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Fabulous Beekman Boys Put Heirloom Veggies Up For Auction

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When you think of valuable worldly possessions worthy of Sotheby’s auction block, priceless art, glitzy jewels, iconic rock star wardrobes and quirky one of a kind trinkets come to mind. The 266 year old global institution – with locations throughout North America, Asia, The Pacific, Europe, The Middle East and Latin America – is now taking a distinctively earthy detour by selling heirloom vegetables at their Manhattan showroom to the highest bidder beginning September 23, 2010.

Make that rare veggies. $1000 crates of mixed varieties such as Turkish Orange Eggplant, Lady Godiva Squash and Pink Banana Pumpkin will be available to big spenders and/or rabid heirloom veggie fans at their special “The Art of Farming” event.

At the beginning of this year’s growing season, assorted heirloom seeds were donated to more than 40 farmers in the New York region courtesy of Seed Savers and Landreth. While they soon discovered that it’s far more challenging to germinate and ultimately nurture these less productive varieties (compared to highly hybridized versions), what the fruits of their labor lack in convenience they more than compensate for with flavor.

The brainchild of The Fabulous Beekman Boys’ Brent Ridge, this unlikely glitz-meets-salt-of-the-earth gala is designed to support the farming community, promote locally grown produce and demonstrate the benefit of cultivating heirloom varieties (rather than mass-produced veggies that taste as pedestrian as they look). Ridge is also offering up some veggies from the farm made famous by the Planet Green series.

Interested in attending? Ohhh, it’s gonna cost you. If you’d like to go for one of the most budget friendly options, you can purchase a ticket to attend the cocktail reception/auction for $250 — yowch! At least you can take heart in the fact that  proceeds from your veggie dedication will go directly to Grow NYC’s New Farmers Development Project as well as the Sylvia Center.

Via Wall Street Journal

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