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True Blood Rolling Stone Cover V. PETA: Which Is Better?

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JustJared noticed some similarities between this month’s True Blood-themed Rolling Stone cover and that “If I Can Dream” PETA ad from a few months back.

Said one commenter, “Anna Paquin spoils the True Blood pic, and the Justin Gaston fella looks like Billy Ray Cyrus, which isn’t good, so I’ll say it’s a tie.”

What do you think?

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  • Potatoe_chippe

    the True Blood cover is just dirty. PETA ftw

  • Roedear

    I have to say I am unimpressed with both of them. They both look like the covers of a porn tape.

  • WhoaManWtF

    PETA is a pointless childish organization that promotes sexist inhuman (To human) Attitudes.

    The PETA people need to all gather up in one large warehouse and drink the koolaid and stop poisoning the ignorant and easily duped (Which is all their members)

    • Brynlynn888

      you are ignorant. PETA works to save the innocent and abused animals in this world . What kind of heartless human being would have a problem with that?

      • Tj

        I am vegan, an animal advocate, and I have a problem with PETA. You seriously need to do your research into PETA. Try looking at their stance on companion animals and the percentage of dogs adopted vs euthanized in their shelters (that will barely open the can of worms into what they do). You can call me heartless all you want and I will call an ignorant sheeple that takes one groups word as truth.

        • Άρης Χάος

          They euthanized SICK and DYING animals. You won’t find those animals in other shelters, they simply won’t accept them. But PETA do. And anyone can correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Izhca

      So anyone who thinks diferent is stupid and childist? its ok to use sex to sell beer or underwear or magazines but its not ok to use it to promote compasion to animals? i think you are stupid and ignorant

      • Anne Marie Grossman

        “at least they do something what do you do? besides of being a hater and eat abused animal meat.” -YOU

        And labeling people is so mature… riiight.

  • SO what are they doing? Having a threesome?

  • M S

    Of Course True Blood!!, here you have two good looking MAN each one holding her as they own her or want her almost territorial.
    And in the Peta photo they look like they can’t hardly touch her. Sorry but probably this picture will be better if they all were men. I don’t think these guys have any interest in the female anatomy in itself. It is almost painful to watch them holding her.. lol

  • Bluedoggie48

    What’s Peta? Where’s my venison burger?

  • guest

    True Blood!! the PETA add looks like they are deer caught in the head lights!!

  • Izhca

    at least they do something what do you do? besides of being a hater and eat abused animal meat

    • Javier

      Bullying and sex methods arent the answer, its true, they sometimes act like bullies, I wont generalize although but Ive seen it a bit. Abuse whether verbal or emotional or physical isnt love, sex without love isnt love, soft porn like that isnt love just as you can see on the image physical pleasure, the idea of love isnt getting a reward, is giving all you can without expecting anything at all.

      • Bri

        defending anything from not being KILLED is never bullying. its the other people who instigated in the 1st place. they threw the first punch. it’s only fair to return it

    • Anne Marie Grossman

      Yes I do…

      Grilled, BBQ’d, Smoked, Pan Seared, Baked, breaded and fried as well.

      As Denis Leary said, “Being Vegan is a choice, eating meat is instinct.”

      ‘Nuff said.

      • Dvorak

        Vegans complain about us eating meat yet they’re the ones eating all our oxygen, much less breathing it in as well. thats a twofer.
        I’ve yet to meat a vegan who doesn’t act like they’re on some pedestal higher than the rest of us.
        Lets help peta by not eating animals and eating vegans instead. Everyone wins!

        • Anne Marie Grossman

          LoL… I have no desire to eat anything coming from a vegan.


          • Άρης Χάος

            Well, many cows and chickens are vegan! Unless you love cannibalistic cows and chickens. You can get that straight from the factory farm! 🙂

      • Άρης Χάος

        Well. Eating fruit is an instinct. Factory farming, slicing, cooking, and eatiing animals are not instincts.

        • Anne Marie Grossman

          Neither is spell-check from what I see.

      • Bri

        fucking fantastic. in that way you earn yourself the highest chance of heart disease among other things X)

    • bfd2

      PETA is a bunch of thieves taking your money and pretend to use it for animals. Check out there salaries they just keep getting bigger and more animals die.

      • 1bestdog

        That’s a joke. I happen to know their salaries are miniscule. People do ned to get paid though. Or do you work for free.

        PETA works tirelessly for animals in situations nobody else will even address.

        • Garfwog

          Yeah man, making a whole campaign about how Mario is a fox skinner because he gets a fox suit with a tail and spinning powers after he picks up a leaf is a situation only PETA has addressed, I wonder why.

      • Άρης Χάος

        They accept all animals in any conditions many shelters won’t do. They do campaign and ads. They make contests for lab-grown meat. Though they don’t do perfect marketing, they have a kind motto.

    • mj

      I eat meat 3 times a day do care where it comes from and it tastes delicious. I would eat more if I was not concerned about being fat…damn gaining weight. Eating an entire cow sounds fantastic

      • Άρης Χάος

        That’s called greed, dude. And you know what you’ll pay for that, at least you knew you will be obese. 🙂 I bet you will also eat poops mixed with human meat if it tastes great.

