by Daelyn Fortney
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Photo: Playboy

Thirty year old British actress Kelly Brook recently shed her clothes for Playboy Magazine, receiving half a million for her time and landing the cover of the September 2010 issue.

The former model who stars in highly anticipated Piranha 3D, reveals that her proudest achievement to date has nothing to do with sharing her naked body with the world or acting on the big screen, rather she points to her work single-handedly renovating a farmhouse in the English countryside.

“I live on a little farm out in Kent with an upland pear orchard and 1,000 trees,” explains Brook. “I bought a 600-year-old stone farmhouse with no running water, and my hobby and passion have been to renovate it. I did it all on my own.”

Kelly Brook can be seen in Piranha 3D when the film opens in box offices worldwide next week.

  • RemyC

    She’s such a gorgeous girl, why did Playboy have to Photoshop out all her facial features? I’m so bored of covers making women look like porcelain dolls or wax museum dummies. Give me pores, and sweat and shine and radiance! Why did they have to make her look like everyone else? It’s too much, it lacks total subtlety. Remember the early days of Penthouse, before Guccione went mad? How beautiful the women were, because they were real, they were raw, they were natural! My God that was sexy, still today if you go back to these early issues and take a look, these images stand the test of time. Something happened in our culture that transformed women from an object of desire to a synthetic commodity. It’s an expression of everything that is wrong with our society, our abject lack of respect for nature, and natural things. I don’t know what to do about it. There is a resistance movement, attempts by some to change the standards of beauty. But we’re being washed away in a sea of mediocrity. If you try to bring art into the picture you get shot down as not commercial. What do they know?

    • Michael d'Estries

      Agreed. And it would have been sexy to photograph her out on the farm as well in her element.