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While many applauded the apparent stay of execution for dolphins in Taiji’s infamous “cove” last year, it appears that their luck will not hold out for the upcoming season.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen says that the hunt will continue — and the cove will turn red in about two weeks. “We will pass down the history of our ancestors to the next generation, preserve it. We have a strong sense of pride about this,” he said. “So we are not going to change our plans for the town based on the criticism of foreigners.”

That criticism is largely the result of the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove by director Louie Psihoyos, which threw the worldwide spotlight directly on the mass killings. This Sunday, Animal Planet will air the television network premiere of the film (9PM/ET) — along with the new series Blood Dolphins (Fri, 11PM/ET) which follows activist Ric O’Barry and his son as they travel the world to protect dolphins and stop trafficking in wild dolphins. Larry King also gave air time to the cause by inviting O’Barry to appear on his show last night; while also discussing the issue of dolphins and whales in captivity.

Needless to say, the focus on Taiji will not diminish anytime soon, regardless of the fact that it plays a small role in the more than 20,000 dolphins Japan allows villages to kill each year. With activist organizations empowered with more money and international support than ever before, expect the region to remain a protest hot spot.

We recommend dolphins seek refuge elsewhere.

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  • kat

    I find it odd that the movie has not been available for free online. If the film makers want the story to spread as they say, shouldn’t this be the way to go… with a button to donate? very odd indeed that you should pay for this sort of thing, especially if the money you use to buy the dvd is not guaranteed to help the dolphins, whales etc. Any thoughts anyone?

    • Michael Raymer

      I find it odd that you would complain about a $1 rental. If you’re that poor, get the Japanese to send you some whale meat. They have plenty laying around.

      • Karla

        I just streamed it my TV from Netflix – can’t get much easier than that.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Good on the residents of Taiji for standing up to Hollywood and their celebrity hypocrites.

    Btw that photo there… was it doctored by Ecorazzi or was it already doctored when it was acquired? Whoever did the Photoshop job probably should have through to have put some blood in the boat and on the people and on the rocks… looks a little dodgey otherwise. Just a thought.

    • Michael Raymer

      Nice try Kimmy (can I call you Kimmy? Thanx), but anyone who is interested can see plenty of pics with that shade of red by going to Google Images and typing “Taiji Japan” on the Search line. See what I did there, Kimmy? I gave you an opening to say that Google doctors it’s photos too.

      It is honestly too bad that this happens in Japanese Territorial Waters. Anywhere else and we could send in Chuck Swift and watch the IRC Snivel and Run Marathon of Nippon. Ain’t it nice when your wussy-heroes have something to hide behind?

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Can one of the other vegan mystics here please interpret this character’s nonsensical ramblings for me? I’m afraid I cannot follow his cryptic musings.

    • Michael Raymer

      No paint-by-numbers here at Ecorazzi, Kimmy. Here’s a tip. If you sound out the words, it may help with your comprehension …..ummm, I mean understanding of what I say. Be patient, take your time and it will eventually come to you.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      I have attempted to decipher your incoherent interjections but alas it appears that your pubescent hormonal fluctuations have too greatly affected your ability to communicate your thoughts.

      I know it’s not for me to say, but perhaps less time trying to communicate with Flipper and Willy and more time on basic grammer?

      • Michael Raymer

        Ah, my long-lost, gay son resorts to hysteria. Well, I wasn’t there for him so I guess it’s inevitable that he would turn out this way. What part of, “They didn’t doctor the photos” needs to be dumbed down for you? You made the accusation, I offered the proof that you are as wrong as you always are, and you resort to holding the bars of your crib and crying for mommy. You can’t deflect me. You are way, way, way too dumb for that. So either answer the question or move on to your next bullshit accusation so I can continue to show off my recently found, gay, idiot child to the world.

        You are clueless and completely without merit, but Daddy loves you anyway.

      • David

        “…I offered the proof that you are as wrong as you always are…”

        Actually you are wrong Mikey. You actual prove that pictures are doctored. If someone goes to Google images and enters Taiji Japan they do get a lot of pictures. Some show the same neon red bloody water, but compared to the other pictures it is obvious that the pictures with the bright neon red ‘blood’ have been doctored. Just a simple comparison to the other pictures which show the reality of blood in the water.

        I guess the anti-dolphin hunt crowd agree that the reality isn’t bad enough. So they have to doctor the pictures to try and garner support.

        Hmmm. Lying to get support, typical SSCS action plan.

  • Michael Raymer

    David. David! DAVID!! I am clicking between the exact same pic on here and Google. There is no difference. None. DAVID! Why are you so pathetic? All anyone needs to do is the exact same thing and they will see the exact same pic. Again, why are you so bone-crushingly, mind boggingly pathetic that you would try to perpetuate a lie that is so instantly disprovable? You just can’t not do this can you? You can’t help but dive right in, regardless of the obvious. It’s called being a pathological liar and you really need to see someone about it. I forgive you, because being pathological, you can’t help yourself. But you have reached a new low I really am worried about you. Seriously son, go find yourself a pshrink that has a high tolerance for pain and bullshit, and make an appointment.

    • Michael d'Estries
    • Michael Raymer

      I was just there Michael. And I will behave in the future. But I’m standing by this post, whether it gets deleted or not. David and Kimitake is calling you a liar and a fabricator, and that’s not working for me. The evidence is clear as day, as all can plainly see.

