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If her long list of acting accolades – including an Academy Award for her steely portrayal of Great Britain’s long reigning monarch in The Queen – hasn’t already dazzled you, perhaps her rockin’ bikini bod at the age of 63 has done the trick. Either way, British actress Helen Mirren is considered to be one of the most distinguished performers of our time and critics say she could easily give Angelina Jolie a run for her money, particularly in the upcoming flick Red.

For all of her success on the big screen and presumably impressive paychecks to match, the Oscar winner prefers to take a more modest approach to her wardrobe while on vacation. Rather than purchasing costly duds straight off the rack, Mirren prefers to travel light – in fact, she totes nothing more than underwear with her.

Upon arrival at her vacation spot, she heads straight to second hand shops in search of wardrobe basics such as pants, shirts, sweaters, boots, socks, hats and scarves, usually spending no more than $47 USD (30 GBP). At the end of her stay, she makes a point of making a pit stop at another charity store on the way to the airport where she re-donates her purchases, explaining: “Even though I’m now in a position to go shopping, I don’t indulge very often – it’s just not in my nature.” Seems like a recycled fashion high-five is in order for the silver fox ;)

Via Toronto Sun

  • Lynne Gordon

    Just another reason to love the woman. What a gal!