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Ted Nugent, you and I have words!

Earlier this month, the shock rocker was brought up on 11 charges of poaching, including baiting and killing a deer too young to be legally hunted. Seriously? Poaching? In a plea deal with Yuba County prosecutors, Nugent’s attorney entered no contest pleas to two misdemeanor charges this week.

This isn’t the first time we’ve put a big check minus next to Nugent’s name. In fact, last year, we gave Ted the ol’ angry fist for taunting vegetarian celebrities like a 4 year old little girl. Surely, you couldn’t forget this gem of quote:

“My name is Ted Nugent and because of Pam Anderson… and because of Paul McCartney, all the members of PETA, whenever I hear the word animal or rights in the same paragraph, I’m killing an extra hundred of something this year.

“I’m not just killing them, I’m f**king slaughtering them and I’m going to gut them and skin them, quarter them and butcher them and feed them to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of America… That’s my goal in life.”

Ted, Ted, Ted. What are we going to do with you? I think the only just and right thing in this situation is to freely turn you over to our commenters. So, Ecorazzi Peanut Gallery, he’s all yours. Have at him!

  • vegangeo

    UGH, he is such an infantile 62-year-old making those incendiary statements. I am having lunch as i read this and it is just making me sick. If he had a little bit of decency left he would not say such provocative things, and while i think it would be OK for a hunter to donate the meat to food kitchens, it sounds as if his hunting motives are not to feed the poor but more to satisfy his need to kill animals.

    If i had a wish right now it would be for him to grow antlers and a white tail.

    • Dr. Pain

      Wow…”infantile?” This coming from someone who spends their lunch break reading a green GOSSIP SITE. Preach on sister. I’m just shocked you were able to type this w one hand and throw stones in your glass house w the other.

      • Cheryl

        ‘Doctor’ Pain,

        Ah…you’re on the same gossip site, genius. By the way doctor, the word is WITH no ‘W’ but I guess people on gossip sites don’t know how to spell either, correct?

        Regarding Ted Nugent, he does indeed clearly get pleasure out of killing, which in my professional opinion indicates mental health issues. He should be in therapy and on meds, not given a gun and a herd of docile animals to slaughter at will to feed his insatiable need to kill.

      • georgina0912

        Unbelievable right? I am THAT handy!

        Ooops, it must be time for breakfast because i am yet again visiting Ecorazzi.

    • WhattaHypocrite

      Dear Hypocrite,

      You are a Hater who Hates Ted Nugent for killing and eating animals yet you wish HE had antlers and a white tail so HE can be killed????

      What a FRIGGIN Hypocrite. You can’t even see that YOU are the reason people are disgusted by the “animal rights” cult.

      You only Hate killing when it’s a human killing Bambi.

      If a Human kills a Human – – or a Doctor Murders A Baby Human – – then it’s all “O-tay” in your screwed up book.

    • Mamba

      slaughter on in the name of uncle ted… i share your passion for the mystical flight of the arrow and ill support you day in and day out, in fact… to be completely honest i just got done choosing my treestand set for the morning lol, ill whack you a big un, or a dozen :D

      much love,
      your brother of backstraps

  • tooth and claw

    lol, no comments. apparently people care more about the hungry homeless than 1 little deer in CA.

    • Michael Parrish DuDell

      The story just posted. Don’t you worry, Tooth and Claw; I have full confidence in our readers. We happen to believe that people care about the homeless *and* the proper treatment of animals. Compassion hast no limits, my friend.

  • Michael Raymer

    Yup, Ted’s a douche. It is the responsibility of every hunter to know the EXACT rules and regs of the area they are hunting. This is something that I’m sure he has preached in that annoying voice of his, a thousand times. And given the fact that he actually has his OWN herd of Oryx, that he can go hunting anywhere he wants, under any condition he wants, ….. what was I getting at?….. oh yeah, he’s a douche.

    P.S. Georgina, I really liked your original name better. :)

    • georgina0912

      Michael Raymer…my cover has been blown!
      Come on, i am a very likable veg*…ok, just this time though :)

      • Michael Raymer

        Before I congratulate myself on my sleuthing skills, your picture kinda gave you away. And I agree, you are very likeable.

    • Big Hunter

      I don’t know if I would call him a douche, maybe more like a split personality. More like many of the extreme sports participants, normal,smart and even likable when you see them away from the given persuit, but when they are doing what they love, look out! I know this because I had met Ted, many years ago, after a long day of bird hunting. I must admit that I had no idea who I was talking to at the time, I first commented on his nice dog trailer and then asked if they had a good day. Talking about the trailer and dogs He was fairly calm and normal, but when we went to the hunt, He was Ted. After we parted ways a friend told me who he was. I have talked to him since then a couple of times and it is always the same. I am not defending him, I believe you should be under a little more control when hunting,I can just see where he’s coming from.
      And my name, I,m just a old fat man that likes to hunt, legally!