      I am in full agreement. Enough is enough, but in my mind, this type of accusation is exactly what the other topic is and should be addressing. Do what you have to do, but this is one post that I’m not retracting.

      • Kevin

        Nah dude you’re way off… you suggest going to google images and you will see “plenty of pics” with the same shade of red. I see two pics with anything close, both at the same site. I also see the same thing David did: some images of the original photo that clearly show a much more subdued red shade, obviously suggesting this one is doctored. Sorry – but you also might want to try to be rational and nice to people too.

        Oh BTW the original source file for the really red one is, not exactly suggesting it’s not doctored.

      • Michael d'Estries


        Just to be clear, we did not doctor the photos. They came from the Associated Press, which I believe do not enhance their photos in any way.

        You can see the used the same image here:

      • Michael Raymer

        @Michael deEstries,
        They know this. This just another one of their arguementative styles. These self-styled experts are passing by the fact that different lighting, at different times of day will affect color and shading. As will the different camera angles to the water. And, oh gee whiz, since the blood is a foreign coloring being gradually added to the water; there will be different concentrations depending on time-of-photo, current, tide and exact location. Not to mention that if different cameras were used, they were most likely on different settings which would also affect how the shot looks. Of course, they can’t deny the obscense quantity of blood in the water so they resort to this weak, simplistic and accusatory style that we are all familiar with.

        “Sorry – but you also might want to try to be rational and nice to people too.” I will be nice to people. I will keep my comments confined to the issue at hand. But I will not tolerate intentional stupidity and obtuseness in the guise of debate. Pick your battles more carefully.

      • David

        And it isn’t a fact that the AP gets almost all there photos from freelance photographers and have been caught numerous times with photoshopped images. There were some very famous cases during the latest Israeli-Lebanon war and the latest incursion into Gaza.

        So there isn’t even the slightest chance that an anti-whaling freelance photographer may have sold photoshopped images to the AP?

      • Michael Raymer

        My points above stand. The footage from “The Cove” stands. With the airing of “Blood Dolphins”, there will be more footage. If you want to argue the shades of red, then waste your own time. I can’t help but notice that no one is claiming that the water isn’t filled with blood. ‘Nuff said. And you may want to scroll up and take a look at who started this ridiculous train of thought. Credibility goes hand-in-hand with who you pick as an ally. ‘Nuff said.

      • David

        I tend to pick truth as my ally. I don’t care if Beelzebub started the discussion. Of course their is blood in the water, but if some people are willing to ‘enhance’ the blood to sway public opinion. Then either they believe the public are idiots or it makes you wonder what else they are willing to ‘enhance’.

      • Kevin

        I have a hard time with your certainty Michael, when you typed that we all can “see plenty of pics with that shade of red by going to Google Images and typing “Taiji Japan” on the Search line”. This is demonstrably wrong. When I do it there is one with that shade (repeated and flipped a couple times, sure), and tons with a very very different shade. Based on that this is a pretty good battle – you’ve never refuted anyone’s point.

        Interestingly there is also a picture of a bunch of caucasians in the water with cephalopods, and lots of blood. Anyone know what that is? I’m pretty sure it’s not Taiji!

  • http://facebook Scott

    The sad part about all of this is that your argueing about the shade of color or wether its doctored. The point is the amount of blood in the water. BLOOD in the WATER, from the killing of the dolphins. You bunch act like little kids stuck in a car and poking each other. Did not, did too, did not. Stop killing the dolphins and then we can stop picking on each other.

  • sherry


    • David

      Do you mean people being culture imperialist and trying to force their beliefs on others?

    • sloane c

      why do some people waste energy in verbal crap? in whether the pics were doctored or not. I don’t believe they were…and IF they were who cares…surely this would underline the urgency in such a vile hideous act of the outright unecessary slaughter of an amazing creature on our planet….get with the programme…

    • sloane c

      totally agree with Sherry….

  • John williams

    This is childs play. check this out

    that is insane. Please someone find a way to defend this.

    • David

      The Japanese are defending this, but foriegners keep coming in and interferring.

  • Josie

    Dont mind me jumping on in to this pathetic dctored images battle and throwing in my two cents…… to start with, the reason there is no blood on the boat is cos its in water, the blood is bright red in colour, especially mixed in with the sweel of the water, but its also diluted, so it wont leave any thick gloopy bits, secondly, the pictures arent doctored, all you need yo do is watch ‘the cove’ to see the water turning red right infront of you as the dolphins are slaughetered, and thirdly, the reason why there are red and non-red water images is cos the slaughter only happens once a year in september, so many other months of the year to take picturesque ‘look how innocent we are’ pictures! So all you being bitchy and making up stupid pathetic accusations instead of looking at the main point of the whole thing (around 23,000 dolphin slaughters in one month, every year) can go jump on a bicycle (hopefully one with no seat) and cycle yourselves off a very high cliff!

    A’thankyou very mch!

    • pip

      So eloquent Josie. Now maybe some facts would be nice and real logic, but nice attempt.

      There aren’t 23,000 dolphins killed in one month, in fact they aren’t only hunted in September and there aren’t 23,000 killed all year long.

      And the not so red water pictures mentioned are taken during dolphin hunt, that is why the issue was raised.