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jason priestly, pot, bears, animal advocate, 90210Heard about the group of 13+ black bears in British Columbia who were unwittingly enlisted to protect a million dollar marijuana growing operation consisting of 1200 plants?  With much of what you read on the internet, it’s easy to dismiss stories like these as being absolutely absurd and yet in this particular case, it is entirely legitimate. The allure of easy-eats (in the form of regularly supplied dog food courtesy of the owners) proved to be too strong for the bears. They were more than happy to chow down day after day until Canadian Mounties finally raided the prolific pot producing property at the end of July.

Now, there is great concern circulating over the fate of the bears, who while intimidating in presence, are reportedly docile and oddly oblivious to the presence of humans.  The biggest hope is that when their ‘easy’ food source dries up, they’ll revert back to their natural foraging instincts. If, on the other hand, they come into conflict with humans while looking for a handout, they’ll be deemed a public safety risk and killed. British Columbia’s Environment Minister insists that humane alternatives such as physical relocation or luring them back into the mountains (and away from human-populated areas) via temporary food stations are currently a priority, but they haven’t come up with a viable solution yet.

While they’re working out the logistics, former sideburn-rocking Beverly Hills 90210 actor Jason Priestly and his family have donated $1300 Canadian to Doreen McCrindle’s “Help Save The BC Black Bears” Facebook campaign.  In addition to joining her group and shining light on the uncertain future of these bears, please take a moment to let the British Columbia Ministry of Environment know that you support a humane alternative by signing Care2’s ‘Keep the BC Black Bears Safe!’ petition.

Via Times Colonist

  • Michael Raymer

    The petition link above goes to a petition that is closed because they received the 2500 signatures that they wanted (good job). The link to the new petition is:

    I have been aware of this story for a couple of days. I really don’t understand how people are so quick to assume that these bears can’t go back to their normal lives.

  • Doreen McCrindle

    We at HELP SAVE THE BC BLACK BEARS are proud to announce that, as of today, most bears have gone into hibernation and ZERO bears have been euthanized by the Ministry!! Charges HAVE been laid against the grow-op operator. Keep in mind this was done with ZERO cost to the taxpayer! Please visit HELP SAVE THE BC BLACK BEARS facebook page for more information and for information on our plans to successfully reintegrate the bear to the wild in the upcoming spring. We hope for continued support and communication with the Ministry and I am unwavering in the fact that I will not let this issue die down!! Thanks to any and all for their continued support!