  • rosario

    what’s this kind of a senile beast???

    • georgina0912

      Senile beast is correct Rosario.

  • Michael d'Estries

    Guy just isn’t right in the head…

    Millionaire Dipshit Ted Nugent Stands Up to Tyranny on Hannity

  • Peace Love Cloud


  • LAPM14

    You know what..This is a bunch of crap..Where i come from as long as the spots aren’t on there you can shoot a deer. IDK what the regulation is in Cali but i’m sure it’s ridiculous..People don’t realize that deer are OVER POPULATED! He comes from michigan where you can bait your deer. Has his ranch in Texas..Where guess what?? You can bait your deer..I live in a state in which you can’t bait. But still he probably was baiting..But i’m sure he was trying to follow the regulations. Probably what happened was he was hunting over bait in a state where you can’t or something along those lines..It’s a stupid law in my opinion..They allow you to use deer urine and stuff like that and hunt over it but not like apples or something…THEY HAVE TO FIND IT TO EAT IT! c’mon leave him alone. He’s a good man who does more for people then most people in there world..He supports our troops..Donates money to good causes etc..In my opinion good man..Stupid laws on population control.

    • Ray

      LOL! People are “overpopulated” too. So I volunteer to “hunt with” Ted…Dick Cheney style. Don’t worry–I’m liberal but pro-gun and a good shot–as I used to serve in the military many years ago.

      • erin elizabeth

        Ray love your post… LOVE IT..

    • Kevin

      You sound like a reasonable person and I respect your hunting rights. That said, I think Ted is a loser – he baits us all by throwing red meat out among the media hyenas and stirring up a bunch of ridiculousness. You don’t have to be over the top to be a true American.

  • Ted

    Just saw Nugent on Lopez Tonight – he was awesome as always. He’s a Rock and Roll God and yes, he speaks his mind. Obviously, he’s a hunter and a damm good one. It’s quite obvious that blogger doesn’t know Ted Nugent and his hunting philosophy – he mainly hunts with a bow and arrow. Plus, all of the food is eaten or donated. When Ted talks, he is over the top to make a point. If you really believe what he said literallly, then you’re not getting it. He also understands that we’re being dupped by the government and the green weenies. Liberty is being crushed in order to comply with a feel good-type movement that is hypocrtical and based on feelings, not fact. Take a look at China and do something over there if you want to help out. Let’s vote these cronnies out during ’10 and ’12 before we have mosques built in the White House and we’re all eating veggie pills with stupid Priuses parked everwhere. Go Ted!

    • Rachelle

      I can see why you’d come to a “pro-greenie weenie” website like Ecorazzi–to express your disagreement with this post/comments and to defend Ted Nugent like the rest of his apologists…But why the comment on mosques? What does that have to do with Ted or hunting or environmental issues? I get the Prius and veggie burgers part of your “logic”…just not the mosque part. Stick to the topic so your bigotry doesn’t show. People might think you’re basing your argument (to quote you) on “feelings” rather than “fact.”

      • tk

        Well said, Rachelle! “Facts” are a slippery thing to people like “Ted”.

  • Jason from California

    Ted Nugent is among the most things I love in America
    Drag Races
    Freedom to Fail miserably and try again
    High School Football
    Backyard BBQ
    Drive-In movies

  • robert m

    i think hunting is the only way that meat can be consumed in a sustainable manner – not commercial hunting, but one person hunting for the sustenance of his own family

    i am vegan and my entire family of four is vegan

    all that being said, what nugent does isn’t even hunting – he just sits there in a shelter on a farm who’s owner stocks fake populations of deer – they walk around like cows and he sits on his ass and shoots them from his hunting shelter – watch his show one day and you’ll see it for yourself – i’m certain nugent knows all the hunting regulations, and this was probably a simple mistake on his part – he just sits there spinning around shooting deer on all sides of his shelter – he probably just shot before he realized it was probably too small – the guy kills hundreds of deer a year – bound to make a mistake once in a while

    • Kevin

      Just be aware that this kind of hunting is what resulted in major extinctions on every land mass humans showed up on. It’s only sustainable until all the meat is gone. With 300 Million mouths to feed, the continent would be wiped clean pretty quick if we were all taking from nature and not farming.

      Back when the clovis hunters came to town, it took a lot longer but they still wiped out most megafauna.

  • metoo

    I come from a family where one side hunted (for food, they were country people who were self sustaining). They hunted responsibly and followed the rules.
    Ted Nugent is an idiot with a big mouth who now wraps himself in the flag. He is actually a big mouth draft dodger who spouts family values although he cheated on his wife and had a child due to an affair.
    Yeah, Ted is a really great guy.

