Gearing up for the 62nd Emmy Awards ceremony this Sunday, August 29th with Jimmy Fallon as host? Ohhhh, what a shame. We already know who the winners are and it’s killing us…we’ve got to tell someone.  You understand, right?

Okay, to be perfectly honest, an early ceremony was already held for the winners, so that’s how we got the scoop. In the interest of preserving whatever Sunday night festivities you may have already planned (not to mention most of the element of surprise), we’re just going to spill the beans on the few greenies who have scored the illustrious winged woman statuette clasping an atom.

See…who loves you? That’s right, no doubt about it. Without further ado, here are this year’s select Emmy winning eco-homies:

Let’s give it up for the greenies — even the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recognizes how royally they rock (let’s just keep our fingers crossed that next year we can give props to twice as many). For the remaining 60+ winning categories, don’t forget to plant yourself in front of the boob tube this weekend!

Via LA Times