by Elizah Leigh
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Tenacity is clearly James Cameron’s strong suit. If his continued protest of the Brazilian Amazon jungle’s proposed hydroelectric Belo Monte Dam is any indication, the Oscar winning director never gives up on the environmental causes closest to his heart. Please refer to this Ecorazzi article for background into the scope and eco-consequences of this comprehensive $17 billion dollar Xingu River diverting project, but for the quick skinny, ponder these facts:

In response, Cameron and Amazon Watch have created “A Message From Pandora” which details what the Belo Monte Dam Complex (the world’s third largest) will do to the Amazon people and highly fragile rainforest ecosystem. Take a look at the trailer after the jump below and then please contact the Brazilian Embassy via this convenient online form to let them know that you are opposed to this eco-social tragedy-in-the-making.

Via Amazon Watch