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Angelina Jolie has thrown some negative light on the vegan scene with some comments she reportedly made during a press briefing for her new movie SALT.

“I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret,” she quipped. “But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

As we’ve seen here on the ‘razz, every person is different when it comes to choosing a diet that works for them. There are many, many extremely active vegans who made the switch long ago to drop all animal products and never looked back. There have been some that have gone back and forth — and others that tried it and felt that it wasn’t the right thing for their body. Ok, cool — everyone is different.

As one medical doctor wrote, however, such Jolie’s comments can lead many, many people to believe that going vegan means sacrificing health in the process. “The real truth is that a total plant-based, or vegan, diet has been shown in peer-reviewed research to be the most effective method of not only preventing, but also reversing the chronic diseases that are killing 75% of Americans every year,” says Dr. Stuart Seale.

“The nutritional truth is this – there is no macro- or micronutrient found in animal products that couldn’t be better, and more healthfully, obtained from plant foods. For anyone who chooses to follow a well-balanced vegan diet, his or her health will certainly benefit from the decision.”

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  • kate

    Well if you’re cutting out all animal products you’re going to be cutting a lot of foods out. Foods that your body probably needs, so unless you really know what you’re doing it’s probably not a good idea to go on a vegan diet. check out for more info

    • Michael d'Estries


      I checked your website, did a search for “vegan”, and found zero info backing up your statement. Please clarify.

    • Natalia

      She probably can’t back that up, humans are by nature herbivores not omnivores, we’re omnivores by personal choice/greed/ignorance not by necessity…

    • Michael Raymer

      Sorry Natalia, but you lose. Humans “by nature” are not herbivores. I’m copy/pasting this from another thread since it’s pointless to type the whole thing out again:

      “Mankind is designed by nature (or God, the Creator, whatever belief system each individual desires) to be a predatory omnivore. A simple examination of our eyes and teeth as compared to other predators, carnivores and herbivores proves this beyond any shadow of a doubt. Show me one herbivore that is equipped with canine teeth and tooth enamel as thin as ours. And, like other predators, our eyes are directed forward so that we can focus on our prey. This isn’t socio-politics, it’s Biology 101.

      Let me be clear. I am not Ted Nugent or Tony Bourdain. I have absolutely no problem with vegans or vegetarians. I have no problem with promoting these lifestyles. I do have a problem with the assertion that this is a “natural” choice. It is not. It is a choice of convenience based on the modern evolution of western civilization. Vegans, etc., have the LUXURY of being so because worldwide and nationwide trade has made a wide range of animal-free nutrition available. If this was 100 years ago, anyone reading this would not be a vegan, etc. Or, if you were, you would be a thin, very malnourished vegan.

      To purport that the remaining meat eaters in America or the world are deluded and ignorant is nothing more than simplistic histrionics. And, in the end, it is what is keeping the vegan community as small as it is. No one likes to be put on the defensive.”

      • don miguelo

        I heard that humans were mainly herbivores historically (sharks and other predators don’t have molars at all to chew grains). We have the ability to supplement our diets with meats, but that was often not the case for the average human meal, and certainly not nearly as much or as processed as the meats we can have today! Actually, we’re a lot like the great apes- mostly herbivorous, but sometimes eating meat we come across.

        It is also arguable that it’s not just the proliference of the luxury vegan foodstuffs, but also the knowledge and study of the human diet that has become much more well known in this information age.

        I could argue, and I’ve heard it said many a time that ” We’re carnivores!!” Well that’s just not true either, is it?

      • Phoebe Berry

        “Show me one herbivore that is equipped with canine teeth and tooth enamel as thin as ours. And, like other predators, our eyes are directed forward so that we can focus on our prey. This isn’t socio-politics, it’s Biology 101.”

        Gorillas are mostly vegetarian – they do eat some insects but as far as I know they don’t hunt (I might be wrong here). Their canines are longer than ours and the other teeth are pretty similar.

        Hippos also have huge teeth and they are vegetarians.

    • Kate Alexis C.

      Seriously though Kate, you’re wrong. There is nothing nutritional in animal products that can’t be found in a plant based diet, and plants don’t cause heart disease or cancer. Eating cheese is worse for you than eating meat. People who can’t make it nutritionally on a vegan diet aren’t eating the right things and are probably eating too much pre-made processed food. My body DOES NOT need any animal products and I’m the healthiest patient my doctor has.

