by Elizah Leigh
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Photo: 2010 Emmy Awards

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Do you actually ever get tired of learning about the inside scoop on Hollywood’s continued efforts to go green? What a relief…neither do we! The majority of us funnel a great deal of our expendable income on la-la-land entertainment but now that the industry is stepping up to the plate by taking its planetary responsibility far more seriously, what might have once been a guilty pleasure is now causing far less strain on our eco-conscience.

The newly launched GreenProductionGuide is one major example of studios embracing the notion of repurposing (something that was unheard of just a few years ago) and now the latest green twist comes courtesy of the uber-eco-friendly Emmy Awards ceremony happening this weekend in Los Angeles. Producers deserve 5 ginormously juicy stars for greening the carpet (and every other aspect of the production, for that matter) through the following efforts:

While this isn’t the first time that the Emmy Awards ceremony has taken on a green hue, it’s certainly the most broad-sweeping effort to date, a trend that we hope will continue to gain momentum with each passing year!

Via Mother Nature Network