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Photo: Farm Sanctuary

Last Friday, singer Colbie Caillat, along with some other bandmates, took a brief break from touring with Sheryl Crow to visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

“They arrived in the early afternoon and I had the pleasure of taking them around the shelter,” writes Susie on the FS blog. “We weaved through the different barns, meeting all the rescued cows, sheep, pigs, birds, and goats.”

“That very night, as they played to a crowd of enthusiastic fans in Canandaigua, New York, Colbie talked about their visit to the sanctuary and made sure everyone knew how wonderful the animals who call our shelter home truly are!”

“Such wonderful people at @FarmSanctuary taking such great care of these previously abused, loving, kind, smart, beautiful animals!” she tweeted after her visit.

Want more? Check out Farm Sanctuary’s blog here.

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  • Amy

    What a great cause! My heart breaks when I see stories about mistreated animals. Groups like Farm Sanctuary bring dignity and kindness to animals that have never known such grace before.

  • vegangeo

    Awww…Colbie is a lucky girl.

    For our wedding anniversary we did not want to go on a cruise, or travel far, or do anything that revolves around us; what we wanted to do was to spend the weekend with the beautiful residents at Farm Sanctuary, meet them, and volunteer doing whatever is needed. Unfortunately their B&B was sold out on the dates I wanted and all the veg-friendly B&Bs in the area are also taken, but I really (REALLY) want to go to FS and spend time with the lucky survivors of the factory farming business. That’s all I want, no gifts, no jewelry, just their companionship, now that I can look at them in the eye and not feel guilty.