      You should try reading Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet, get some real knowledge before you start spewing what you think you know.

    • robert m

      i reply to this as i always do – do a quick search for “vegan bodybuilder” – then go look at some pictures and read about how easy it is for them to maintain proper nutrition by eating a simple variety of whole foods

      if vegan bodybuilders can EASILY get enough nutrition to maintain a bodybuilder’s physique, and require two to three times as much of everything as your average joe, then can we not presume that your average joe can also EASILY get enough nutrition from a vegan diet??

      i weigh 185lbs @ 5’10” – i lift weights, jog, and ride road bikes competitively on an amateur level

      here’s my diet plan: eat the largest variety possible of whole vegetables cooked minimally – that’s it – no calorie counting, no supplements, and no protein counting

      i’ve been vegan for 6 years eating like this and maintain maximum health no problem

  • Erin Elizabeth

    I used to be 100% vegan until I met Dr. Mercola last year who is now my partner.

    He believes some people can be vegan but (big surprise here) all of us are different and some are protein types and need some animal products. You could still not eat meat (perhaps do fish eggs and raw dairy all local organic and free range of course) but bottom line is my b12 was low and I was sick.

    So Kate you say there is nothing nutritional in animal products that cannot be found in a plant based diet. What about b 12? It is only found in animal products.

    I still advocate a vegan diet for some. I have other friends who eat animal products but NOT meat -pesco vegetarians or whatever you want to call them. I would fit in that category…

    I still have a raw vegan retreat and do believe doing this for shorter controlled times can be beneficial for all but some cannot do that (or cooked vegan) long term in my opinion.


    • don miguelo

      I meant mainly herbivores up there, meaning omnivores that mostly eat plants, but historically have eaten meat opportunistically.

      Yeah I don’t think there is a reliable, natural source for B12 that is not from an animal.

      For the record, it’s the ecorazzi article that says that it can all be got thru a plant diet, not Kate, as far as I can see.

      Thanks for everone on both “sides” for not putting up with intolerance!

      • Wayne Mundy

        “There are no reliable, unfortified plant sources of vitamin B12 (see B12 in Tempeh, Seaweeds, Organic Produce, and Other Plant Foods for more information); therefore fortified foods and/or supplements are necessary for the optimal health of vegans and even vegetarians in many cases.

        Luckily, vitamin B12 is made by bacterial fermentation such that no animal foods are necessary to provide it.”

    • Sunshine

      So umm Erin??? Explain to me why taking a B12 supplement daily subligually was not doable for you? Or did you just choose to use that as an excuse?

      PS. What are your credentials to advocate for ANY diet for ANYONE?

      And to those who would rather choose to continue to walk the line between meat/fish/dairy/eggs and vegan meals, remember the animals…and the stress and terror they endure for your animal based meals.

      • Erin Elizabeth

        Dear “Sunshine”

        Initially I did take B12 supplements. but I realized I don’t want to have to take supplements because I wasn’t getting all the nutrients from my strict vegan diet.

        I realized wow, if my b12 is low and I have to take a supplement, a Pill or spray – then perhaps I should change my diet.

        I decided fish was the less of the evil for me and I didn’t need to eat meat.

        I won’t bore you with my credentials or experience- and if you re read my post I don’t advocate vegan or non vegan diets (like most in this thread) I suggested that each of us is different and do what is right for YOU.

        I also suggested for those who DO eat meat to buy it local organic free range etc as it’s certainly better than a factory farm. Is it perfect? No , but you and I aren’t going to convince everyone to stop eating meat.

        Dr. Mercola’s site is the top NATURAL health site in the world and has been for over 10 years. (For instance Ecorazzi is ranked at about 14,000 in all the sites on the net (great job ER- Mercola is 800 out of all sites on the net) Many people have switched to organic or local sources rather than buying them from completely inhumane factory farms because of the articles he’s written over the years as he is well known expert.

        I thought long ago I could convince everyone to go vegan. I realize now that would never happen. Instead I always encourage people cut down their meat consumption and as I said my vegan retreat center is just that 100% vegan (some can do it long term some feel they cannot like me) But I know my organic local raw sheep’s milk comes from a sheep that is hand milked and runs and eats in a big grass field most of the day. Certainly better than the milk bought at the grocery store (which is worse for you and the animal)

        My 18 yr old rescue cat eats organic too – I’m not making her a vegan either.

