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We recently reported that Michelle Rodriguez will be joining Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd on their next voyage to the Antarctic. Now Rodriguez has revealed that she will follow a vegan diet while on the ship.

Rodriguez explained, “I’m not (a vegetarian) but I will have to be because on the ship, it’s a vegan ship – you can’t be a hypocrite; you can’t be sitting there trying to save animals and then killing them. That’s just weird.”

The Avatar actress admits that she is inspired by Captain Watson and acknowledges the dangers involved.

“I have a tendency not to think before I do things, which you know what, it really adds a little spice to life – because if you thought too much about things before you do them, you’d never do them,” explained Rodriguez.

  • rosario

    that’s great news! i knew that she shall do it – this is a powerfull lady!

  • Sonia

    I wish more people had her attitude about the hypocrisy behind saving animals while eating them.

    I recently started volunteering at a Wildlife Rescue Center and none of the workers there are even vegetarian. Any feedback on whether I should say something, maybe throw out hints here and there?

  • Michael Raymer

    I don’t get it. Did she have a choice??

    • Michael d'Estries

      Furthermore, I’m not so sure she understands the difference between “vegan” and “vegetarian”.

  • David

    So it is hypocritical to eat animals while working to save them on an SSCS vessel, but it isn’t hypocritical to eat animals the rest of the time.

    Am I missing some logical leap here? Because it seems to me if you are worried about animals and work to save them it would be hypocritical to eat them at any time not just when actively involved in efforts to protect them.

    Isn’t this kind of like saying “I am a vegan, except when I decide to eat meat.”?

    • Michael Raymer

      As usual David, you are so off the mark, you’re not even in the same discussion. And again, I accuse you of practicing your own selective brand of shit-disturbing.

      First, as I posted above, she doesn’t have a choice. This is actually a worthless article. SSCS policy is to have a vegan diet on their boats.

      Second (and you damn well know this), whaling is a cruel, outdated and unnecessary practice. No one will ever starve because a whale isn’t killed. In fact, it is established fact that the Japanese have to unload large quantities of whale meat on school children because they can’t sell what they catch. The use of domestic animals in the world-wide diet has no similarity to this at all. If you are going to equate whales and dolphins to pigs and chickens then go ahead and add Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees and rhinos to the list. Hell, throw in dogs and cats to the list too.

      Anti-whalers in general, and SSCS in particular, fight against whaling because these are protected species, in what is supposed to be a protected habitat, as stated by the United Nations. The whalers means of killing the whales is cruel and inhumane. The animals suffer to an unacceptable degree. And, speaking personally, any hunting endeavor which mandates the killing of the baby so that killing the parents is that much easier, is beneath contempt of anyone who lives by their conscience.

      To demand that anyone who cares about the whaling issue be vegan is childish, argumentative nonsense. Man is designed by nature to eat meat. Like other predators our eyes face forward to focus on our prey, we have canine teeth to help chew meat and our tooth structure and enamel is designed for the same. Vegetarianism and veganism is a choice that we have, in the last 50 years, been given the luxury of making. Cruel and inhumane practices are also a choice. It is up to each individual to make theirs.

    • Michael Raymer

      And one more thing. If you take an objective look at Whale Wars, I have never heard any commentary against fishing or the fishing industry. They are, of course, against debillitating or destroying fish stocks. But they are not against the world making use of what the oceans have to offer. So (this is a bit off topic), in a sense, they are trying to save the Japanese from themselves. The diversity of the oceans and preservation of each species is the only thing that will guarantee that future generations are able to provide for themselves. Peter Hammarstedt has said as much on any number of occasions.

    • David

      As usual Michael, you are so off the mark, you’re not even in the same discussion. And again, I accuse you of practicing your own selective brand of shit-disturbing.

      Let’s quote Michele;

      “…you can’t be a hypocrite; you can’t be sitting there trying to save animals and then killing them.”

      So she says it is hypocritical to be trying to save animals while killing animals to eat. Sounds reasonable.

      “I’m not (a vegetarian) but I will have to be because on the ship, it’s a vegan ship…”

      So she says when she isn’t trying to save animals she has no problem killing them to eat. Sure sounds hypocritical to me.

      Kind of like riding your bike to the protest against Big Oil, but driving a Hummer the rest of the time. If you can’t see that then you have some serious problems. But we all know you understand the point I am making, you just like to argue and call people names because it makes you feel important.