  • Izhca

    PETA advice for sure! much more sexy and natural 🙂 i love Peta

  • guest

    both are meat sandwiches.

  • I think PETA´s poster is more attractive. It´s a good organization. Rolling Stone is a celeb magazine :).

    • bfd2

      PETA is not a good organization they are the worst offenders of animal rights. They kill more than they save. Do your research

  • OliverDykes21

    As someone who used to be
    very much a confirmed meat eater (I used to go to Pizza Hut and order the meat
    feast), I can understand where you’re coming from. But in 2006, I nevertheless
    decided to try to give up eating meat (but not fish) just for Lent, intending
    to go back to it afterwards. I was wavering and feared this might be too
    difficult, but in the end decided to try (from an ethical point of view, giving
    up meat for Lent seemed to be the right thing to do). About 3 – 4 weeks in, it
    struck me – contrary to all expectation – that I wasn’t missing meat at all.
    After Easter, I decided not to resume eating meat, having no need for it (and
    gave up fish soon after). Having been someone who spent 37 years eating meat
    and for whom the idea of a meal without it was unsatisfying, am now a confirmed
    vegan. There’s so much delicious vegan food out there (personally I
    particularly recommend sausages or burgers from Fry’s, the South African
    company). If I can do it, anyone can….good luck!

    • Your amazing. I enjoyed reading this review. The cleanest one yet without filth or idiotic talking. Im also almost vegan. Its proven the more meat you eat the higher your cancer risk and many many other health issues. So many people are closed minded at even trying to give a meat less life a try. Bravo to you.

  • Javier

    Isnt that quite a lustful life transmitted to the young ones?

  • Angie

    Neither…..The Vampire Diaries Entertainment Weekly covers with Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev were miles better & extremely sexy!

  • PETA definitely. I love brunettes.

  • Lorianne Gilmore

    I love true blood (except sookie omg kill her) and the picture is awesome of course. but the peta ad is better. sorry.

    • Lorianne Gilmore

      it’s more sensual and sexy. even though the vampires are hot in their own way and are supposed to look aggressive and the others aren’t, I still like the way the peta ad came out more.

  • Tan

    The one with the typical hot Latina. Oh and the more compassionate theme.

  • Espy

    I vote for True Blood. Just IMO the cover for PETA doesn’t fit with the magazine…… I get what they are trying to accomplish, with the sex sells idea, but I just don’t like the way it looks for that magazine versus True Blood’s look. It just seems out of place and awkward to me…….

  • Kelley

    I think Peta’s is much more beautiful, but only because I don’t find blood spattered all over people to be attractive. I don’t like Peta though. I am vegan and I don’t like that they kill more animals than they save. And if their silly tactics actually worked in making more people vegan, I’d feel a tiny bit better about them. But as my hero Gary Yourofsky puts it, nobody looks at a Peta poster of Pam Anderson’s boobs and goes “those are some nice tits….let’s get some tofu!”

  • Sinzi

    definitely the true blood. the peta one makes no sense.

  • Jae Robinson

    The rolling stone version exudes passion and intensity the Peta ad is just a trio of sterile looking scrawny young people who have very little about them. I don’t eat meat but I think they need a steak and roast spud dinner.

  • kimberly callihan

    rolling stones! they used real men, not little boys!

  • bfd2

    PETA are not animal rights activists. They kill 95% of the dogs and cats they take in to rehome but it is easier to kill them then put the work into finding them homes. It is too bad that all these celebs buy into there lies. Do your research and find out about the real PETA. Rolling Stones anyday.

  • I like the peta one

  • JohnFLob

    Neither cover is meaningful. Both ads are nothing but obscene exhibitionism.

    True environmentalism should decry the grotesque and draconian diversion of food grains into vehicle fuels. Ethanol from food crops is, at best, carbon neutral and only increases food prices worldwide.

    Vegans should also be enraged by the food crop to fuel conversions. If these food crops become fuel(s) the available herbivorous food sources is drastically reduced.

    Is there enough additional unused land suitable for growing enough food crops to totally replace all meats in everyones’ diet but not harming the environment?

  • wikisaur

    I think they’re both disappointing. If these people play their parts nude, then there would be cause for these photos. Since that’s not the case, all I see is porn.

  • Frank Hoffman

    Interesting — the Miss USA winners posed naked with each other, and touching each other. Very homoerotic. The men seem to need a woman between them. Jus’ sayin’.

  • 1bestdog

    I prefer the one without the blood. That would be an accurate representation of the meat industry. They should use it.

  • Bri

    they’re aggressive and proactive about trying to make a way for ANIMALS TO GROW UP. not all be killed off and eaten, i.e., as Veal by psychopaths who deserve all the cardiac risks & shit from feeding on it

  • jimwsrren

    Going to hell to burn if not repenting from there sins.

  • jimwsrren

    Thats sin and abomination to the Lord Jesus

  • jimwsrren

    The Rolling Stone magazine crap

  • Jc Rodriguez


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