        The majority of people will keep eating meat no matter what they are told, but I truly believe the majority will also cut down the amount they consume if we educate them and that, in my eyes, is progress.


    • Lisamarie

      Just because someone is a doctor doesn’t make them an expert on what people should be eating. They are NOT taught about real, true nutrition in med school, and most just tell people to eat the foods the industries tell them is good for patients, and even pay them for pushing their products. It’s called food lobbying, which also has to do with why some nasty animal waste products are cheaper than healthy, plant foods, due to government subsidies. It is bought off, too, by the animal abuse and use industries.
      The evidence is THERE that you have NO need for animal products-PERIOD-no matter WHO you are–NO ONE NEEDS THEM!!
      For more on that, look up Dr. Michael Klapper, Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. T. Colin Campbell, all professionals who have really TRULY done their own homework and know their stuff on human nutrition.
      Besides, let’s think of the animals here. Can something that tortures, abuses, maims, makes ill, and kills SO many BILLIONS of innocent non-human beings a year really be good for us–THINK about it!

    • Daniel Donovan

      This whole protein type is a sham, it’s like the “eat for your blood type” and the kalpa/pitta in Aurvedic cooking. Fact of the matter is we need energy to run our bodies and getting energy from Protein (Dr Mercola’s “Protein type) is vastly inefficient and would explain why people who go on atkin type diets lose weight; because they require so much dang energy to convert the protein to glucose!!!!

      Dr Mercola doesn’t know what he talking about much like everyone else in the western type world. Everyone is busy trying to convince that everyone else is right, can’t we just learn to leave each other alone and do as we please?

      Fact of the matter is vegan/vegetarians/omni’s whoever can just enough nutrients as long as the get enough calories to fuel their daily energy expendables. Most vegans who fail, most of time what it is they are missing is made up in their mind, culture/social norms that can be hard for some to overcome or they are just not eating enough and starving themselves of vital nutrients that is available in all food.

  • Allen

    Horses also have canine teeth, yet they don’t eat meat. All primates have forward facing eyes, yet primates are mostly vegetarian. Their forward facing eyes give them (and our ancestors) the 3D vision needed so they don’t miss the next branch as we swing through the trees. Seems like some people need to retake biology 101.

    In any case, it doesn’t much matter what our ancestors ate. The American Dietetic Association, the leading group of nutritionists in the world, says that vegan diets are appropriate for anybody, at any age, and even for athletes – as 9 time gold medal winner and Olympian of the Century Carl Lewis can attest.

    Anyone claiming that people need meat or other animal products to be healthy simply doesn’t know what they are talking about. And if you don’t know what you are talking about, maybe you shouldn’t be talking about it. People’s health is at stake here. The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease – mostly due to diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol (i.e. meat, dairy and eggs). You can get all the nutrients you need from readily available plant based foods.

    • Michael Raymer

      Canine teeth (tushes):
      The canine teeth are located in the space beween the incisor row and the molar row (this area is called “the bar”), and the canines in the lower jaw are located a little further towards the incisors than they are in the upper jaw. They are not in occlusion with each other. It is mostly the male horses that get canine teeth, but you can see them in the occasional mare also (25-30%), but then usually very small or as a bump on the bar unerrupted. In the male these teeth can get quite long and razor sharp, getting to be a tremendous weapon, especially around the age when the stallion is on top physically and sexually mature (best sperm count and libido), and would normally defend the rights to a herd. In the older stallion the canine teeth will get worn and more blunt, and is not as efficient as before. There are no decidious set of canine teeth, only permanent. They erupt between the age of 4-5 years. Sharp and pointy canine teeth are usully rounded off to prevent accidents to happen.

      This is hardly refuting my earlier point. And as I clearly state (twice now), I am not against veganism. If you want an argument with me, become pro-whaling and go to the appropriate threads. I’ll meet you there.

    • David

      Yes, Allen. We omnivores all know exactly what you are saying. And we will continue to know and ignore it as we continue to eat meat.

      Has telling everybody cigarettes will kill you and even putting warnings right on the cartons gotten everybody to stop smoking? No. Has telling everybody it can save their life and even making it illegal not to comply gotten everybody to wear seat belts? No.

      Telling people something causes health problems will not get everybody to stop doing it. It never has and it never will.

