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This weekend, Animal Planet is airing perhaps the single-largest array of ocean activism programming every to grace a network.

It all kicks off this evening at 9PM with the season finale of Whale Wars. Not only will we get to witness what truly went on leading up to Pete Bethune’s dangerous nighttime boarding of a Japanese whaling vessel, but we’ll also get to hear first-hand his experiences while detained in Japan. The 45-year-old former captain of the Ady Gil will be the subject of a one-hour special directly after the Sea Shepherd’s third season on Animal Planet concludes.

But don’t go to bed just yet. At 11PM, the new mini-series Blood Dolphins premieres — taking viewers back to Taiji, Japan, site of the annual dolphin slaughter featured in the Academy Award-winning film The Cove. Activists Ric O’Barry and his son Lincoln attempt to find out if the film has caused anything to change in Taiji — with both hope and despair constantly trading places throughout the first episode. As someone who has seen an early cut of Blood Dolphins, I can guarantee you’ll be sucked in quickly.

And finally, after catching up on all the lost sleep from Friday, Animal Planet will have the network television premiere of The Cove on Sunday at 9PM. One only need read a few of the reviews, and take note of its 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes to see why this film has received so much praise. A must-see.

And on that note — have a wonderful weekend! Check out a clip from Blood Dolphins after the jump below.

More Blood Dolphin video on Animal Planet

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  • Michael Raymer

    11PM?!? Well that’s too bad. I suppose we need to shelter our young from grotesque mass murder from the other side of the world. But, that’s what Tivo is for I guess. Anyway, good on Animal Planet for getting this done. I imagine that some pressure was exerted to keep them from showing these documentaries.

    I heard a phrase a few years ago that I really like: “Daylight is the best disinfectant.” For all the protestations about cultural heritage, the perpetrators seem strangely reluctant to allow the world to see what is going on. Hell, deer hunters have their own shows, bullfight arenas in Spain and Mexico let cameras in. Let the Japanese follow suit, if they are so proud of these activities.

    Upgrade your servers quick Ecorazzi! Methinks you are going to start getting a lot more hits in the next couple of weeks.

    • Mia Morocco

      This is a really interesting documentary. I saw it with my women’s church group and then we had a little discussion panel about it. I suggest other small groups at churches do the same!

  • Michael Raymer

    So, we saw the season finale of Whale Wars and it seems to have shut a lot of people up. Too bad the name “Mythbusters” is already taken. Paul Watson did NOT order Pete Bethune to board the Shonan Maru. He was actually more in favor of Pete returning home and talking to the media about the Shonan Maru deliberately sinking the Ady Gil. But Pete insisted, to the point of making it clear to Watson that he (Pete) clearly wanted to go face charges in Japan. Myth – Busted.

    Watson did not abandon Pete but rather assisted his defense by disassociating Pete from Sea Shepherd. And now the two of them are doing the media circuit, together. Myth – Busted.

    Pete is not rotting in jail as so many insisted was going to happen. He was not sentenced by the Japanese courts to any more than time served despite all the “demands” of the whaling fleet. He’s a free man who can do as he pleases as long as he doesn’t get apprehended by the Japanese anymore. Myth – Busted.

    I can’t help but notice the lack of the usual gallery of pro-whaling apologists around here anymore. Futility does make itself apparent in the end. All we need now is for the whalers to realize the futility of their own actions. We’re getting there.

  • crumpets are yummy.

    The whalers have been copping it of late. All their predictions have gone down the gurgler. They know they are lacking in credibility.
    Maybe their internet bills were getting too high sitting on here posting rubbish and their mummies stopped them and ordered them out of the basement to do the washing up.

    Mayne they had a group meeting, or have all been given the sack by Glen Inwood and co for poor performance.

  • imforthewhales

    The Pro whalers had to wake up some time.

    Maybe they have realized the error of their ways. Maybe they woke up to the fact that they were being misled by the ICR and their lackeys and got sick of the Goebbels like propaganda. Maybe they watched the last of the Whale Wars episodes…maybe a glimmer of light flickered there for a moment inside their tiny pea brains and they saw the sheer madness and horror that is whaling. Mayne they had a group outing to see The Cove. Maybe they were sickened, or disgusted by the spectacle of blood. Maybe that little flicker of light turned into a beam. Maybe they have decided to fight for good, instead of evil.

  • Scott Lucas

    The exact location of the killing cove be seen on the satellite imagery of BlooSee here:

    Pass this on, and less send a message to the people of Taiji that their “secret” is out, and that they may block land access to the cove, but the eyes of the world are watching anyway.

  • Isabella

    I hate, hate all the people in the world that kill dolphins. They make me so mad, my family is full of hippys and fist fighters so trust me if anything happened to me or anyone we all, ALL would help out and deal with it. I am actually thinking of finding all theis people and giving them a punch or two.

    Also depends on what gender they are, I can punch!!!

    • http://ecorazzi Pencia

      Please look at the Google ad for the swim with dolphins at the top of this!
      To allow these ads is going backwards!
      Someone pay attention to this please

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