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Bill O’Reilly and Ecorazzi so rarely see eye-to-eye, but we’re happy to report that we finally found some common ground.

On last night’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, the conservative talk show host discussed the recent attempted escape—and subsequent murder—of a bull during a Spanish bullfight.

During the segment, Bill pointed out that he is against bullfighting, saying, “Again, there is simply no reason to have bullfights. It is blood sport. Spain and the other countries that do it should knock it off. They are pinheads for allowing it.”

Get the hell out of town, Bill; we totally agree!

What do you think about the vicious “sport”? Check out the video below and share your thoughts!

  • Amy

    What a horrible tragedy. I realize that there is a historical tradition, but that’s no excuse for carrying out animal cruelty. Sad that it takes people getting hurt for the public to even think of stopping animal cruelty.

  • Cho cho ma

    Never thought I would agree with Bill O’Reilly. Every time people are cruel to animals they use tradition as an excuse, but that never makes it right.

  • snowisfun

    I lived in Spain from 1981-84 (almost 2.5 years) when I was 11 to 14 years old & even then, the topic was controversial, with calls to outlaw bullfighting. Bullfighting is a custom which has been around for a long time, however, it’s not so popular as the press portrays. Spaniards are more interested in watching soccer & bullfighting has long been controversial, with Spaniards often calling it a blood sport. Perhaps in the 21st century, time has arrived to outlaw this & some places in Spain have already outlawed bullfighting as I understand because more Spaniards are opposed to it.

    Also, Ecorazzi has called Bill O’Reilly a ‘conservative’ talk show host. Now I don’t have Fox News Channel anymore & I don’t have interest to watch cable news anymore. But Bill O’Reilly is NOT a conservative. Bill O’Reilly is an apologist for homosexuality & Bill O’Reilly himself has said that he is a Libertarian when it comes to sex. I happen to be against homo&lesbian sexual behaviors & I’m against sex changes. I’m pro-choice on abortion & agree with aborting unborn homosexuals. If science found a cure for homosexuality & if the only sexual behavior left in the world is between a man & a woman, that’s fine with me. But getting back to Bill O’Reilly, please stop using words like ‘liberal’ & ‘conservative’, because often times when these words are used, people end up asking ‘what’s so conservative (or liberal) about so & so?’ Please just stick with the topic without the labels. Thanks.

  • Rosamaria Garcia Ogorzaly

    Mr. O’Reilly is one conservative I like. At least, he does not defend anachronistic and sadistic “traditions.” Perhaps he should lecture those conservatives in Spain, Portugal, southern France, and Latin America, who hang on to this barbaric and inhumane practice. More power to O’Reilly!

    • georgina0912

      Rosamaria, while i do not deny that animal cruelty is everywhere i beg to differ with you generalization about Latin America and their “barbaric and inhumane” practice of bullfighting. In CR we do not have the type of bullfighting that exists in Spain, where the bull gets killed, we do have a type of bullfighting where a whole bunch of morons get into the plaza with a bull that they taunt so they get chased. Some get trampled, some get his horns in places nobody thinks possible, and many end up at the hospital.

      I am not defending that because i am against that, it is a stupid use of an incredibly expensive animal and the people who practice that are simply ignorant to the plight of animals and the consequences of their actions, AND, the bulls are not killed. So, before you go around telling people that Latin America has the same traditions as Spain when it comes to bullfighting, perhaps you could start saying that SOME countries do. Do not generalize, not about Costa Rica.

    • snowisfun

      Please stop calling Bill O’Reilly a ‘conservative’, because he isn’t. Bill O’Reilly is an apologist for homosexuality. Just stick to the topic w/o the labels.

      Also, you’re generalizing about Spaniards. Most of them aren’t interested in bullfighting as already mentioned. Most Spaniards are interested in soccer. There are Spanish vegetarians, though they’re a minority there. In Spain, paella (mainly seafood) is the main dish. Bullfighting is animal cruelty & most Spaniards are opposed to it. Yes, it’s a long tradition which are based on customs, but this custom is being refuted by most Spaniards & will eventually disappear.

  • Tapabocas

    Toreo is an art not a sport. It has been practiced for centuries and will be practiced for centuries more because people go to see an exquisite live art performance, not to see a blood sport. Unlike any other art form in the world the torero risks their life to create their work. Morons like O’Reilly know nothing about it and are merely jumping on the anti bullfighting bandwagon because it’s popular right now.

    • georgina0912

      ART is in the eye of the beholder, that means, the only people who find bullfighting artsy are the ones that pay to go see such spectacle, otherwise bullfighting is just a show where people go clap and uhhhhhh and ahhhhhh to the incredible skill of a torero. Who do you clap for, the toro who is getting weaker and weaker from blood loss or the macho man that is slowly killing him?

      And how is that a sport?

      Who are you kidding?

      If you enjoy that kind of “art” go to a slaughter house and enjoy. If you enjoy bullfighting, then I bet the mass killing of farm animals would be found appealing to you as well.

      That said, bullfighting is a dieing money-maker. With so many people opposed to it, even in Spain, the industry is nearing its end. With more and more people opening their eyes to the cruelty committed at such demonstrations soon they will become something nobody wants to be linked to.