      • Madeline Elizabeth Hutton

        Please look into the environmental impact of your dietary choices that are not in fact “personal,” but affect us all.

    • Lisamarie

      Allen, horses do NOT have canine teeth-theirs are all flat and blunt like ours. However, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about everything else you have said here. Thanks for your knowledgeable input. :)

      • Allen

        Horses have canine teeth, look it up:

        So do a lot of other herbivorous animals. Google fanged deer. Canine teeth do not necessarily indicate an omnivorous diet. Teeth are often used as weapons of defense and for male dominance.

        David, I didn’t tell you to go vegan. I was simply correcting the false information by others that people need to eat meat. They don’t.

    • Joanne Unleashed

      If you think people get heart disease from saturated fat and cholesterol, then YOU don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Heather Pink

    In highschool I was vegan for 2 years but lost so much weight that my highschool told me to stay home because I looked so sick. I literally ate nothing but vegtables and supliments. Many vegetarians and vegans are even overweight because there diets consist of bread, French fries, and pasta with very little actual vegtables. The human body needs fats in order to repair itself and for brain function even if it’s from small amounts of meat or fish.

    • Michael d'Estries


      Based on your last sentence, there should be millions of walking vegan zombies wandering the U.S. at this very moment. Either a.) we’re doomed or b.) you need to read up on what a real vegan diet is — and how consuming a wide range of veggies and fruits can greatly contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

    • Alenoosh

      The point is to eat right, and you need to have a balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and legums. If you stick to only vegetables then of course you will get sick and will lose weight.

  • beforewisdom

    I wonder if her anorexia and depression was what was making her feel fatigued or the small medicine chest of recreational drugs rumors say she liked taking.

    • Lady Lee

      Thank you! What she said. I guess Goodwill Ambassadors can’t say “Crystal Meth Nearly Killed Me” these days. But check her out on Inside The Actor’s Studio … from that interview, it’s easy to interpret that she once did tons of drugs.

  • Heather Pink

    Yes, brain matter is componed of fat Michael.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    I still stick with my original post. Not everyone is the same. Whether it be blood type, metabolic type or what have you- some do well on a Vegan diet and others do better eating some animal products (even if it be fish eggs but no meat)

    Allen- the American Dietetic Association also says that people on vegan diets may have to supplement with omegas or b12. I highly recommend anyone on a vegan diet do so.

    Again, when someone makes an absolute (like EVERYONE (regardless of their race, blood type etc) can thrive on a vegan diet I am leery. Such blanket statements don’t work for me. Same with saying everyone needs meat (or even fish) as some do just fine eating vegan for many years.

    One person might be a protein type but the guilt they have over eating animal products is so great they’d be better off eating vegan and supplementing.

    Also no one has mentioned just eating less meat. Only a tiny percentage of Americans are vegan. Yet we can encourage people to eat more whole fruits and veggies and less meat (especially processed) It’s going to save a whole lot more animals than trying to get everyone to go veg (when only a small percentage will do so) but doing Meatless Mondays or Soybean Saturdays might work.

    The book “The Blue Zones” studied 5 different parts of the world with the most Centurions. Besides the group in California (the Seventh Day Adventists) all the others ate some meat but it wasn’t a main staple for them at all. Even some of the Seventh Day Adventists decided they needed some (or were vegetarian but not vegan)

    Bottom line. Do what works for you. If you are healthy as a vegan then by all means go for it. If you eat meat and feel you need it then fine but perhaps cut down on how much and buy only organic (local if possible from a smaller farm)

    But to say someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about (Dr. Mercola has studied this for years and agrees some can be vegan) or to push your own beliefs on others isn’t really good (or healthy)

    And by all means feel good about what you eat and enjoy….


    • Whoever…

      You’re not vegan anymore? :(

      Anyway, I would just like to say that you don’t need to take supplements. For instance, the soya milk I drink is already enriched with vitamin B12, therefore I don’t have any health problems related with the lack of B12 or any other nutrient for that matter.

      Most foods nowadays are enriched with something and so supplements aren’t that necessary anymore.

      I’m not questioning your partner’s experience but as far as I’m concerned most people can be vegan and be extremely healthy…

      Besides, if you take a look at people who eat meat and fish they also have health problems; therefore why is it that veg*anism is constantly under attack!?

