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Photo: Hyun Lee

Choosing to adopt a vegan diet free of all animal products doesn’t mean that you run the risk of withering away into skin and bones – just look at the enviable body tone of former NHL hockey player Georges Laraque or celebrity trainer Bob Harper for examples of beefy physiques with none of the moo.

Brooklyn-based Arm Wrestling champ Rob Bigwood is another example of an athletically skilled individual who has eschewed meat and dairy and yet continues to be at the top of his game, both physically and performance-wise. The PETA and VEGA-sponsored animal rights advocate and devoted vegan happens to be one of the top ranked Professional Arm Wrestlers in the Northeast as well as the eighth ranked American in the 242 pound division, all while rocking extreme ambidexterity (in the US, he’s ranked third in his weight class for his left hand and fifth for his right)!

Once considered the exclusive domain of competitive brothers or drunken frat boys with one too many beer bongs under their belts, arm wrestling is now a legitimate sport with its very own league requiring a great deal of training and discipline for top performers. In the case of Bigwood, he’s received just as much attention for his perpetually high-ranking stats as for his commitment to a green diet which he says energizes his 225 pound frame. A huge fan of alternative protein sources such as veggie burgers, beans, mock meat, tofu and nuts as well as liquid b-complex and vega supplements, the 27 year old says that most of his fellow arm wrestlers “were shocked” that he could be so strong without consuming animal-based products.

He hopes to inspire others to transition to some form of veganism, even if it means just trying it out on a part time basis because he believes that “every effort counts”, adding that “being vegan also means being green; it is the absolute best thing for our environment!” Don’t forget to support this unique athlete by checking out his upcoming Atlantic City arm wrestling tournament on October 23rd at the MMA Sports Extravaganza!

  • Amy

    I have to admit that I’m shocked by his muscle mass for a Vegan. Most of those guys consume massive amounts of whey and casein protein shakes, coupled with massive amounts of meat. I would love to specifics of exactly how much and what he eats in the course of a day to keep up that amount of muscle mass. Very cool story, thanks.

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  • RAIN

    CHeck out VEGAN STRONG on FACEBOOK ROB and I starting a group to change the perception of veganism. ROB is mad cool!