      Then you take the opportunity to go on a rant about animal cruelty, which really has nothing to do with Michelle’s hypocrisy.

      And throw in some anti-whaling myths. Sorry no dumping of whale meat to schools, Minke aren’t protected they are abundant, the sanctuary was established in violation of the IWC regulations, they don’t kill babies just to make it easier to kill the parent.

      Oh and then you decide to lie about what I said. I never said you have to be a vegan if you care about the whaling issue, I never compared domestic animals to whales (oh and some countries do eat dogs and cats). And many people on this website will argue with your statement that “Man is designed by nature to eat meat.” I fully agree with that statement but many people here don’t and I have had discussion with them many times.

      • Michael Raymer

        Wow, you’re too cute with the whole repeating my words back to me thing. Takes me back to my days in the second grade. You can learn a lot about someone by how they post but, I fear, I’ve learned all about you that there is to know.

        So here is some 3rd tier Hollywood actress who wants to get involved in a cause. Well, stop the presses right there(that’s sarcasm David. Read on). But, anyway….she decides that it’s Sea Shepherd that she wants to go with. So far, so good. It looks like she actually plans to follow through with it, unlike Darryl Hannah (and in the process, making me eat my words from another thread. See? I can admit when I’m wrong.). Anyone who has spent 30 seconds looking at SSCS knows that they serve a vegan only diet on board their ships. Ipso facto, Michele has consented to eating a vegan only diet while on board.

        Now, unless she has reporters living in her wall at home, apparently someone walked up to her for a comment about this. And she said what she said, and it was posted here. I don’t know why. I wish it wasn’t. Between this and other articles that I’ve seen here, I wish Ecorazzi would hire an editor to filter out nonsense non-stories like this, but it’s their site, not mine.

        Now we get to the meat of the subject (sorry vegans). Who has to come along with his latest in disparaging comments? Well, actually I was expecting Kimitake. He’s usually the first. But when all else fails, David is on hand to pick up the slack. You can’t just let things like this go, can you? You can’t just let this girl do what she’s going to do without taking your shot. Is she a SSCS spokesperson? No. Is she a full time activist? No. Does it, should it, or will it ever matter? Of course not.

        Basically, I find her quotes above as unfortunate as you do. She is not taking part in the next campaign to save “animals”. She’s taking part to save whales. And good for her for doing it. But as a first time volunteer, who has a busy outside life, no one should expect her to rival Hemingway in her commentary. But, then again, here you are.

        And since, as I said, I know you too well, let me reply to your next post now, rather than wait for you to post it:

        1. My own original comment was disparaging, I admit. But it was directed to the author for posting this silly article.

        2. This response is this long because you (and Mick and Kimitake and cliff and romika) have demonstrated time and time again that you need EVERYTHING explained to you in minute, excruciating detail. I’m glad to help.

      • David

        “Basically, I find her quotes above as unfortunate as you do.”

        So you basically agreed with me but you just had to spend days arguing. Yes you really can learn a lot about someone by their postings.

      • Michael Raymer

        And we hear back from my other un-wanted, un-planned and un-loved offspring. Look Kimmy! Your twin brother is here! Alas, see how he likes to repeat everything Dad says? Isn’t he cute!

        I’m not arguing with you David. I’m pointing out to you (and everyone else) how you can’t even let an inconsequential non-story like this come up without getting your two cents in. Literally. That is, in fact, how much your puerile assertions are worth. I imagine if Ecorazzi posted the headline “Sea Shephard Crew Member Uses Payphone”, or “Sea Shephard Crew Member Spotted Shopping for Socks”, we could use an egg-timer waiting for one of your half-assed responses. Because that’s what you do. It’s your schtick, your milieu. David, it’s called being a tool. No one needs to go any further than this latest response to see the proof. All this way, and you still can’t let it go. One little crew member elicits this kind of reaction from you. ‘Nuff said.

        Now go hug your twin brother. The two of you are obviously lacking some much needed affection.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Oh dear, sounds like Ms Rodriguez has a lot to learn before she hops aboard the Sea Shepherd Criminal Syndicate vessel! She might want to cut down on the critical thinking there…

    Besides, Paul Watson happily scoffs down the hamburgers and other meaty treats when he’s off camera. It’s well known. The temporary veganism is just for show, as if their dietary habits somehow excuse their violent crimes.