      I don’t get it! Or maybe I do but that’s another ‘story’…

      • georgina

        I think we know why vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are always under attack…but like you said, that is a story for another day ;) Personally, i think people spend a lot of time making up excuses.

  • beforewisdom

    I’ve read ignorant comments on all sides in this thread.

    People, just because somebody says something does not make it true. Just because a statement is typed on a web page, printed in a religious text, comes out of the mouth of a preacher, is printed on a web page by a vegetarian or comes out of the mouth of one’s partner does not make that statement true.

    You need to look at who made that statement and ask yourself how they know what they know. What education in the subject does that person have? What research has that person done on the subject and how has that research been viewed by his/her peers? What bias does that person have? Does s/he have a financial, egotistical or psychological reason for favoring one view over another?

  • Scott

    I have been vegan for 19 years. Now in my mid-thirties I am fit, muscular, full of energy. I have trained in mixed martial arts for years, I am an active canoeist and regularly mountain bike and kayak. I’m in the best shape of my life and feel as energetic as I did at 18 years old. Regardless of whether or not humans were herbivores or ominivores, many of us, especially in western nations, are able to make conscious, ethical choices to abstain from animal products now. Humans used to run around naked and kill one another, does that mean we should continue this practice? No, we evolve, we adapt.

    I can tell you that after 19 years of being vegan, you can be exceptionally healthy. I am never sick, and tough as nails. Stories of losing weight, gaining weight, being sick… these are often from individuals that either did not eat properly or were looking for ways to give up veganism without losing face. I do not say this without 19 years of experiencing friends and family joining the new “trend” and looking for ways to eat the easy way without veganism. Keep in mind a meat based diet has far more issues resulting in disease and death.

    I am vegan for animal welfare reasons, for environmental reasons and for personal health. Yes, we are all different, but keep in mind that not everyone provides themselves with enough information, nor do they dedicate themselves whole-heartedly in order to explore the benefits of a vegan diet. Sure, I could eat potatoes and white rice everyday and get sick, education is the key. Resources are everywhere… but so are excuses.

    And yes, I will take my B-12 supplement and continue to be a healthy, active vegan for many decades to come. I have no issue with a B12 supplement.

    I will never change my mind, since I see what meat and dairy consumption does to the planet, to human bodies and to the animals. I see absolutely no reason to support such an industry. My lifelong boycott of these atrocities bring me peace of mind, and as an environmental scientist it ensures that I am consistent with my approach to my conservation work.

    • Cheryl

      Are you single Scott? ;-) Well said – love everything you wrote, if only there were more people like you!

  • Mo

    Ugh. This BS has been everywhere and there is NOTHING backing it up! Some a-hole made it up, posted it with “sources say” and “Jolie told reporters” but there’s no proof. I’m a fan of hers and I read her interviews and she’s never claimed to be vegan anywhere that I’ve seen.

    I was worried you guys would pick this up and report it as if it were true :(

  • Whoever…

    Why doesn’t anyone say that their meat-based diet almost killed them!?

    Accordingly to the WHO, most of the diseases we have are the result of eating animals…
    Please don’t ask me for sites where this is mentioned. I saw it on the news.

    If one doesn’t have a varied vegan diet one will have health problems… the same goes for someone who has a meat diet!!!

    And yes, there are substitutes (without taking supplements) for all the nutrients found in meat and fish.

    Do some research before commenting on something you know nothing about, okay?

  • Louche

    Jolie is pretty athletic. If you’re going to be on a plant-based diet and athletic, get a nutritionist. The fact that she says she “loves” eating dead cows doesn’t do her any credit as to how much she actually cared about living on a plant-based diet.

  • Elisabeth

    I couldn’t help but notice how emotional and accusatory the vegan and vegetarian-leaning comments are here. If you cannot accept that carnivores live among you and will not be put off their traditional diets, then you will be very unhappy. There is so much self-righteousness that seems to accompany veganism.
    What you must learn to do is to understand that not everyone thinks as you do. Choose your diet for yourself- not me, not my offspring. You do not have a corner on morality.

  • No Vegan

    Veganism almost killed me as well – I know many more who had a similar experience.

    There is no one-size-fits-all diet for human beings – look at all the different cultures globally, from Masai to Pygmies to Eskimos! We don’t all eat the same diet by a long shot.

