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James Cameron Has Choice Words To Say About Climate Change Deniers

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james cameron, avatar, climate change, renewable energyWhile attending Aspen, Colorado’s American Renewable Energy Day Summit this past weekend, everybody’s favorite ‘call ‘em like he sees it’ director and extracurricular environmental activist James Cameron offered yet more classic commentary on his perception of climate change skeptics. The 56 year old, who continues to be highly outspoken about all things eco-related, joined in with fellow greenies, agreeing that a broad educational campaign must be directed at voters and politicians stating that — regardless of what can be proved by science at this point — inaction is unacceptable.

In addition to being exasperated that the media shines far too much light on a tiny percentage of the scientists who deny the existence of climate change, Cameron said that he felt that anyone who still questioned the connection between human actions and our warming planet is “swine”. Them’s fightin’ words, but somehow, they ring true when people continue to point the blame at others while living high on the hog, so to speak.

Clearly, those who are still on the fence about the legitimacy of climate change are not put off by the Avatar filmmaker’s stance in light of the mega-blockbuster-extraordinaire status of his flick, which is now being screened in its extended incarnation to (not surprisingly) great success. As with the production of fine wine, the highly creative Oscar winner says that his sequels will require careful planning and the proper amount of time to execute them to his exacting standards.

Unlike the typical Hollywood fixation on churning out the next lucrative box office ka-ching-maker, Cameron has proven that his art is worth the wait…plus exactly how much money does one person really need to feather their nest with? He recently revealed that he’s mapping out the storyline to both Avatar 2 (likely to be released in theaters by 2014) and Avatar 3 (tentative release date of 2016) right now, and that they’ll be filmed together.

Via Aspen Times & Comic Book Movie

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