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Casino owner Steve Wynn has gone vegan…at least that’s the rumor!

What’s not a rumor is that Wynn has made it mandatory that every restaurant at his Vegas properties provide several vegan options. Best. News. All. Day!!!!

Some of the new dishes include Fava Bean Puree with sautéed hon shimeji mushrooms, snap pea salad and aged balsamic vinegar, Risotto con Verdure di Stagione, and Watermelon Gazpacho with avocado, jicama, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and yucca crisp.

Las Vegas Sun columnist John Katsilometes — who’s chronicling his decision to go vegan in a summer blog series — was elated by the news.

“I swear to God, I was thrilled” Katsilometes said. “The places that are really vegan-friendly in Vegas are nowhere near the Strip. … This very well could have a domino effect. You could see the other resort chains announcing, ‘We’ve got vegan menus, too.'”

We’re totally jazzed about Wynn’s decision and look forward to visiting his casinos soon. Will this decision inspire you to support Wynn’s empire of veggie casinos? Leave a comment and let us know!

  • Livin Veg

    Well, I’ve never been to Vegas, but if I do ever go, now I have a place I know I’ll be able to eat well:)

  • Kathleen Hogan

    Amazing!! Well done Steve!! You are a hero and an inspiration to other resort chains to provide vegan menus too! and help save our beautiful planet Earth!! Bravo!!

  • Lady Lee

    I’ve been to Vegas several times — all as a vegan. It was tricky, but doable with planning. Now, I can eat on a whim — a very Vegas thing to do. Thanks, Steve Wynn!

    • Marcy Greenhut

      I’ve checked some of the menues and I’m not seeing vegan options. When will these changes take effect? I visit there a couple times/yr. to visit my Mom who lives in Henderson. I’d love to find more vegan options downtown!

  • Marcy Greenhut

    When will this change take effect? I checked menues and don’t see much for vegans. I visit a couple times a year to visit my mom in Henderson and, as a vegan, would love to find more vegan options!

  • Yolanda

    You bet it will make me support Wynn! A vegan lifestyle has so many far-reaching effects on humans, animals and the planet– we’d be crazy not to support him if he is truly a vegan!

  • Lori

    Steve Wynn you rock!!! This is so awesome! Now hire me to make vegan red velvet cupcakes! I make THE BEST!!! I will definitely travel from Cheyenne and 215 to come eat some yummy vegan food!! I’m so excited!!

    • Jana

      Lori, Care to share your recipe? I just made vegan red velvet cupcakes with my son and they turned purple. I’d love to show him I can make them the right way.

  • haiku82

    I love this news! I’ve been to the buffet at the Wynn and it is fabulous, however this will make it THAT much better. Vegan choices aren’t just for vegans, they are for anybody that wants to add something delicious, healthy and fresh to their daily diet. So kudos to the Wynn for being a trailblazer on the strip! I have a feeling others will follow suit…

  • SG

    That is pretty awesome. Vegetarian was doable in Vegas, but Vegan was beyond difficult.

  • IM

    I have to travel to Vegas about once a year on business. I’m always stuck on the strip without transportation, and schlepping around trying to find something vegan that’s edible (and not salad) just wears me out.

    Now I’m actually looking forward to my next visit! Guess I’ll have to budget in some extra food money. ;)

  • Vega

    Buffets will only have vegan desserts. Why no entrees? Who knows?

    Coffee shop’s offerings? A CHOPPED SALAD with soybeans. These chefs are NOT thinking outside the box. What’s on the menu for next month? Adzuki beans and brown rice or a grilled veggie plate drizzled with truffle oil? Whoo Hoo. I can do that at home.

    And I bet the prices won’t be less just because there are no animal products used. What these chefs need are vegan cookbooks! Like Veganomicon or similar. Or send them to the Vegan Culinary Academy in Canada!

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