  • chance

    that is totally stupid that you think everyone would benefit from a veagan diet. That is the whole point of what Jolie was saying. Everyone has a specific diet that works best for them and some people do better with meat.

    So since everyone would benefit from a vegetarian or veagan diet, how do you think an eskimo (who eats all fat and meat) would do eating all veggies?

  • Elizabeth Szlek

    If I can weigh in here: Weston A. Price, a dentist, was interested in figuring out why his patients’ teeth were getting worse and worse every year, including the development of dental caries and the narrowing of dental arches, which produced crowded teeth. This was in the nineteen thirties. He traveled the world in search of “primitive” people who might give him clues as to what was happening.

    He visited Eskimos, Melanesians, Africans, Scots from the Outer Hebrides, Maori, studied the skulls of Incas, and visited many others. What he found was this: There were no ancient societies which were vegetarian. Indeed, the Masai and Eskimos ate almost no plant matter at all. And, in studying their teeth, he found almost no dental caries, wide, broad dental arches with magnificent teeth. He found this all across the globe.

    It is simply impossible to get the proper human nutrition from plant food alone. G. B. Shaw himself took extract of liver when he was found to be anemic. Gwyneth Paltrow, a vegan for many years, found herself suffering from osteopoenia,and we see Angelina Jolie nearly dying from her vegan diet. Read the wonderful book “Nourishing Traditions” and get the real story. And for heaven’s sake, stop eating any unfermented soy!

  • Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

    Angelina, you need to get real you were on the right diet as we are by nature frugivorous animals. But, I have seen a horse eat baby chicks on our farm when I was a kid. And probably if you put a feed bag of baby chicks under the horses nose every day it would eat them too. But it would not be long before the horse was fat and bloated with depression, indigestion, headache’s, autoimmune diseases and arthritis stumbling around the farm passing gas everywhere it went like Angelina and 95% of the American public. The horse would live only half of its life time and die of cancer or a massive coronary somewhere out on the pasture.
    I am just telling the public the truth like the FDA, USDA and HHS should if they weren’t in the pockets of big agriculture the food business, pharmaceutical companies and the AMA. Who make nothing but profit off of feeding us garbage and toxic medications while we get sicker and sicker from doing just what my horse did.
    And of course my being one of those borne again close-minded, arrogant vegans due to discovering what it takes to beat cancer naturally. With out the entire load of BS the AMA wants to torture you with till you are on morphine and kicked out of the hospital so you will die elsewhere. I will keep on telling everyone who has a mind open enough to listen what the truth is. That they need to stop accepting the feedbag full of indigestible crap they are handed because they are considered suckers by those in the government, the AMA and big business get real take charge of their life.

    • David

      It is just amazing how much power the FDA, AMA, HHS and USDA have. I mean the influenced people’s diets and medical care thousands of years ago.

      If everybody just knew that being a frugivore would eliminate cancer. Of course some people may have trouble believing that since animals that are frugivores are know to get cancers, but people must be different, and human frugivores will be free of cancer.

  • Christina Arasmo Beymer

    There are people with b12 deficiencies and they are not all vegan. It could be an absorption problem.

    I feel it’s far better to be mostly vegan and healthy, then 100% vegan and sick. It’s not really helping the animals by being a purest. I take my b12 in the form of lots of nutritional yeast (I make the best sauces, nut cheeses, and various things with it) and fortified foods or drinks. My problem is with Vit. D. D2 (vegan) was not doing it for me (no improvement) after I moved to Northern CA from FL I was depressed and got lethargic with got dark circles under my eyes for the first time. I happened to move to NorCal when it was overcast for months at a time and cold. So I started taking D3 from a Lanolin source and BIG difference, there was an immediate improvement. Bioavailability is very important and D2, as much as I would have loved to stay 100% vegan, didn’t work for me.

  • Fereshte

    Dear Angelina, we see your compassionate for people in Pakistan if the vegan diet is undelicious and …. we should prefer it and not to be cruel about animal.

  • Kim

    Okay, I’ll be the so-called militant vegan here and make a couple of claims:

    1. All humans can thrive on a vegan diet. There is no known condition which would prevent one from being healthy on a balanced vegan diet.

