of us. That is my opinion on bugs.