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Hello Commenters, We Need To Talk…

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The current article you are reading does not reflect the views of the current editors and contributors of the new Ecorazzi

Over the course of the last four years, we’ve been pretty lax when it comes to comments. The topics that we write about on Ecorazzi can sometimes be charged with emotion, but for the most part, you all have been pretty good about keeping things civil. Unfortunately, there have been moments when our belief in not micro-managing discussions has caused offense to people on the receiving end of malicious attacks. It’s generally been our policy to remove those comments when requested — but things have reached a point where that approach no longer works for us.

Starting today, you’re going to see comments much more heavily moderated than in the past. Just as a writer or administrator can approve your account, they can also ban it — which will leave your previous comments on the site, but not allow you to make new ones. Most of the time, we’ll leave a warning in the form of a response to your post. Frequent causes for whipping out the banhammer, however, include the following:

Personal Attacks

Debates are a large part of what happens underneath a post — disagreements are frequent and contribute greatly to fleshing out both sides of an issue. There’s no reason, however, to go after someone with such harsh rebuttal that you inflict emotional distress. We’re not saying you should switch to using slights from Shakespeare, but including in an argument something along the lines of “You f-cking idiot, you know nothing..” is not constructive and will not be tolerated. Make your point without being rude.

Derogatory Comments

Nazi-comparisons, ethnic slurs, inflammatory remarks, etc. will not be tolerated. If you want to swear about something, fine — but the context will be moderated (ie, “That’s shit is awesome” = acceptable, “She is a piece of shit.” = not so much)


There are some people whose sole mission it is to bait people into angry responses or to take a debate on a topic to the extreme. Sometimes, these are innocent, but if we notice a pattern, you’re gone.


We’ve sometimes found people attempting to impersonate another commenter. If this happens, you’ll be banned immediately.

Off-Topic Discussions

Please keep discussions related to the topic at hand. Responding to a post about Prince Charles and his organic garden with “Whalers suck!” is unnecessary and will be deleted.

Questions? Comments?

I’ve most likely left out a few things — or made you confused about others. Please ask politely and I may be able to provide you with some answers regarding the above. As always, we value our commenting community and in enforcing these rules, we hope to make it an even more enjoyable (and tolerable) scene to participate in.

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