    2. We ought to be vegan, from a moral standpoint. All of us can do it, and therefore we should. It makes as much sense to say that you, as a non-rapist, respect the rapist’s choice to rape, as it does to say that you, as a vegan (someone who chooses not to support cruelty), respect the non-vegan’s choice to live a non-vegan lifestyle (and support cruelty). I understand that it’s their choice, but I don’t think their choice is okay: it’s the wrong choice. I guess you could say I’m seeing it from the victim’s perspective, and taking their interests seriously: I take animals’ interests in not suffering and not dying more seriously than I take someone’s choice to inflict suffering just to satisfy a craving for a cheeseburger.

    • georgina

      Hear hear Kim!

    • Otto Roth

      I have tried to be a vegan for a little less than 2 years, and I failed. Why did I fail? My health deteriorated. I got ill 4 / 5 times a year. Full recovery from the illness took me 2 weeks (1 week of illness, 1 week recovery to full health). Recovery from sports also went very slow; if I had a 2-week of 4-5 hours a day of training for a perfomance (dance), I had to recover for a week. Beans & legumes, necessary for my proteins, were (& are) very hard to digest for me and therefor very uncomfortable.

      Luckily for me, the social pressure factors that made me go vegan went away, and I started eating eggs, fish & meat again. And oh boy, that felt great! I’ve been eating lots of those now and in a year I have been ill once for only 3 days, and 3 days recovery, while even training several hours a day for a dance performance. It took me 1 day of recovery to get my full strenght back again. I was really amazed that such a thing could happen!

      So yes, you can live on a vegan diet, and I’m certain for some people it’s a good health choice. I like the philosophy. But there are people who just thrive much better on eggs/fish/meat, and will get poor health on a vegan diet, and I believe Angelina completely. I hate the social pressure that generalizes everybody and to push to follow their philosophy without taking in account that all people are different, and even if you wanted, it won’t work to go vegan for everybody (or should I say: for most people). It would not say I ‘almost died’ on a vegan diet, but I felt 20 years older: slow, ill, weak, grasping onto the fact that I was doing ‘the right thing’, because I didn’t harm animals. I have let go of that fact. Now I feel great again, and I can say I tried and found your statements to be untrue.

      • Ida Blomhåret Reshagen

        If you go vegan just over night and stop eating all animal products just like that,you can get sick because what happend there was that your body was detoxing. It’s alot like if you’re trying to stop smoking and you feel awful and sick for a couple of weeks because suddenly you stopt feeding it poison and now it just works on getting it out of the system.
        When going vegan or vegetarian,don’t just do it over night. Ease in to it,or else things like this happends.
        Also,beans and legumes is not the only sorce of protein on this planet you know. Did you try quinoa? Did you have the basic understanding of what you need in a diet (vitamins,minerals etcetc) and how to obtain these?
        Honestly i feel that you might not have known what you where doing at all.
        Veganism works wonders for your body and prevents lot of decises, but that is if you know what you need to eat and make sure to fill all of your bodys needs.
        And it’s not even hard,it just takes some basic understanding of what food contians what and what your body needs to be healthy. (and that sure as hell ain’t fish,meat,eggs and milk etc.)

      • Madeline Elizabeth Hutton

        You did it wrong.

      • dmgstuff

        He said it… he did not like the social pressures of being vegan and he just decided he would rather fall back in line with society and continue killing innocent animals. People educate yourself on plant based nutrition and you will not fail!

    • Rebbecca Mullooly

      before saying that everyone can go vegan, you might want to do some research. and i can only pray that you dont have to find out how ignorant you are the hard way as many people like myself have. you need to grow up,how dare you compare a person who eats meat to a rapist! do some research!

  • Claudio

    I am reluctant to offer an opinion because it is hard to have a rational conversation with people who are vegan for philosophical reasons.

    I started my career as a research biochemist and even though relatively speaking our knowledge is growing rapidly, we still know virtually
    nothing compared to what there is to know about how our bodies work on the inside and the relationship of food to our bodies.

    Given that I put very little credence in so called scientific studies claiming this or that. Most of these studies are based on the
    flawed assumption that people are all the same and that what may apply to the majority of people in some random sample applies to any
    one individual. In addition, these studies are based on statistics not on a thorough understanding of the underlying biological phenomena.
    In graduate school we called statistical studies junk science. Most so called medical science falls into this category.

    The only thing that we know for certain is what we experience first hand. People are not lieing when they say that this particular kind
    of diet makes them feel good and this other type makes them feel sick. Clearly some people thrive on vegan diets while others feel horrible
    on them. It is pointless to argue against this clear fact using evidence from statistical studies.

