by Elizah Leigh
Categories: Fashion, Film/TV
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Photo: Blackbird Design House

With the fourth season of AMC’s Mad Men currently underway, crazed fans are likely slipping back into a boozy, chain-smoking haze punctuated by bouts of swearing and, well, you get the picture. Wandering eyes aside, one of the biggest draws of the series can be found in its spot-on depiction of impeccable, early ‘60s fashion and the celebration of the female form.

Nowhere is that more apparent than with Christina Hendricks’ mightily praised womanly physique, which has earned her Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive title. The actress – who portrays secretary Joan Holloway – has graced the cover of endless magazines as a direct result of her high profile gig, but lately, she’s been popping up in an unassuming corner of the internet…on Etsy.

Modeling the handcrafted fashion accessories of Blackbird Design House artist and friend, Tamara Mello, the red headed beauty has no doubt enabled page views and sales to reach new heights. Hendricks can be seen sporting four different hand knit, wet felted and molded wool, lama and satin ribbon scarves priced at $130, which, while not vegan, are certainly eye-catching.

As for Mello’s eco-perspective, she says that she “believe(s) strongly in a thing never outliving its usefulness or beauty”, hoping to “leave our world just a little better than the way I found it or at least to do no more harm.” DIY crafters who also try to tread as lightly as possible while creating their art should probably take a moment to peek at her offerings and then solicit the modeling skills of their very own best celeb buddy — hey, whatever works to spread the handmade battle cry!