  • Bencat1000

    What a loser…a vicious loser, coward with demonic tendencies. Don’t you wonder what karma has in store for him? I wouldn’t want to be him…

  • don miguelo

    If he’s such a great hunter you would think that he would know when not to kill a deer as it was too young. I feel somewhat sorry for the hunters out there that actually follow the law, Ted Nugget’s just giving them a bad name. Of course, when hasn’t he loved the controversy he self-generates? Indeed that’s the key to his entire career. I guess when megalomaniacs and hunters mix everybody loses.

  • CBass

    You people sit on here and condemn Ted Nugent as if he is some maniac who thrives on animal death. Nugent is a modern-day version of our primal forefathers and foremothers. I have two points I’d like to make:
    1) Before you speak out about his legal issues shooting an undersized deer, do a bit of homework. He was not charged with that — his charges were because he baited (arguably wrong but any good hunter knows the law so he’s guilty there) and because he didnt tag at the closest station. For you non-hunters that is like getting a ticket for jaywalking.Granted it’s illegal but nobody cares.
    2) As you all sit here and condemn Nugent for his hunting I want you to think about this. Our ancestors lived off the land and lived quite healthy as a matter of fact. Ted is in phenomenal shape at 62 and I would argue that has a great deal to do with his diet of living off the land and the meat he hunts. As you all sit in your little ivory towers, take a look at yourself in the mirror. How many of you are fatties because of your diet and lifestyle? If you spent as much time understanding Nugent and his philosophies on hunting as you do on this gossip site you’d realize that while he is a loon he is also a purist in its truest form.
    To quote the Nuge: “Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians – except for the occasional mountain lion steak.” Classic…!!!

    • Hunter Dan

      Ecorazzi, huh? Is that your clever way of combining “paparazzi” with the green crowd? If you ask me the shoe fits then because the green crowd is about as annoying as the paparazzi. I’m a lifelong hunter and angler – in other words, I take part in the ORIGINAL GREEN activities! I also keep a vegetable garden, so there’s the third original green activity. While I do not condone Ted’s actions in the California incident, just as I would not condone anyone who violated Fish and Wildlife laws, I think it’s hilarious that all you eco-nerds have your panties in a bunch over the CONCEPT of someone like Ted Nugent. The time and money Ted has devoted to helping children, espeically those with special needs and to helping our men and women in uniform surpasses what any of you are going to do in your lifetime. Ted has always been a staunch supporter of wildlife habitat and wildlife. This is why it pains me so to read this story. I feel let down by Ted’s recent actions. I could NEVER feel let down by anything Paul McCartney, Pam Anderson, or anyone else in the PETA crowd did because they do not have my respect in the first place.

  • don miguelo

    Like I said before, these recent events of his bring a bad light on hunters, I hope people do not stereotype them because of that. On the other side of the coin, I would hope that just because someone here has a few zany, compassionate posts they would not be stereotyped as out of touch with real nature and unable to see the world from a more holistic view.

    I think within the cycle of life hunters have had their role certainly- I would argue much less against them than I would corporate slaughterhouses, urban sprawl, and unsustainable fossil fuel use. This is a website that many animal rights people utilize however, and they will never see that killing an animal by hunting it is ok. Different strokes for different folks, and that’s what humanity is about different opinions.

    I personally just don’t like Gonzo’s “style”. I am not a fan of someone being a vitriolic mouthpeice to incite more problems. It’s one thing to be clear, but another to be combatative, IMO. I also disagree with knocking cigarrettes out of people’s hands and throwing meat away from their fridges, that’s putting ideology before humanity. I put that crap aside in high school.

    • Michael d'Estries

      Completely agree, Don. Thanks for commenting.

  • Bth

    I think ca laws are lame if it is illegal to bait a deer then why do they sell deer chow at the local feed stores? I understand the spike he shot is illegal but what about the bait issue. The only state u can’t is ca. Then don’t sell it in the stores . I have deer in my garden is that bait?

  • Katherine

    I love how hunters use the ‘I’m giving the meat to soup kitchens and feeding the hungry!’. Ok, that’s really nice that you want to feed people, but how about feeding them something that is actually good for them and without killing something else?
    I watched Extreme Home Makeover as they had a huge truck full of Tyson chicken being unloaded to feed families in a poor area. Claiming ‘now ya’ll have a fridge full of meat!’. These people are very poor, very overweight and suffer from several medical problems.
    I work in food banks, so trust me when I say we should be feeding the poor and homeless, but can we stop giving them crap?!
    Is it at all possible to abstain from killing sentient beings AND feed people? Answer: yes.