    • Michael Raymer

      There he is!!! Whar ewe bin boye? Ah bin wurrahd ’boutchew (that’s my fake southern accent. You like?) Seriously, don’t keep us waiting so long next time.

      Ms Rodriguez will get all the education she needs when she’s down there. It was probably really easy to sign up after watching Chuck Swift bitch-slap your wussy-heroes around. 5 to 1 and he goes right through them. 5 to 1, with a big ass hole in his hull, and he continues the mission while your wussie-heroes fall back and cry about poor sportsmanship. 5 to 2, repeated attempts to nail the helo, but alas, no dice. You sure you don’t want to switch sides? I think it would be much easier to carry on your secret crush of Paul Watson if you were on his side. He might even send you a kissy-face picture you can keep by your bed. Would you like that, sugah?

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      What on earth are you talking about, child? That didn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

      Your tenuous grip on reality appears to be faltering.

      Please take a deep breath and try again.

    • Michael Raymer

      Excellent response Kimmy. This is why I miss you when you’re not here.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Good lad.

      Question for Michael d’Estries:

      Is Daelyn Fortney a member of the Sea Shepherd organisation?

      I wonder because her pieces are often written in a style that would make Joseph Goebbels blush. I realise this website has sympathetic leanings towards various causes (some more valid than others), but some of the writing here just seems a little silly.

      Such as, “The Avatar actress admits that she is inspired by Captain Watson and acknowledges the dangers involved”. I mean, c’mon… Not all of your readers are influencable children, I’m sure!

      But seriously, if Ms Fortney is indeed a member of that violent orgnisation, should that not be disclosed to your readers? As evidenced above, there are people on this site who appear to lack even the most basic powers of critical analysis and may take her version of events as gospel…

      Your thoughts, sir?

    • Michael Raymer

      Kimmy, you can stop using words like child and lad. I’m probably old enough to be your father. And considering my travels, I might just be. As such, I have to say, you are one hell of a disappointment as a son. I wish I had brought you up better.

      Since you ask for party affiliation, why don’t we start with yours. What axe are you grinding and why? I’ve always thought that it was a just a secret fascination (dare I say, crush) with Paul Watson. But, much like a teenage girl, you choose to conceal it with affected disdain. Is there more to this? Since you ask this of others, I don’t see why you should hide your own.

      And your quote is ridiculous, even for you. “The Avatar actress admits that she is inspired by Captain Watson and acknowledges the dangers involved”. Yup, that’s vintage Goebbels, right there. You getting tired son? Are you running so low on ammo that you can’t do better than this. I was expecting better, what with you (alledgedly) being the fruit of my loins.

      P.S. I always wanted a gay son. Now if I could just remember which one your mother was.

      • David

        So what about Kimitake’s posts leads you to the conclusion that he is gay? And why would it be relevant?

        Oh wait I know. Nothing in his post indicates any such thing. You think being called gay is a slur, so you call him gay in an attempt to cause people to be opposed to him purely based on your baseless guess at his sexual identity.

        So you must be homophobic and think being gay is somehow wrong. More insight into how your mind works.

      • Michael Raymer

        Actually David, my young friend, I have been a life-long supporter of gay rights and think that the fact that gay marriage even gets debated is a black eye on my country and society. But hey, thanks for going completely off topic. Can’t get any traction on the whaling issue? Quick, find something else to bitch about. Alas, very predictable.

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  • Michael Raymer

    If I have offended with my “gay” remarks above, I publicly apologize. I admit that I was trying to get under Kimitakes skin by using similar tactics that I genuinely feel that he uses. That has come to an end.

    While this is off-topic, I feel that it is in order for me to clarify this and to rectify what I started. I am an ardent supporter of gay rights and feel that any debate on gay marriage and similar issues is beneath my country and society. Again, I am sorry if I gave any impression otherwise. In the future I will stick with the topic that the Article in Question is addressing and I encourage all others to do the same. I will also continue to express my views with the conviction that I have for them and if attacked, will defend myself.

    Again, this is off topic but I would take it as a personal favor if this particular post was left up so that people do not get the wrong impression of how I feel or what I advocate.

  • Chris

    Always loved her, so glad she is doing this, i always knew she had more substance than a lot of other hollywood actresses.

    Very pleased to hear this.

    Well done Michelle, cant wait to see you on there.

  • Lawrence W.

    Way to go Michelle!!