    I for one have tried a vegeterian diet and was as sick as a dog on it. Even though my body told me that it doesn’t tolerate soy, legumes
    in general, nuts, grains, and even certain kinds of fruit, I tried it and just felt horrible. Meat doesn’t make me feel ideal, but it makes me feel far
    better than vegetables and fruits alone. Sushi actually makes me feel best. If a person can’t eat legumes, nuts and grains, how could they
    possibly survive? Fruit I can eat in only slight moderation.

    On the other hand, I know people who thrive on precisely that kind of diet. No amount of scientific studies can refute people’s first hand

    When we stop talking about people’s first hand experience, we then move into the realm of speculation. What I am going to say going forward
    is pure opinion and you can argue it to your heart’s content, but we are afterall entitled to our opinion.

    There is ample archeological evidence that man evolved as a hunter gatherer eating animals, fruits and vegetables that could be eatan raw.
    This pretty much leaves out the staples of the modern vegan diet, cooked grains, legumes, and otherwise unedible vegetables like potatoes,
    certain root vegetables, etc.

    Man started eating grains and other cooked vegetables around 10000 years ago in the middle east with the onset of agriculture. It is
    reasonable to assume that over the last 10000 years man has evolved to adapt to such a diet.

    People who settled in other parts of the globe such as northern europe and even the north pole probably never ate grains and cooked vegetables.
    For example, it is highly unlikely that eskimos ever ate much in the way of cooked grains or vegetables in their entire evolutionary
    history. It is also reasonable to assume that they evoled to thrive on a diet consisting of fish, sea mammals and the small amount of
    fruit in the way of berries during the summer available in the artic.

    People of middle eastern descent and eskimos are probably 2 extremes on a spectrum of carnivores, omnivores and vegeterians.
    Most people fit somewhere in between. This could explain why some people thrive on one type of diet over another.

    It is also known that eskimos who move to the big city and consume a typical american diet have an abnormally high incidence of
    diabetes. This could be explained by the possibility that they have evolved to thrive primarily on fish and meat.
    This also applies to native american indians whose traditional diet was that of a hunter gatherer. Indians started eating grain
    based foods only after being introduced to it by the Europeans.

    To the extent that meat is unhealthy it may have nothing inherently to do with meat itself. We evolved to eat the raw meat of freshly
    killed animals living in the wild just like other omnivores and carnivores do.
    This is a far different matter than eating chemically poisoned and grain fed cows that are then
    stored for long periods of time and cooked. The chemicals and growing process makes the meat unhealthy, while cooking makes it

    I wish I could be a vegeterian because it is much cheaper and easier to find natural organic fruits and vegetables than it is to
    find raw meat from freshly killed animals living in the wild.

  • Sharon Moore

    “I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret,” she quipped. “But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

    What i know is that, vegetables are very nutritious in our health how come it nearly killed her? Hmmmm maybe because she is lack with protein nutrients that needed by the body like this vitamin b12 that is really important. This site says

    “Vegetarians should take this essential micronutrient to ensure an adequate supply of it, because it is found almost exclusively in animal tissues. And, the few plant foods that are sources of B12 are actually B12 analogs — not the form that provides all the benefits of the real deal. “

  • Rebbecca Mullooly

    maybe vegans wouldnt be looked at so badly if they didnt make ignorant statements such as anyone can do this! there are hundreds of reasons why many people cannot be vegans! i have never thought badly about vegans, some of my closest friends have been vegans, but they understood that not every one can be vegan. reading some of the comments her have opened my eyes about the ignorance of some people. i actually used to have a lot of respect for people who could cut all meat out of their diets, and i still do , but only the ones that show atleast minimal intelligence .

  • Cidalia Martins Pimentel

    Talk about oversimplification in some of these “everyone can go vegan” replies. I have tried to go vegan and got really ill. Not because of nutrient deficiencies nor “detox” but because my IBS-D is particularly aggravated by legumes (beans, peas, lentils, soy), soy products, fats (including too many nuts or nut butters), wheat, whole grains, and many fruits and vegetables (if high in fructose and/or fiber). I am not one who feels better vegan. I’m now trying a pescatarian diet to get some non-land-animal protein without getting sick. Because I prefer not to spend my life doubled over on the toilet.