    • Michael Raymer

      Only in America can someone be poor and overweight at the same time. Let alone “very overweight”. And only in America can you get dissed for feeding the hungry. This is why veganism and vegetarianism will always remain on the fringe. Nothing is ever good enough for you people. I say this kindly, respectfully and constructively. If you just look through the posts here, it’s wave after wave of critism. If someone is a vegetarian, they’re a punk for not being a vegan. If they are a vegan, they’re not enough of a vegan. Or they started too late. Or something. It’s always something.

  • Bth

    I agree Micheal. Venison is good for u

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  • WhattaHypocrite

    For those of you – (like Ed Begley Jr) who don’t believe there’s ANY good reason for killing animals I offer the following:
    RYE BROOK, N.Y. (CBS 2) –Reports of coyote encounters (attacks) in Westchester County have become uncomfortably frequent.

    The county saw two separate coyote incidents Sunday evening. A 14-year-old boy, a 2-year-old girl and her father were attacked in Rye Brook. The young girl and her father were bitten and treated at an area hospital. The coyote was eventually shot and killed.

    CBS 2?s Mark Morgan spoke to animal control expert Jim Horton, who said the animals that attack are likely carrying dangerous diseases.

    “Rabies, distemper, it could be parvo… any sort of virus like that…they just don’t know what they’re doing,” Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Jim Horton said.

    Horton said that if you encounter a coyote, there are steps you should take to protect yourself.

    “Don’t turn your back on it, make a lot of noise, make yourself look bigger to it..if you have a stick, rocks, anything — throw it at it. Instill that fear of humans on that animal,” Horton said.

    Rye Brook resident Wendie Seguljic who lives on the same street where the 2-year-old was attacked, said she and her family were fortunate that the animal did not stop in her yard.

    “It left me with concern about the mangy coyotes, and why they are rabid, and why they are starting to attack people,” Seguljic said.

    “If there is a change of behavior and they are acting more aggressively…we can take appropriate steps to respond to that,” Rye Brook Police Chief Greg Austin said.


    STOP ! ! !

    Before you begin yelling the LAME-assed and USE-less mantra that “animals wouldn’t be getting sick if humans weren’t stealing their land” –
    please remember that animals get distemper and rabies REGARDLESS of what humans do. It’s called – – um – – NATURE you morons.

    I say Kill ALL The Coyotes – – unless you’re too busy killing Human Babies that is. . . .

  • BigGameHumper

    good for the motor city madman! i with ya ted, ill also kill, gut,skin and quarter 100 of something right here in california everytime i heard animal and rights in the same sentence! i think its great that terrible ted took a little initiative, showed a some big hairly balls and gave california department of fish and game the big freakin finger! im a retired licensed firearms dealer and licensed hunting outfitter here in california, and have watched california dfg overmanage californias deer populations to the point of people getting hurt. in my area, there are so many deer that when driving down the highway you leterally have to get out and shoo them out of the road like damn goats when driving. people hit them on a daily basis in my area. i took a drive to a city last week, a 75 mile drive one way, and for “fun” we counted the amount of dead deer laying on the highway. going down there were 37 (yes, 20 friggin 7) freshly hit deer. on the way back we counted 32 (5 more than when we left, and two were “kickers” (still moving), hit by semi-trucks in the area. everyone up hee has big thick grill guards , “cow catchers” as known by alot of people, only because the deer are so plentiful in the area. can you guess why? because california dfg IS TO STUPID to see we need a doe hunt in the area. theres on field, about 150 acres we drove past last week, stopped to look at the deer and counted over 600 deer, with only 47 of them being bucks ( the rest does and fawns). hey ted, if you read this, id b happy to take you hunting where you can stick all the does with arrows yud like, or hunt them with a glock 10mm and not have to worry about any bullshit,as we only have one single game warden for the ENTIRE COUNTY. in 30 years, ive yet to see one out of deer season, and when you DO see him, hes always sitting at the local coffeehouse sucking down some oe ( or is that just “sucking joe”?)

  • BigGameHumper

    This comment has been removed.

  • Sevenfoldguitar

    Baiting laws are stupid. If the state bans it for some forms of hunting, then it should be banned for ALL forms of hunting. Then stand back and watch your state's fishing industry disappear overnight because fishermen won't be allowed to bait their hook with a worm or use lures. Yes, fishing is hunting.

  • Sevenfoldguitar

    I'm an OLD Democrat. The party my parents grew me up in no longer exists. My parents grew up in an era where paying taxes were optional and there was no such thing as gun laws. And being a Democrat meant “honest day's work for an honest day's pay”, “noone gives you nothing in this world for free”, “you have to fight and scratch for everything you get in this world”, and “the Republicans have never done nothing for the working man”.

    Notice how the Democrat philosophy has changed (reward those who don't/won't work) but the Republicans remain true to their ideals.